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Some Related Sentences

If and instead
If you tell him I made a pass at you he might think you misunderstood something I said or did, so instead of just telling him I made a pass, say I tried to date you and that you agreed so you could prove to him what a louse I really am.
If we had, then one of us would have had to go instead.
If the defendant files an appeal arguing that he should not have to pay any money, then the plaintiff might file a cross-appeal arguing that the defendant should have to pay $ 200, 000 instead of $ 50, 000.
If the automorphisms of an object X form a set ( instead of a proper class ), then they form a group under composition of morphisms.
If instead Betty and Carla both owned 7 shares, then Alex would keep the majority bonus for herself, while Betty and Carla would split the minority bonus.
Immanuel Kant, writing in 1790, observes of a man " If he says that canary wine is agreeable he is quite content if someone else corrects his terms and reminds him to say instead: It is agreeable to me ," because " Everyone has his own ( sense of ) taste ".
If f is not a function, but is instead a partial function, it is called a partial operation.
If he intended an attack along the Moselle the Duke must now turn west, but, instead, the following day the army crossed to the right bank of the Rhine, ( pausing to add 5, 000 waiting Hanoverians and Prussians ).
If this special relationship does not exist then it not usually spoken of as " backward " compatibility but is instead just " compatible "— a consistent interface allowing interoperability between components and products that were each developed separately.
If it was instead hilly, wooded, marshy, or urban, armour would be vulnerable to infantry in close-quarters combat and unable to break out at full speed.
If one axiomatizes relations instead of functions, one obtains the theory of allegories.
If the relative priorities of these substituents need to be established, R takes priority over S. When this happens, the descriptor of the stereocenter is a lowercase letter ( r or s ) instead of the uppercase letter normally used.
If a 7 is rolled instead of the point being re-rolled, the don't pass bet wins and is paid even money.
If a player is playing don't pass instead of pass, they may also lay odds by placing chips behind the don't pass line.
If a 7 comes instead of the point coming, the odds pay at true odds of 1-to-2 if 4 or 10 is the point, 2-to-3 if 5 or 9 is the point, 5-to-6 if 6 or 8 is the point.
If instead the roll is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 then the come bet will be moved by the base dealer onto a box representing the number the shooter threw.
If, instead, the seven is rolled before the come-bet point, the bet loses.
If instead the roll is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 then the don't come bet will be moved by the base dealer onto a box representing the number the shooter threw.
If the above condition is instead satisfied for
If one set is played, the pieces usually go into the opponent's starting corner, and the number of pieces per side is often increased to 15 ( instead of the usual 10 ).
If an entry can be found with a tag matching that of the desired datum, the datum in the entry is used instead.
If the business ' debts exceed its assets, the bankruptcy restructuring results in the company's owners being left with nothing ; instead, the owners ' rights and interests are ended and the company's creditors are left with ownership of the newly reorganized company.
If measured instead per unit wavelength, using Wien's law, the peak is at 1. 06 mm corresponding to a frequency of 283 GHz.
If the context menu is being triggered by keyboard, such as by using Shift + F10, the context menu appears instead near the focused widget instead of the position of the pointer, to save recognition efforts.

If and simply
If it will simply delay the debates until the qualifications are closed next spring, and then carry all the candidates on a tour of debates, it can provide a service to the state.
If D denotes the differentiation operator and P is the polynomial Af then V is the null space of the operator p (, ), because Af simply says Af.
If William wished to continue operations for a year, why not simply leave the Negroes undisturbed and pay them `` as high wages to remain there as are ever paid the labor of persons of their sex & age.
If the valid element indices begin at 0, the constant B is simply the address of the first element of the array.
If A is commutative then the center of A is equal to A, so that a commutative R-algebra can be defined simply as a homomorphism of commutative rings.
If the concentration of element or compound in a sample is too high for the detection range of the technique, it can simply be diluted in a pure solvent.
If there is no number to its left, simply look at the column headed " 1 " in the previous row.
If the tree contains data, we can simply simultaneously store it in a consecutive array in preorder.
If F is clear from context then Ω < sub > F </ sub > may be denoted simply Ω, although different prefix-free universal computable functions lead to different values of Ω.
If requested data is contained in the cache ( cache hit ), this request can be served by simply reading the cache, which is comparatively faster.
If a simply stable system response neither decays nor grows over time, and has no oscillations, it is marginally stable: in this case the system transfer function has non-repeated poles at complex plane origin ( i. e. their real and complex component is zero in the continuous time case ).
If the frame contains areas where nothing has moved, the system simply issues a short command that copies that part of the previous frame, bit-for-bit, into the next one.
If the depletion layer is large enough to catch the whole shower or to stop a heavy particle, a fairly accurate measurement of the particle ’ s energy can be made, simply by measuring the charge conducted and without the complexity of a magnetic spectrometer, etc.
If the panegyric detailing the ceremony implied that the true center of the Empire was not Rome, but where the Emperor sat ("... the capital of the Empire appeared to be there, where the two emperors met "), it simply echoed what had already been stated by the historian Herodian in the early third century: " Rome is where the emperor is ".
If that class is not available, or unknown at compile time, the application simply won't compile.
If we view the DFT as just a coordinate transformation which simply specifies the components of a vector in a new coordinate system, then the above is just the statement that the dot product of two vectors is preserved under a unitary DFT transformation.
If neither A nor B includes the idea of existence, then " some A are B " simply adjoins A to B. Conversely, if A or B do include the idea of existence in the way that " triangle " contains the idea " three angles equal to two right angles ", then " A exists " is automatically true, and we have an ontological proof of A's existence.
If this does not simply reflect Gregory ’ s ignorance of Kentish affairs, which seems unlikely given the close ties between Kent and the Franks, then some assert that Æthelberht ’ s reign cannot have begun before 589.
# If the remainder from dividing N by 6 is not 2 or 3 then the list is simply all even numbers followed by all odd numbers ≤ N
If a fatwā does not break new ground, then it is simply called a ruling.
If the rock is analyzed and found to be felsic but is metamorphic and has no definite volcanic protolith, it may be sufficient to simply call it a ' felsic schist '.
If some of the units in the fold are facing downward, the structure is called an overturned anticline or syncline, and if all of the rock units are overturned or the correct up-direction is unknown, they are simply called by the most general terms, antiforms and synforms.
The Church would not simply grant this favour, so Henry cited the passage in the Book of Leviticus where it said, " If a man taketh his brother's wife, he hath committed adultery ; they shall be childless.
This can be verified simply by investigating, e. g., a polycrystalline material under a polarizing microscope having the polarizers crossed: If the crystallites are larger than the resolution limit, they will be visible.
Then an element e of S is called a left identity if e * a = a for all a in S, and a right identity if a * e = a for all a in S. If e is both a left identity and a right identity, then it is called a two-sided identity, or simply an identity.

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