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Some Related Sentences

If and it's
He said: `` If it's all right with you, Mr. Morgan, I'll sleep out here on the couch.
If you don't own a planer and don't want to buy one, it's well worth renting.
`` If you can fix it up with the undertaker '', returned the politician, `` it's all right with me ''.
If he does, it's still better than an even chance he won't notice the transposition of the numbers, and if he should notice it, the thing can be passed off as an honest mistake.
If it's true that contented cows give more milk, why shouldn't happy ball players produce more base hits??
If that's all the Romans did, it's a surprise to me that Rome fell.
* " If you're not sure that it's potato borscht, there could be orphans working in the mines.
If the thumb points in the direction of the 4th substitutent, the enantiomer is R. Otherwise, it's S.
If later characters are stereotypes, it's because they are from the same original mould.
If it's not found, the key's hash is turned into another number in the same range, and the request is routed to the node whose location is closest to the key.
President Obama observed, " If media is operating basically as a talk radio format, then that's one thing, and if it's operating as a news outlet, then that's another ".
If the graph does not contain any cycles ( i. e. it's an acyclic graph ), its girth is defined to be infinity.
If you love God, he tells us, then it's your duty to vote this healthcare bill in ...
* In the second verse of the hit song " Rocket Man " ( 1972 ), Elton John sings " Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids / In fact it's cold as hell / And there's no one there to raise them / If you did ".
Unification Church member Kristopher Esplin told Reuters what is normally done if the word is seen in media sources: " If it's printed in newspapers, we will respond, write to the editor, that sort of thing.
When asked about her campaign, the first lady remarked, " If you can save just one child, it's worth it.
McVeigh argued that " imminent " does not mean " immediate ": " If a comet is hurtling toward the earth, and it's out past the orbit of Pluto, it's not an immediate threat to Earth, but it is an imminent threat.
If you French kiss your dog and he or she thinks it's great, is it wrong?
In his dedication to The Ringworld Engineers, Niven wrote, " If you own a first paperback edition of Ringworld, it's the one with the mistakes in it.
If it's easy to count answers, then it must be easy to tell whether there are any answers.
If the Notrump hand rebids a major suit, it's an instant 4-4 fit and ability to trump club losers ( or, alternately, to sluff the other major on club winners and then to trump losers in the other major ).
If they don't win, it's a shame.
O ' Hanlon suggested she write to The Sun, a prominent New York City newspaper at the time, assuring her that " If you see it in The Sun, it's so.

If and raining
If it is not raining outside, then is false ; and if there is no cold-front over Kansas, then is false.
**: Argument: If it is raining outside, it must be cloudy.
For example, substituting propositions in natural language for logical variables, the inverse of the conditional proposition, " If it's raining, then Sam will meet Jack at the movies " is " If it's not raining, then Sam will not meet Jack at the movies.
For example, " If it's not raining, then Sam will not meet Jack at the movies " cannot be inferred from " If it's raining, then Sam will meet Jack at the movies.
What can be correctly inferred, is that " If Sam does not meet Jack at the movies, then it is not raining.
" If the attorney is seeking to use this statement to prove that it was in fact raining in Vermont, then it is hearsay.
If someone makes an observational statement, such as " it is raining ", it does seem reasonable to ask how they know — did they look out the window?
* If it is raining, then he is inside.
* If it were raining, then he would be inside.
: If it's raining here now, then it was raining on the West Coast this morning.
: If it's raining now, then your laundry is getting wet.
: If it's raining now, there will be mushrooms to be picked next week.
: If we go out while it is raining we will get wet.
: If we go out while it is raining we will get wet.
If the player finds a certain course to be more difficult when it is raining, he or she can elect to play that course on a day which is forecast to be sunny.
If either one of them tells the other what they know, it will be clear to the other that it is raining.
If we denote by that Carol wears a red coat and with that if Carol wears a red coat, it is raining, we have

If and I'll
If you ever try anything without my orders I'll kill you ''.
I showed her the shower and tub, and she said, smiling, `` If you really don't mind, I think I'll get clean in the shower, then soak for a few minutes in your tub.
If Mrs. Wright doesn't accept the terms in the morning, I'll go either to Tokyo or to Holland, to do what I can.
If I hafta do this to stay alive by God I'll do it.
If he pokes his nose in here I'll slug him ''.
When the date would try to bid her good-night at the door, she would tell him, `` If you go home now, I'll scream ''.
If you draw the short straw I'll lend you some bread, like fifty bucks, before I take off to visit my sister in Frisco.
`` If you go broke '', she said, smiling up at him, `` I'll leave you ''.
If anyone at my funeral has a long face, I'll never speak to him again.
: If not, I'll smite your first-born dead — Oh!
If you don't stop sending killers, I'll send one to Moscow, and I won't have to send a second.
The Nine Inch Nails album The Downward Spiral has several nihilistic themes and concepts throughout the overall storyline, with the narrator rejecting the world and the concept of God and attempting to forge his own versions ( with lines such as " God is dead / And no one cares / If there is a Hell / I'll see you there ").
He then adds that " If we ever do find a better system, I'll be happy to call myself an anti-capitalist.
", " Well, the answer to that ", Benaud replied, " If there is, as there always can be, some emergency or a sensational happening on or off the field where it would be quite ridiculous not to go into the commentary box, of course I'll be in there doing my job and doing it as professionally as I can.
Scopes added to the group: " If you can prove that I've taught evolution and that I can qualify as a defendant, then I'll be willing to stand trial.
If you refuse, I'll have you killed on the spot and I swear I will ravage every island with fire and steel.
The country music artist David Allan Coe used the racial terms " redneck ", " white trash ", and " nigger " in the songs " If That Ain't Country, I'll Kiss Your Ass " and " Nigger Fucker ".
It's a chess player's sense: If I do this, the following 15 things are going to happen, and if step 11 goes so, I'll do this rather than that.
* In the episode Major Star of the British sitcom Blackadder, Captain Blackadder parodies the poem " The Soldier ", warning George ' If I should die, think only this of me, ' I'll be back to get you!
If she do bid me pack, I'll give her thanks,
If she deny to wed, I'll crave the day
English: If they don ’ t have Almdudler, I'll go back home!
* Dylan and Baez singing Hank Williams songs in a hotel room, as well as Baez singing the first few verses of " Percy's Song " and " Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word " ( which was still apparently unfinished at the time, as Baez later tells Dylan, " If you finish it I'll sing it on a record "; she would record it in 1968.

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