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If and however
If, however, the child is weak, overweight, or afraid, more help will be needed.
If, however, it would help to intensify your anguish, I can delimit the powers of a few of the divinities you've affronted and describe the punishment they meted out in one analogous instance.
If, however, the figure to be discerned were complicated, composed of several interlocking subfigures, and so on, even the tracing process failed him, and he could not focus even relatively simple shapes among its parts.
If the retailer and hotelman's downtown unit sales have been decreasing, however, his dollar volume continues to rise, and it is dollars which you put in the bank.
If the distant patron of the suburban branch has been frightened away from downtown by traffic problems, however, the city store can only pressure the politicians to do something about the highways or await the completion of the federal highway program.
If, however, we are seeking the optimal R-stage policy for a given feed state, only one search for a maximum is required at the final step.
If the photographically realistic continuity of dreams, however bizarre their combinations, denies that it is purely a composition of the brain, it must be compounded from views of diverse realities, although some of them may never be encountered in what we are pleased to call the real life.
If, however, the numbers are referring to allies it could possibly include forces from Tyre, Judah, Edom, and Moab.
If, however, there are no shares left when the chain is founded, then the founding player does not receive the free share.
If, however, one picks non-optimally, after improving a sub-optimal component and moving on to improve a more optimal component, one can see an increase in return.
If, however, a layer of paper remains stuck to the surface, the adhesive has not failed.
If, however, the court finds that the current dispute is fundamentally distinct from all previous cases ( called a " matter of first impression "), judges have the authority and duty to make law by creating precedent.
If however it was possible to have two of any one kind of fruit there would be 3 more combinations: one with two apples, one with two oranges, and one with two pears.
If a cabal can be implicated in a sequence of events, there is always the hope, however tenuous, of being able to break the cabal's power – or joining it and exercising some of that power oneself.
If however it has already saved its life by self-castration and is again pursued, then it stands up and reveals that it offers no ground for their eager pursuit, and releases the hunters from all further exertions, for they esteem its flesh less.
If people with cholera are treated quickly and properly, the mortality rate is less than 1 %; however, with untreated cholera, the mortality rate rises to 50 – 60 %.
If the function f is not linear ( i. e. its graph is not a straight line ), however, then the change in y divided by the change in x varies: differentiation is a method to find an exact value for this rate of change at any given value of x.
If in the above example Mary had overpaid, paying £ 750 for the watch, her damages in contract would still be £ 450 ( giving him the item he contracted to buy ), however in tort damages are £ 700.
If this happens to all industries however, everyone would be worse off than if they had been subject to the rigours of market competition.
His government has also been condemned for allegedly arming and financing the insurgency in Somalia ; the United States is considering labeling Eritrea a " State Sponsor of Terrorism ," however, many experts on the topic have shied from this assertion, stating that " If there is one country where the fighting of extremists and terrorists was a priority when it mattered, it was Eritrea.
Frege, however, did not conceive of objects as forming parts of senses: If a proper name denotes a non-existent object, it does not have a reference, hence concepts with no objects have no truth value in arguments.
If the occulting object has an atmosphere, however, some of the luminosity of the star can be refracted into the volume of the umbra.
If they had gone it alone, the IRB and the Volunteers would possibly have come to their aid ; however, the IRB leaders met with Connolly in January 1916 and convinced him to join forces with them.
If, however, the firm is not a perfect competitor in the input markets, then the above conclusions are modified.
If this is done on fractals, however, no new detail appears ; nothing changes and the same pattern repeats over and over, or for some fractals, nearly the same pattern reappears over and over.

If and court
If the case is thus determined by us to be domestic, the court has no jurisdiction.
If, in the trustee's judgment, `` reasonable market conditions '' did not prevail during any given year, he was to be allowed to petition the court for an extension of time within the ten-year period.
If a litigant chooses to enforce a Federal right in a State court, he cannot be heard to object if he is treated exactly as are plaintiffs who press like claims arising under State law with regard to the form in which the claim must be stated -- the particularity, for instance, with which a cause of action must be described.
If the appellate court finds no defect, it " affirms " the judgment.
If the appellate court does find a legal defect in the decision " below " ( i. e., in the lower court ), it may " modify " the ruling to correct the defect, or it may nullify (" reverse " or " vacate ") the whole decision or any part of it.
If a party is dissatisfied with the finding of such a tribunal, one generally has the power to request a trial " de novo " by a court of record.
If the opponents win the rally and their new score is even, the player in the right service court serves ; if odd, the player in the left service court serves.
If the netshot is tight and tumbling, then the opponent's lift will not reach the back of the court, which makes the subsequent smash much harder to return.
If a pair is forced to lift or clear the shuttlecock, then they must defend: they will adopt a side-by-side position in the rear midcourt, to cover the full width of their court against the opponents ' smashes.
If a similar dispute has been resolved in the past, the court is bound to follow the reasoning used in the prior decision ( this principle is known as stare decisis ).
If a plan cannot be confirmed, the court may either convert the case to a liquidation under chapter 7, or, if in the best interests of the creditors and the estate, the case may be dismissed resulting in a return to the status quo before bankruptcy.
If this issue is raised, evidence will be placed before the court, which will normally rule as a preliminary matter whether the plea is substantiated, and if it so finds, the projected trial will be prevented from proceeding.
If one is convicted at the district court, the defence can make an appeal on procedural grounds to the supreme court.
If the court does so, the lawyer may thereafter ply the witness with leading questions during direct examination.
If an application is denied by one judge of the FISC, the federal government is not allowed to make the same application to a different judge of the court, but must appeal to the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review.
If the Supreme Court grants certiorari and accepts the case, it will receive written briefs from each side ( and any amici curiae or friends of the court — usually interested third parties with some expertise to bear on the subject ) and schedule oral arguments.
If the detention is held to be unlawful, the prisoner can usually then be released or bailed by order of the court without having to be produced before it.
If they fail to answer, the person requesting can make an Application on Notice to the court and ask the procedural judge to make an order compelling the opponent to answer the questions.
If the person has a mental illness and it is determined that the mental illness interfered with the person's ability to determine right from wrong ( and other associated criteria a jurisdiction may have ) and if the person is willing to plead guilty or is proven guilty in a court of law, some jurisdictions have an alternative option known as either a Guilty but Mentally Ill ( GBMI ) or a Guilty but Insane verdict.
If civil commitment proceedings follow, the evaluation is presented in a formal court hearing where testimony and other evidence may also be submitted.
If the court finds that the respondent is " seriously mentally impaired ," he or she will be placed in a psychiatric hospital for further evaluation and possibly treatment.

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