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If and she
If she did, he could stand it better in the light.
If she sensed any unusual preoccupation on the part of her mother, she did not comment upon it.
If she, Pamela, were being held responsible for his crimes, then hers must be the final act of expiation.
If, as she walked, her steps fumbled from time to time, she chose to ignore that omen.
If the slope grew steeper and the groves more dim, she tried not to heed.
If, when this was all over, she found the words to tell him about it, she wondered if he would ever understand.
I showed her the shower and tub, and she said, smiling, `` If you really don't mind, I think I'll get clean in the shower, then soak for a few minutes in your tub.
If it is an honest feeling, then why should she not yield to it??
If there was ever a thought in her mind she might devote her life to religion, it was now dispelled.
If she were not at home, Mama would see to it that a fresh white rose was there.
If she wanted to borrow any sum of money in expecting the arrangements of Congress, it would not become a stranger, unknown to her, to offer himself for that purpose.
If he bites a playmate she says, `` Danny won't like you ''.
If he snatches a toy, she says, `` Caroline wants her own truck just as you do ''.
If a dancer is good, she suggests purely and superbly the fundamental mechanics of ancestry and progeny -- the continuum of mankind.
If he had any worries, it was only the small ones, about Mother in New York, and his daughter Edwina and what she might be doing at this hour, with her Aunt Asia, in Philadelphia.
If Blanche had been honest, she would have yelled, slammed at least a couple of doors, and thrown a few little, valueless things.
but then Arlene got another tone in a hurry, and she said, `` If it wasn't for these dear children '' --.
If we manage to keep track of a Bombus queen after she has left her feeding place, we may discover the snug little hideout which she has fixed up for herself when she woke up from her winter sleep.
If anyone thought of the John Harvey, it was to observe that she was straddled by a pair of ships heavily laden with high explosive and if they were hit the John Harvey would likely be blown up with her own ammo and whatever else it was that she carried.

If and conveniently
`` If you can conveniently let me have twenty dollars '', he wrote one friend in 1791 when he was Secretary of the Treasury.
If a samurai was able to afford a daishō, it was often composed of whichever two swords could be conveniently acquired, sometimes by different smiths and in different styles.
If a mistake is made, the undo command is used to conveniently revert the changed data to a previous state.
If the constraints of a linear algebra problem do not allow a general matrix to be conveniently reduced to a triangular one, reduction to Hessenberg form is often the next best thing.
If the circles are represented in trilinear coordinates in the usual way, then their radical center is conveniently given as a certain determinant.

If and
Sources also stated that “ If you re going to bring it back, you have to do it right.
If the F-plasmid that is transferred has previously been integrated into the donor s genome some of the donor s chromosomal DNA may also be transferred with the plasmid DNA.
If the hoop is the hoop in order for the striker s ball, the striker earns a bonus stroke.
:” If we observe the totality of Pissarro s work, we find there, despite fluctuations, not only an extreme artistic will, never belied, but also an essentially intuitive, purebred art.
If we work hard to sell our own cars, we won t be bothered by whatever the other manufacturers do.
If the depletion layer is large enough to catch the whole shower or to stop a heavy particle, a fairly accurate measurement of the particle s energy can be made, simply by measuring the charge conducted and without the complexity of a magnetic spectrometer, etc.
If this does not simply reflect Gregory s ignorance of Kentish affairs, which seems unlikely given the close ties between Kent and the Franks, then some assert that Æthelberht s reign cannot have begun before 589.
If the child is thrown into a passive role as a student, absorbing information, the result is a waste of the child s education.
If Christians were persecuted, it is likely to have been part of Domitian s larger policy suppressing all opposition to his self-proclaimed divinity.
If the book itself, Animal Farm, had left any doubt of the matter, Orwell dispelled it in his essay Why I Write: ' Every line of serious work that I ve written since 1936 has been written directly or indirectly against Totalitarianism ... dot, dot, dot, dot.
Orbán responded " If we don t reach an agreement, we ll still stand on our own feet.
If the term has nonetheless retained a certain consistency in its use across these fields and would-be movements, it perhaps reflects the word s position in general English usage: though the standard dictionary definition of irreal gives it the same meaning as unreal, irreal is very rarely used in comparison with unreal.
If you ve noticed, all of the symphonic musicians, they have played some of those classical tunes for years but they wouldn t vary from one note – and every time they play they have to have the music.
If a learning object is reusable in many contexts, it isn t particularly useful in any.
If the defendant asserts his right to remain silent all interrogation must immediately stop and the police may not resume the interrogation unless the police have " scrupulously honored " the defendant s assertion and obtain a valid waiver before resuming the interrogation.
If an object s weight was equivalent to 1728 carob seeds, then the object was said to weigh one Roman pound.
If, on the other hand, the object s weight was equivalent to 144 carob seeds then the object was said to weigh one Roman ounce ( uncia ).
If for any reason there are complications, the village midwife will forward the ‘ patient to the ‘ nurse ’, and if she is unable to help then they are forwarded to the Primary Health Center.
If I can t get that sound I can t play anything.
Thus, personal involvement is linked with public opinion Proverbs that speak to the political disgruntlement include: “ When the Czar spits into the soup dish, it fairly bursts with pride ”; “ If the Czar be a rhymester, woe be to the poets ”; and “ The hen of the Czarina herself does not lay swan s eggs .” While none of these proverbs state directly, “ I hate the Czar and detest my situation ” ( which would have been incredibly dangerous ), they do get their points across.

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