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Page "government" ¶ 488
from Brown Corpus
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If and launched
If the intruder persisted, a biting lunge was usually launched at either the tail region or the naso-labial grooves.
If the CSM failed, the spacecraft and Saturn IB for the next Skylab mission would have been launched with two astronauts to retrieve the crew ; given Skylab's ample supplies, its residents would have been able to wait up to several weeks for the rescue mission.
If Soviet officers had launched them, many millions of US citizens could have been killed.
If a rocket is launched to deliver a payload from a planetary surface into space it is called a launch vehicle.
If was an American science fiction magazine launched in March 1952 by Quinn Publications, owned by James L. Quinn.
If was launched in the middle of this second publishing boom.
If the Soviet Union launched a sneak attack and the US did not respond immediately, the majority of their missiles and strategic bombers might be caught on the ground.
If they chose to respond in kind and attack the remaining Soviet missile fleet, there would be little to respond with if the Soviets immediately launched against US cities.
If a major offensive was launched against a point in the line, mobile reinforcements would be sent to reinforce that part of the line that was in danger of failing.
When the series launched in early 1979, the press advertising used the line " If you think prison is hell for a man, imagine what it's like for a woman .".
If he were to implant his Copy into the TVC universe, have the copy run a number of experiments to anchor itself in that universe, and then terminate it, only to find himself still in the TVC universe ( indeed, the purpose of growing the TVC universe from a Garden of Eden configuration was to prove to his Copy that such a TVC universe as it found itself to inhabit must have been launched from a non-TVC universe, as opposed to merely having always existed and evolved towards this the current state in which he did not know whether it had ) rather than back in " the real world " again, then he would be vindicated ; if not, then his hypothesis would be falsified and he might consider himself crazy ( his last several experiences of termination and subsequent continuation involved him finding himself in the position of having been recently cured of psychosis ).
If the momentum imparted to the coin as it is launched were known with sufficient accuracy,
When first launched, it struggled under the overhead of the software and operating system, which consumed almost 60 MB on disk, a vast sum at the time, leading some wags to suggest that the pre-announce code name for the series, PACIFIC, was actually an acronym meaning " Performance Ain't Critical If Function Is Complete ".
If launched, LISA will be the first dedicated space-based gravitational-wave detector ; it will measure gravitational waves by using laser interferometry to monitor the fluctuations in the relative distances between three spacecraft, arranged in an equilateral triangle with 5 million kilometer arms, and flying along an Earth-like heliocentric orbit.
If disabled, the Finder would quit when the user launched another application, thus freeing RAM for it.
They launched the album with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live !, performing the songs " If U C Jordan " and " Space ", the latter of which became the only single from the album.
If the service had been launched and had been a commercial success in Italy, it was then planned to make similar services available in Germany and Switzerland.
During the Ice Dream they launched a bid for the Winter Olympics to be held at Smiggin Holes, in the humorous Smiggin Holes 2010 Winter Olympic bid with suggested slogans " Unleash the Mighty Mongrel ", " Winter Wonder Down Under " and " If you've got the poles, we've got the holes.
If a satellite phone provider encounters trouble with its network, handset prices will fall, then increase once new satellites are launched.
If the 60 seconds expired, all four pies would be launched.
If the " baby Sapphire " brought about the beginning of the end for Armstrong Siddeley, it was because Jaguar had launched the unitary-construction 2. 4 saloon in 1955, which was quicker, significantly cheaper, and much better-looking than the lumpy and frumpy 234 / 236 design.
If the projectile is launched with an initial velocity v < sub > 0 </ sub >, then it can be written as
In addition, MMAL launched an advertising campaign that starred MMAL's then CEO Tom Phillips, who told potential customers " If you can find a better built car – buy it !”.
If the character proved popular, a new series was launched.

If and careful
If I'd been careful it never woulda '' -- he stopped abruptly.
Hood replied that he would take careful soundings as he advanced to test the depth of the water, and that " If you will allow the honour of leading you into battle, I will keep the lead going.
If the most commonly accepted attribution of texts ( that of Christian Lindtner ) holds, then he was clearly a Māhayānist, but his philosophy holds assiduously to the Śrāvaka canon, and while he does make explicit references to Mahāyāna texts, he is always careful to stay within the parameters set out by the Śrāvaka canon.
If the management ethos is to reward the number of bugs fixed, then some developers may quickly write sloppy code knowing they can fix the bugs later and be rewarded for it, whereas careful, perhaps " slower " developers do not get rewarded for the bugs that were never there.
In the Panchatantra, stories are introduced as didactic analogies, with the frame story referring to these stories with variants of the phrase " If you're not careful, that which happened to the louse and the flea will happen to you.
If the proportioning valve is left out or functions improperly, the result is a car that stops only with the front discs during careful stops, which are most of the stops encountered in daily driving.
If there is a real doubt, based upon reason and common sense after careful and impartial consideration of all the evidence, or lack of evidence, in a case, then the level of proof has not been met.
If variable-width codes are being used, the encoder and decoder must be careful to change the width at the same points in the encoded data, or they will disagree about where the boundaries between individual codes fall in the stream.
This pre-supposes very careful planning by the scribe even before he put pen to parchment .” If the scribe and the illuminator were separate labors the planning period allowed for adequate space to be given to each individual.
*" kill "-to punish / scold / cause trouble to someone (" If you're not careful ah, this guy will kill you ")
If devices have to be used near to their maximum power-handling capacity, and thermal runaway is possible or likely under certain conditions, improvements can usually be achieved by careful design.
* If I am careful and smart, I will not get caught.
If a saddle is made without a solid tree, without careful engineering, the rider's weight in the stirrups and leathers can create pressure points on the horse's back and lead to soreness.
If you wish you may tell the police to be careful not to rile me.
If the cancer is not particularly advanced, patients may be offered careful surveillance by frequent CT scans and blood tests, in place of adjuvant treatment.
Another letter ran: " If you have a note for me, send now whilst he is out ; but you must not venture, for he is watching, and you cannot be too careful.
: If they are careful, people don't make that mistake.
If he ’ s not careful, he ’ ll be black-balled by his state medical association and kept out of the hospitals .’
If debunkers are not careful, their communications may backfire – increasing an audience's long term belief in myths.
If the jaw-thrust is ineffective at opening / maintaining the airway, a very careful head-tilt / chin-lift should be performed.
If not careful, he could end up being eaten by her.
If not, then you have to be careful because it gets expensive.
If they do find a mate, they must be extremely careful, for drumming the wrong message can be deadly.
If we are not careful, creationism could become a threat to human rights ".

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