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If and local
If you can't tell, get help from your county agricultural agent or other local specialist.
If BCG is accidentally given subcutaneously, then a local abscess may form ( a BCG-oma ) that can sometimes ulcerate, and may require treatment with antibiotics.
If given subcutaneously, it may induce local infection and spread to the regional lymph nodes, causing either suppurative and nonsuppurative lymphadenitis.
If the eigenvalues are all positive, then the frequencies are all real and the stationary point is a local minimum.
If it just includes any PUBLIC identifier, it may be processed as standalone, if the XML processor knows this PUBLIC identifier in its local catalog from where it can retrieve an associated DTD entity.
If the low-order bit is 0, the remaining 7 bits of the DSAP specify an individual address, which refers to a single local service access point ( LSAP ) to which the packet should be delivered.
If the cities were treated as relatively autonomous local administrative areas, it would simplify the problems of imperial administration, which as far as Julian was concerned, should be focused on the administration of the law and defense of the empire's vast frontiers.
If set up properly, sent mail can be saved to the server also, in contrast with POP mail, where sent messages exist only in the local MUA and are not visible by other MUAs accessing the same account.
If the key signature indicates G-sharp, a local flat before a G makes it G-flat ( not G natural ), though often this type of rare accidental is expressed as a natural, followed by a flat () to make this clear.
If an unmarried couple change residence to different countries, then the local law on where the couple is last domiciled is applied to them.
If the local court is actually giving extraterritorial effect to a foreign law, it is less than sovereign and so acting in a way that is potentially unconstitutional.
If the case has been submitted to arbitration rather than a national court, say because of a forum selection clause, an arbitrator may decide not to apply local mandatory policies in the face of a choice of law by the parties if this would defeat their commercial objectives.
If the congregation does not have an installed pastor, the Presbytery appoints a minister member or elected member of the presbytery as moderator with the concurrence of the local church session.
If other products are brought inside along with pests and diseases, it would damage the ecosystem seriously and add millions of costs in the local agricultural businesses.
If the two devices are far enough apart or on separate power systems, the local ground connections at either end of the cable will have differing voltages ; this difference will reduce the noise margin of the signals.
If φ: M → N is a local diffeomorphism at x in M then dφ < sub > x </ sub >: T < sub > x </ sub > M → T < sub > φ ( x )</ sub > N is a linear isomorphism.
If the route was learned from an external peer the per-neighbor BGP process computes a LOCAL_PREFERENCE value from local policy rules and then compares the LOCAL_PREFERENCE of all routes from the neighbor.
If the universe is described by an effective local quantum field theory down to the Planck scale, then we would expect a cosmological constant of the order of.
If the object Servant exists on the same server where the method is invoked, they also mediate the local calls.
If Bell's inequalities are violated, either local realism or counterfactual definiteness must be incorrect ; but some physicists dispute that experiments have demonstrated Bell's violations, on the grounds that the sub-class of inhomogeneous Bell inequalities has not been tested or due to experimental limitations in the tests.
( If utility U = f ( x, y ), U, in the third dimension, does not have a local maximum for any x and y values.
Since a one sided maximal ideal A is not necessarily two-sided, the quotient R / A is not necessarily a ring, but it is a simple module over R. If R has a unique maximal right ideal, then R is known as a local ring, and the maximal right ideal is also the unique maximal left and unique maximal two-sided ideal of the ring, and is in fact the Jacobson radical J ( R ).
If the people of this nation wish to deprive the states of their sovereign rights to determine what is a fair and just tax upon corporations doing a purely local business within their own state boundaries, there is a way provided by the Constitution to accomplish this purpose.
If f is a differentiable function on R ( or an open interval ) and x is a local maximum or a local minimum of f, then the derivative of f at x is zero ; points where are called critical points or stationary points ( and the value of f at x is called a critical value ).

If and governments
If the Hessian troops sent here willy-nilly by the Hessian Government to fight for England in the 1770's were mercenaries, what shall we call the UN troops sent to the Congo willy-nilly by their governments to fight for the United Nations??
If these conventions are ratified by enough governments, they gain the status of treaties.
If it were different, states would not have the right, nor be in a position, to maintain that minimum of order on which all civilized life rests .” Calling the concept a “ red herring ” he stated: “ This argument has been used by the terrorists themselves, arguing that there is no difference between their activities and those by governments and states.
If the highest echelons of the governments also take advantage from corruption or embezzlement from the state's treasury, it is sometimes referred with the neologism kleptocracy.
Taylor wrote, " If the means to which the government of the union may resort for executing the power confided to it, are unlimited, it may easily select such as will impair or destroy the powers confided to the state governments.
If one person has a right, others have a duty to respect that right, but governments lack the resources necessary to fulfil the duties implied by citizens ' supposed second-and third-generation rights.
If Westland went ahead with Sikorsky its helicopters, under this new agreement, would be unable to be bought by the four governments.
If its decisions were not subject to approval by national governments and parties, this committee would be considered Comecon's supranational planning body.
:“ Three forces are laboring for such a sinister peace: ( 1 ) the bourbonism of politicians …; ( 2 ) the materialism of industrial …; ( 3 ) the militarism of professional soldiers …” andIf the Peace Conference is allowed to remain between governments instead of between peoples it is apt to degenerate …”
If the state parliaments and governments were not clearly dominated by communists, as had resulted from the last somewhat free elections in the Soviet zone in 1946, the Soviet Union would have had to waive the establishment of a communist dictatorship in the Soviet zone.
If they enter into agreements with other organizations, including governments, or raise capital from external sources, they do so on terms that ensure democratic control by their members and maintain their cooperative autonomy.
If the survey is in a relatively undeveloped area, significant habitat disturbance may occur and many governments require seismic companies to follow strict rules regarding destruction of the environment, for example the use dynamite as a seismic source may be disallowed.
If they enter into agreements with other organizations, including governments, or raise capital from external sources, they do so on terms that ensure democratic control by their members and maintain their co-operative autonomy .”
If population-growth went unchecked, he felt, " the damage to national efficiency might drive governments to act more intelligently "; but better would be " a concentrated drive for population-planning, despite the formidable practical, scientific and psychological obstacles ".
If governments continue to pursue right-wing policies, he argues, " we ’ re going to see more homelessness, more private health care, more private education, more gated communities, and more danger to your family and mine.
# If the peoples of the world fully understood the inherent dangers of nuclear weapons and the consequences of their use, they would reject then and not permit their continued possession by or acquisition of by governments, even for an alleged need for self defense.
" If Plato called his conception of governments a " sophocracy ," then a political system characterized by social experimentation with a scientific institutionalized base could be called a " noocracy.
If the Governor then decides that the disaster is of such severity that the State and affected local governments cannot possibly handle the effects of the disaster, the Governor will make a request to the President explaining the amount of resources they currently have available and commit to the cost-sharing requirements in the Stafford Act.

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