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If and Party
" If the remainder of the Conservative Party could muster the electoral support necessary to form a government, then Disraeli was now guaranteed high office.
If the Soviet leadership had the power to appoint regional officials, they had the indirect power to elect the delegates of the Party Congresses.
If the right wing wants a fight, they are going to get it ... before I end up, either this Republican Party will reflect progressivism or I won't be with them anymore.
If less than two years after his election, Somoza Garcia, defying the Conservative Party, declared his intention to stay in power beyond his presidential term.
If passed, this would have given a government the power to introduce a bill proposing to ban the Communist Party.
If Zhao was unable to turn things around rapidly, a showdown with the Party conservatives would be all but inevitable.
At the 2005 Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner ( typically a satirical event ), Layton sent up himself and his party, playing guitar and singing three songs ; " Party for Sale or Rent " ( to the tune of " King of the Road "), a re-worked version of " Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out " with different humorous lyrics, and " If I Had Another $ 4. 6 Billion ".
* Video section of the website of the British Conservative Party, where " You Can Get It If You Really Want " was used as a campaign song
If the party vote for the Māori Party had been more in proportion with the constituency seats won, there would have been a normal 120-member house.
If you know a Liberal Party that is not listed, you are encouraged to add it.
If it failed, it would be a failure only for the Party militants.
When asked in a 2001 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary on the resurgence of the PC Party if he would ever consider running for the PC leadership, MacKay quipped, " If there's one thing I've learned in politics it's ' never say never.
He would be responsible for the greatest wound the Party has received since it was a Party ... If the Bill were now withdrawn, the whole present difficulty in our Party would be gone ".
If on the occasion of a conflict of the nature mentioned in Article 2, or at a time when neither of the Contracting Parties is engaged in warlike operations, a coalition is formed between third Powers with a view to the economic or financial boycott of either of the Contracting Parties, the other Contracting Party undertakes not to adhere to such coalition.
" If there are atheists and infidels in the Socialist Party, it is not the fault of Socialism.
The breakaway Scottish Labour Party considered recruiting him, but its leader Jim Sillars said: " If we have that chap in he'll be taking time away from me on the box ".
If you know a Socialist Party that is not listed, you are encouraged to add it.
Season two's " It's My Party And You'll Die If I Want You To " featured Freddy attacking a high school prom date who stood him up twenty years earlier.
The ethnic minority communities were initially very unpopular with the white British population of Smethwick, prompting the election of Conservative Party Member of Parliament ( MP ) Peter Griffiths at the 1964 general election, in which the Labour Party MP was unseated following the campaign slogan " If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour " by his supporters.
The quantity and accessibility of the minigames was lauded by GameSpot, although the reviewer Ryan Davis proceeded to note " If you bought Mario Party 4 last year, Mario Party 5 is hard to recommend.

If and chose
If, as she walked, her steps fumbled from time to time, she chose to ignore that omen.
If she chose, and in that final decision discarded, what, above all, all of us value, life itself, must she not have risen to her fullest height, and transcending her murky self, felt at last the passion of a great moral decision??
If the Politburo indeed chose the Central Committee membership, various factions would have arisen.
If the expert was correct, 78 % of the participants chose the expert's opinion again, as opposed to 57 % doing so when the expert was wrong.
If the producers chose to reformat the entire show for the 16: 9 ratio, live-action footage would have to be recropped, widening the frame to the full width of the 35 mm negatives while reducing its height.
If the Champion were to grow disinterested in his pursuits and chose not to continue them, he could potentially die as a result, although since Death decreed no Elder could ever enter its realm, this may no longer be true.
If he chose to, he could turn his original nomen into an additional cognomen that followed his newly gained names.
If this difference, D, is positive then chose otherwise.
In a 1968 article, Garner explained why he chose to set The Weirdstone of Brisingamen in a real landscape rather than in a fictional realm, remarking that " If we are in Eldorado, and we find a mandrake, then OK, so it's a mandrake: in Eldorado anything goes.
If the half bet rule were being used, then that raise would count as a genuine raise and the first player would be entitled to re-raise if he chose to ( creating a side pot for the amount of his re-raise and the third player's call, if any ).
If they chose the blue book, it was their own choice and he could feel reasonably secure he was not offending anyone.
If sites chose to carry the group, which most did, all of Serdar Argic's messages were removed from all newsgroups.
* If Northern Ireland chose to withdraw, a Boundary Commission would be constituted to draw the boundary between the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland.
If the player chose the dark path, the game ends with Katarn becoming the new Emperor ; if the player chose the light side, the game concludes with Katarn being reunited with Ors and carving a monument to his dead father.
If families chose their home school as their first choice, they were guaranteed that school ; otherwise they were entered into a lottery that gave available spaces in overenrolled schools.
If bacteria that had overcome their own inability to consume lactose passed on this " learned " trait to future generations, it could be argued as a form of Lamarckism ; though Cairns later chose to distance himself from such a position.
If they chose to respond in kind and attack the remaining Soviet missile fleet, there would be little to respond with if the Soviets immediately launched against US cities.
And if the success of the revolution demands a temporary limitation on the working of this or that democratic principle, then it would be criminal to refrain from such a limitation ... The revolutionary proletariat might limit the political rights of the higher classes ... If in a burst of revolutionary enthusiasm the people chose a very fine parliament ... then we would make of it a long parliament ; and if the elections turned out unsuccessfully then we would have to try to disperse it.
If a woman chose to forgo nursing her own child she could visit the Columna Lactaria (" Milk Column "), where poor parents could obtain milk for their infants as charity from wet nurses, and those who could afford it could choose to hire a wet nurse.
If the contribution to the IRA was nondeductible or the IRA owner chose not to claim a deduction for the contribution, distributions of those nondeductible amounts are tax and penalty free.
If Daigorō chose the ball, his father would kill him, sending Daigorō to be with his mother ; however, the child crawls toward the sword and reaches for its hilt.
If James chose a straight mate, James would win nothing and the mate would win $ 25, 000.
If an individual chose to do so, they were invited to mail their sigils to a central location where the magical energy in them could be used to enhance each other.

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