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If and Dominican
If convicted for illegal entry, Gervacio faces a ten-year prison sentence and repatriation to the Dominican Republic once his sentence is served.

If and Republic
Forty-seven years after the initial freeze, Costa Rican President Óscar Arias Sánchez announced on 18 March 2009 that normal relations were to be re-established, saying, " If we have been able to turn the page with regimes as profoundly different to our reality as occurred with the USSR or, more recently, with the Republic of China, how would we not do it with a country that is geographically and culturally much nearer to Costa Rica?
If some supporters articulate that they agree to the independence of Taiwan, they may either be referring to the notion of formally creating an independent Republic of Taiwan, or to the notion that Taiwan is synonymous with the current Republic of China and already is independent, which is against the People's Republic of China's claim.
If ranked today, the United Arab Republic would be the 25th largest nation on the planet ( Egypt is 30th and Syria is 88th ).
Iran, however, has made the following reservation “ If the text of the Convention is or becomes incompatible with the domestic laws and Islamic standards at any time or in any case, the Government of the Islamic Republic shall not abide by it .” Iran has also signed the both optional protocols which relate to the special protection of children against involvement in armed conflict and the sale of children and sexual exploitation.
If the latter argument is accepted, then the Republic of China may have ceased to be a state post-1971 as a matter of international law (" de jure "), yet continued to otherwise function as the state that it previously was recognised as (" de facto ").
* If the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister are not from the same party, foreign affairs and defense are conducted by the President.
* If the president of the National Assembly, the president of the Senate or 60 deputies or 60 senators claim that a just-voted statute is unconstitutional, the President of the Republic does not sign the law and instead waits for a petition to be sent to the Constitutional Council.
* If the country merged into an existing country, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of this country is used ( e. g., the German Democratic Republic merged into Germany, whose alpha-2 code is < tt > DE </ tt >).
* If the country was divided into several parts, the special code < tt > HH </ tt > is used to indicate that there is no single successor country ( e. g., Czechoslovakia was divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia ), with the exception of Serbia and Montenegro, for which < tt > XX </ tt > is used to avoid duplicate use of the same ISO 3166-3 code, as the alpha-2 code < tt > CS </ tt > had twice been deleted from ISO 3166-1, the first time due to the split of Czechoslovakia and the second time due to the split of Serbia and Montenegro.
If the Republic must be destroyed by someone, Cicero fulminates against Clodius in mock resignation, let it at least be destroyed by a real man ( Latin vir ).
If you know of works set in the Early Republic, please expand this section.
If you know of works set in the Middle Republic, please expand this section.
If so, this group may be the original so-called knights equo privato, a rank that is attested throughout the history of the Republic ( in contrast to knights equo publico ).
If the Republic had been in danger, they would have been called up by the General Staff, supplied with arms, and allotted to their places.
If the chairman was from the Czech Socialist Republic, the vice chairman must have been from the Slovak Socialist Republic, and vice versa.
" If the US attacked Iran, despite all my problems with the Islamic Republic, I'd go back and fight these bastards ...
If once again the required majority is not attained, voting is repeated after five days, the person receiving the votes of a three-fifths majority of the total number of Members of Parliament shall be elected President of the Republic.
If the inhabitants would rise against Spain, the Southern Netherlands would be afforded independence on the model of the Cantons of Switzerland, however with the Flemish seacoast, Namur and Thionville annexed by France, and Breda, Geldern and Hulst going to the Republic.
If the inhabitants resisted, the country would be partitioned outright, with the Francophone provinces and western Flanders going to France, and the remainder to the Republic.
*" If one admits that the Iraqis are delighted with Saddam Hussein's end, one must also think about the possibility that maybe, the Iranians would celebrate at the end of the Islamic Republic as well.
If the Assembly is in crisis, The President of the Republic may dissolve the National Assembly, upon an elaborated proposal of the government.

If and achieves
If he thus achieves a lyrical, dreamlike, drugged intensity, he pays the price for his indulgence by producing work -- Allen Ginsberg's `` Howl '' is a striking example of this tendency -- that is disoriented, Dionysian but without depth and without Apollonian control.
If a vaulter achieves a miss on their first attempt at a height, they can pass to the next height, but they will only have two attempts at that height, as they will be out once they achieve three consecutive misses.
If the theory of quantum gravity also achieves a grand unification of the other known interactions, it is referred to as a theory of everything ( TOE ).
If a bottle neck communication link offering data rate R is shared by " N " active users ( with at least one data packet in queue ), every user typically achieves a throughput of approximately R / N, if fair queuing best-effort communication is assumed.
If the system has some other mechanism for per-process address spaces, such as a segment register, copying the entire process memory to the new process achieves the desired effect, however this is a costly operation and most likely unneeded given that the new process almost immediately replaces the process image in most instances.
If on the count of primary or first preference votes ( votes marked with the number ' 1 '), no candidate achieves more than 50 % of the vote, the candidate with the fewest votes is excluded and their votes distributed according to the next available preferences, their 2nd or third choice candidate.
If the player achieves a Major Victory both in Britain and in Moscow, he or she is allowed to invade Washington.
If the target diameters of the two clusters are known, a clustering that achieves those targets may be found by solving a 2-satisfiability instance.
If the company achieves predetermined sales, earnings or profitability goals, the investors receive an additional dividend.
If he achieves both milestones, he will be the first man in Venezuelan baseball history to reach both marks.
If the substrings in question are long, this algorithm achieves great savings compared with many other hashing schemes.
If he achieves this first, he will be readmitted to Heaven.
If we can solve for then we can find from it a control that achieves the minimum cost.
If a Marine achieves the qualification of expert multiple times consecutively, an additional " rung " is added to the appropriate badge denoting the number of consecutive awards.
* Decision: If neither wrestler achieves either a fall or technical superiority, the wrestler who scored more points during the period is declared the winner of that period.
If Selene only drains the victim's life force partially, she achieves a measure of psychic control over her victim's mind, thereby subverting them to her will.
If this orb is destroyed in a chain, the player achieves Fever status for the next several seconds.
If he is not found, he achieves freedom on his own and successfully sponsors a bill where all mutants are sent to re-education camps where they will be brutally educated to not use their powers.
If Team Jack's Mannequin achieves this goal, they will have raised half a million dollars for the Light the Night Walk.
If the procedure achieves the desired results, when the patient sleeps and the tongue relaxes, it will no longer be able to block the airway.
If the thesis grade is an A ( 94 %) or A-( 90 %), then the student achieves honors in major and receives an honorable mention in the annual university awards ceremony.

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