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Page "learned" ¶ 170
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and certain
If you hold property for the production of rents or royalties you subtract, in computing Adjusted Gross Income, ordinary and necessary expenses and certain other deductions attributable to the property.
If the artist would study his work more thoroughly and move certain units in his design, often only slightly, finer pictures would result.
If you've travelled in Europe a time or two, it is quite certain that you've had that wanting-to-be-alone feeling or that you will get it on your next visit across the Atlantic.
If it were not for judicial development of certain exceptions, this section would prohibit a suit for refund by an acquiring corporation for taxes paid by a transferor corporation, even though the reorganization meets the requirements of section 381(a).
Chief Moore said, `` If I don't see you when I return, see you for certain at my road block, Inspector ''.
If it was, then it must have been God's intention to translate him at a certain point from time to eternity.
If an evil which is certain and extensive and immediate may rarely be compensated for by a problematic, speculative, future good, by the same token not every present, certain, and immediate good ( or lesser evil ) that may have to be done will be outweighed by a problematic, speculative, and future evil.
If the slowing down of certain seismic waves caused by the damp spot helped uncover the underground ocean, the unusual temperature variation with depth measured in 241 inactive oil wells helped locate the subterranean river.
* Continuity: If a certain mass of fluid enters a volume, it must either exit the volume or change the mass inside the volume.
If the heat of vaporization and the vapor pressure of a liquid at a certain temperature is known, the normal boiling point can be calculated by using the Clausius-Clapeyron equation thus:
* Indivisibility of certain goods: If a person wants to buy a certain amount of another's goods, but only has for payment one indivisible unit of another good which is worth more than what the person wants to obtain, a barter transaction cannot occur.
If the bankrupt fails to lodge the document within a certain period of time, he or she can be prosecuted and fined.
If a house or car is above a certain value, the bankrupt can buy the interest back from the estate in order to keep the asset.
If certain coordinate systems are used, for instance, polar-toroidal coordinates ( common in plasma physics ) using the notation ∇ × F will yield an incorrect result.
:: If patients fail to experience the healing power of Christian Science, and think they can be benefited by certain ordinary physical methods of medical treatment, then the Mind-physician should give up such cases, and leave invalids free to resort to whatever other systems they fancy will afford relief.
If additional solute is added to a saturated solution, it will not dissolve, except in certain circumstances, when supersaturation may occur.
If the computer controlling the display knows the exact position and color of all the subpixels on the screen, it can take advantage of this to improve the apparent resolution of the images on the screen in certain situations.
If it is assumed that social change is not only affected, but in some points of view, directed by the advancement of technology, is it ethical to hold these technologies from certain people?
If you find you have to sacrifice certain of those six things to make a cut, sacrifice your way up, item by item, from the bottom.
If the species concerned were short-lived ( in geological terms, lasting a few hundred thousand years ), then it is certain that the sediments in question were deposited within that narrow time period.
If a lock, let it have been made in whatever country, or by whatever maker, is not so inviolable as it has hitherto been deemed to be, surely it is to the interest of honest persons to know this fact, because the dishonest are tolerably certain to apply the knowledge practically ; and the spread of the knowledge is necessary to give fair play to those who might suffer by ignorance.
If the 3 generations are then put in a 3x3 hermitian matrix with certain additions for the diagonal elements then these matrices form an exceptional ( grassman -) Jordan algebra, which has the symmetry group of one of the exceptional Lie groups ( F < sub > 4 </ sub >, E < sub > 6 </ sub >, E < sub > 7 </ sub > or E < sub > 8 </ sub >) depending on the details.

If and part
If she sensed any unusual preoccupation on the part of her mother, she did not comment upon it.
If the Dominican Republic achieves free, democratic government, it will be due in large part to the U.S. show of force that enabled President Balaguer to prevent a threatened restoration of Trujillo dictatorship.
If your house is to have a forced warm air system, cooling can be a part of it.
If a human figure or wild life are to be part of the projected final picture, I try to place them in the initial sketch.
If the patient can perceive figure kinesthetically when he cannot perceive it visually, then, it would seem, the sense of touch has immediate contact with the spatial aspects of things in independence of visual representations, at least in regard to two dimensions, and, as we shall see, even this much spatial awareness on the part of unaided touch is denied by the authors.
If one wishes to discuss a literary figure who uses folklore in his work, the first thing he must realize is that the literary figure is probably part of this ignorant American public.
If the appellate court does find a legal defect in the decision " below " ( i. e., in the lower court ), it may " modify " the ruling to correct the defect, or it may nullify (" reverse " or " vacate ") the whole decision or any part of it.
If the Onemen Bay is considered part of the river, it also receives the Velikaya River ( Chukotka ) from the south and the Kanchalan River from the north.
If so, Alcuin's origins may lie in the southern part of what was formerly known as Deira.
If the creditworthiness of the issuer deteriorates ( e. g. rating downgrade ) and its credit spread widens, the bond price tends to move lower, but, in many cases, the call option part of the convertible bond moves higher ( since credit spread correlates with volatility ).
If a fighter is knocked down during the fight, determined by whether the boxer touches the canvas floor of the ring with any part of their body other than the feet as a result of the opponent's punch and not a slip, as determined by the referee, the referee begins counting until the fighter returns to his or her feet and can continue.
If they had scuttled the freighter, it could have been counted as negligence on the part of Herbert.
" That rich island ," he wrote on 1 December 1881, " the key to the Gulf of Mexico, is, though in the hands of Spain, a part of the American commercial system … If ever ceasing to be Spanish, Cuba must necessarily become American and not fall under any other European domination.
If the location specified is incorrect, this will cause the computer to write the data to some other part of the program.
If the core becomes sufficiently dense, electron degeneracy pressure will play a significant part in stabilizing it against gravitational collapse.
If h is negative, then a + h is on the low part of the step, so the secant line from a to a + h is very steep, and as h tends to zero the slope tends to infinity.
If h is positive, then a + h is on the high part of the step, so the secant line from a to a + h has slope zero.
If the frame contains areas where nothing has moved, the system simply issues a short command that copies that part of the previous frame, bit-for-bit, into the next one.
* In the Tales of Old Dartmoor episode ( recorded in 1956 ) of The Goons radio comedy series, Grytpype-Thynne arranges for the prison to put to sea to visit the Château d ' If in France as part of a plan to find the treasure of the Count of Monte Cristo hid there.
If it is " observed " ( measured with a photon ) not at a particular slit but rather at the screen, then there is no " which path " information as part of the interaction, so the electron's " observed " position on the screen is determined strictly by its probability function.
Buckley writes, " If Ziggy confused both his creator and his audience, a big part of that confusion centred on the topic of sexuality.
If the ether is part of a more complex molecule, it is described as an alkoxy substituent, so-OCH < sub > 3 </ sub > would be considered a " methoxy -" group.
If both copies are damaged, the Purkinje layer ( a part of the cerebellum that contains better-connected neurons than any other ) develops abnormally, runting is more common, and pups die within weeks due to inadequate lung development.
If we are to explain language's evolution, according to this view, we must tackle it as part of a wider one — the evolutionary emergence of symbolic culture as such.

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