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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and UN
If the Hessian troops sent here willy-nilly by the Hessian Government to fight for England in the 1770's were mercenaries, what shall we call the UN troops sent to the Congo willy-nilly by their governments to fight for the United Nations??
On October 7, Cuban President Osvaldo Dorticós spoke at the UN General Assembly: " If ... we are attacked, we will defend ourselves.
He is still seeking greater autonomy from China, although Dolma Gyari, deputy speaker of the parliament-in-exile has stated " If the middle path fails in the short term, we will be forced to opt for complete independence or selfdetermination as per the UN charter ".
If I had the money I'd send a copy to every delegate at the UN.
If the claim is recognised by the UN then Argentina will gain the rights to the commercial exploitation of the sea bed ( which includes mining and oil drilling ).
If the Sudanese government did not do so or if it interfered with humanitarian efforts, the Act authorized the President of the U. S. to seek a UN Security Council resolution for an arms embargo and to actively seek other financial and diplomatic methods to influence the conduct of the Sudanese Government.
If the private sector due to the monopoly tendencies of the market ( preferring solutions that do work ) there might luckily be one final and widely used implementation guideline of the final UN / CEFACT specifications.
In 2001, Dmitriy Rogozin proposed moving the headquarters to St. Petersburg due to America's failure to pay its dues to the UN, saying " If the position of the Americans does not change and if as a result the international civil servants working in New York feel ever more uncomfortable, I think we will raise the question of moving the central UN headquarters to the ' Venice of the North ,' St. Petersburg ," During the period where the UN was facing delays in its efforts to refurbish its existing buildings, alternative sites considered as temporary sites also included the World Trade Center site being proposed as a new permanent facility.
If a nation does not register with the UN as recognizing the Kellogg-Briand Pact, even if the nation had signed it, the UN cannot hold a claimed violation of the Kellogg-Briand Pact to be a violation of international law ( according to its own Charter, Article 102 ).
According to Charles Duelfer, after the bombing the Iraqi ambassador to the UN told him, " If we had known that was all you would do, we would have ended the inspections long ago.
A new economics movement has been building since the UN conference on the environment in 1972, and the publication that year of Only One Earth, The Limits to Growth, and Blueprint For Survival, followed in 1973 by Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered.
If there are no qualified candidates other than the one who built the UN, the civilization with the next highest population is put on the ballot.
If all sources of electronic waste are tallied, it could total 50 million tons a year worldwide, according to the UN Environment Programme.
" If we compromise, we weaken the UN and our own credibility in building this new world order ," I said.
If word got out that all the gold stolen during the war was still in the base, other counties the world over would be fighting over themselves to get it first, so Jackie is to be sent out to locate the base and acquire the gold for the UN.
If used to transport dangerous goods across international boundaries, they may need to have UN certification.
If the UN doesn ’ t make sure companies displaying its logos abide by the rules, such initiatives become entirely meaningless.
If NATO wishes to continue with its air strikes then it will have to kill the UN troops here on the ground, because we have positioned UN troops and observers around potential targets that NATO might decide to go for.
In 2008, Heffer called for the United Nations to be strengthened :: " If the UN ceases to be regarded by the larger powers as a institution to secure the peace of the world and justice therein, then that holds out all sorts of potential dangers.
JW MacNaughton, the Director of Military Operations and Plans, stated that “ he considered it unlikely that peacekeepers would get used in any combat capacity, so he expected the UN would ask for military advisers and not the standby battalion Canada had readily available for UN service .” When Dag Hammarskjold received the offer to send the Canadian Brigade to the Congo he refused stating that “ If outside help was required to resolve the developing crisis, they preferred non-African states to be used as a last resort .” The United Nations did not wish to turn the Congo Crisis into a Cold War proxy war and so tried to pick peacekeepers from neutral countries.

If and troops
If Polybius is correct in his figure for the number of troops he commanded after the crossing of the Rhone, this would suggest that he had lost almost half of his force.
If a general was awarded a triumph by the emperor, he would march with a token number of his troops.
If his host was suffering from pestilence, and if troops arrived from the east, we can understand that Attila was forced to withdraw.
:" If ( Egyptian ) troops come this year, lands and princes will remain to the king, my lord ; but if troops come not, these lands and princes will not remain to the king, my lord.
If enough Union troops filled the breach quickly enough and drove into the Confederate rear area, the Confederates would not be able to muster enough force to drive them out, and Petersburg might fall.
If a slope was available, troops were deployed along the rear side for protection.
If the corps maintained its schedule, the troops would advance as much as and have the majority of the ridge under control by 1: 00 pm of the first day.
If a town were overcome by besieging troops, all women of priestly stock found in it are ineligible be married to priests or to remain married to priests, but if they had witnesses, even a slave, or even a bondswoman, these may be believed.
If a battle Thrawn planned could not be won, Thrawn preferred not to waste troops and equipment in futile displays of power ; he would withdraw and adjust his plans.
If so, he must have been sorely disappointed ; while the entire Province of Ulster and most of the Province of Connacht failed to provide the High King with troops, they did not, with the exception of a single ruler in Ulster, provide support for Máel Morda either.
If you do, ask Đính to send more troops — and do it quickly because after taking the palace you will be made a general.
Đình told them fresh troops were needed in the capital, opining that " If we move reserves into the city, the Americans will be angry.
If you do, ask Đính to send more troops — and do it quickly because after taking the palace you will be made a general.
" If I owe this triumph to the valour of my troops … you also contributed to it no less by your steadfast daring, by your sage counsel and by your remarkable foresight.
If Mannerheim had not also firmly refused to let his troops participate in the Siege of Leningrad, they would have ended up becoming an integral part of the siege.
If hostages are taken in cases of resistance to government troops, shoot the hostages without mercy.
If the troops remain, trouble is sure to come.
If the crew was not well-trained then the risk of the projectile killing friendly troops or even the crew itself existed.
When royalist troops deployed to stop the march of Napoleon's force at Lyon, Napoleon stepped out in front of them, ripped open his coat and said “ If any of you will shoot your Emperor, shoot him now .” The men all joined his cause.
" Gage himself wrote after the Powder Alarm, " If force is to be used at length, it must be a considerable one, and foreign troops must be hired, for to begin with small numbers will encourage resistance, and not terrify ; and will in the end cost more blood and treasure.
If Darius were to reach the Gulf of Issus he could use the support from the Persian fleet under Pharnabazus still operating in the Mediterranean Sea, thus easing his supply and possibly landing troops behind the enemy.

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