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Page "mystery" ¶ 850
from Brown Corpus
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If and acting
If there is much current, or the vessel is moving while dropping the anchor, it may " kite " or " skate " over the bottom due to the large fluke area acting as a sail or wing.
In addition to acting and occasionally directing, Campbell has become a writer, starting with an autobiography, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor published on August 24, 2002.
If someone decides to donate to help orphan children, but decides to donate less, say, to black children out of a racist attitude, he or she will be acting in a discriminatory way even the people he discriminates against are actually benefitted by having some money donated to them.
If the judiciary decides in favor of the government because the country is secular, they would be considered to be Muslim individuals acting under compelling circumstances.
If a bishop, especially one acting as an ordinary – a head of a diocese or archdiocese – is to be ordained, three bishops must usually co-consecrate him with one bishop, usually an archbishop or the bishop of the place, being the chief consecrating prelate.
If F is the only force acting on the system, the system is called a simple harmonic oscillator, and it undergoes simple harmonic motion: sinusoidal oscillations about the equilibrium point, with a constant amplitude and a constant frequency ( which does not depend on the amplitude ).
# If G is any group acting smoothly on the manifold M, then it acts on the vector fields, and the vector space of vector fields fixed by the group is closed under the Lie bracket and therefore also forms a Lie algebra.
If the local court is actually giving extraterritorial effect to a foreign law, it is less than sovereign and so acting in a way that is potentially unconstitutional.
If this occurs, then the vice president will assume the presidential powers and duties as acting president ; however, the president can declare that no such inability exists and resume the discharge of the presidential powers and duties.
If the offices of president and vice president both are either vacant or have a disabled holder of that office, the next officer in the presidential line of succession, the Speaker of the House, becomes acting president.
If the prime minister is declared permanently incapacitated, or that period expires, the President of Israel oversees the process of assembling a new governing coalition, and in the meantime the acting prime minister or other incumbent minister is appointed by the Cabinet to serve as Interim Prime Minister.
If there is no acting president of the senate, the powers of the president of the republic are exercised by the " Gouvernement ", meaning the Cabinet.
If the system is left at rest at the equilibrium position then there is no net force acting on the mass.
If the center of gravity exists outside the foundations, then the body is unstable because there is a torque acting: any small disturbance will cause the body to fall or topple.
If, as the writer believes Schiller, various private cases of action were available in satisfying commercial needs, the state was acting in exactly the same fashion as it does at the present day .”
If multiple torques are acting on the body, it is instead the net torque which determines the rate of change of the angular momentum:
If John wins a 1-in-1, 000, 000, 000 lottery game, you would not immediately be tempted to think that John ( or someone acting on his behalf ) cheated.
If, however, John won three consecutive 1-in-1, 000 lotteries, you would immediately be tempted to think that John ( or someone acting on his behalf ) cheated.
* Uniformity of process across time and space: If a past phenomenon can be understood as the result of a process now acting in time and space, do not invent an extinct or unknown cause as its explanation.
If evidence is simultaneously used to update belief over a set of exclusive and exhaustive propositions, Bayesian inference may be thought of as acting on this belief distribution as a whole.
If the central office is not convinced that such a message is truly sent from an authorized source, acting on such a request could be a grave mistake.
If he ceased to " retain the support of a majority in Dáil Éireann ," the president, along with his cabinet, was obliged to resign, but could continue to serve as acting president until the appointment of a successor.
If they then appear to be acting in the interests of those parties that funded them, it could be considered corruption.

If and captain
If you want to spend another day in the State Department -- another day -- you get in there and tell that captain what I told you ''.
If the square-leg umpire elects to stand at point, he is required to inform both the batsmen, the captain of the fielding team, and his colleague.
If either a commander or lieutenant commander have screened for and are in command of a naval vessel or installation, they are called " captain ", as the commanding officer of any warship is entitled to be, regardless of rank, and casually referred to as " the skipper ".
" If some one came to me this evening ," it ran, " and told me that I should be killed to-morrow as captain of Uhlans, while hewing down Frenchmen, I should be perfectly happy.
He served as the captain on one of the teams on the UK version of Hole in the Wall on the first series of the program and as a captain of one of the teams in the third episode and the final of Sing If You Can.
If there is an odd number of players, the captain of the short team gains the use of an additional army ( minus castle and royalty ) so that each side remains even.
If a bowler runs on the protected area, an umpire will issue a warning to the bowler and to his team captain.
If there is more than one roller available the captain of the batting side shall have the choice.
If the team chooses to not appoint a captain, they are not permitted to appoint a fourth alternate captain.
If Everton win the toss before kick-off the captain traditionally elects to play towards the Gwladys Street End in the second half.
In fact, he stated that, " If ever there was a cricket match between England and the rest of the world and the fate of England depended upon its result, I would pick Jardine as England captain every time.
If any batsman leaves the field of play without the Umpire's consent for any reason other than injury or incapacity, he may resume the innings only with the consent of the opposing captain.
If a batsman is seeking to dominate the current bowler, the captain may ask someone else to bowl ; alternatively, keeping the bowler on may be deemed the best chance of getting the batsman out or restricting the scoring rate.
If the regular bowlers are not achieving the desired results, the captain may decide to use non-regular bowlers to attempt to unsettle the batsmen.
If a wicket falls near the end of a day's play, especially if the light is failing, or if the bowlers seem particularly confident, the captain may choose to send in a non-specialist batsman, referred to as a nightwatchman.
If the captain of the batting team feels that his team has amassed a sufficiently large score, he, or the batsmen at the crease deputising for him,
If the pitch is soft or dusty, the captain will tend to select more spin bowlers ; if the pitch is hard, the choice tends to favour fast bowlers at the expense of spinners.
If an umpire is unsure whether permission was given, they can consult with the other umpire and with the fielding captain.
If no batsman has set foot on the field when the appeal is made, the batting captain may pick any player who has not yet batted as the one to be given out.
The Middlesbrough club fanzine Fly me to the Moon is named after a quote about Mowbray from ex-Middlesbrough manager Bruce Rioch – “ If I had to fly to the moon I'd take Tony Mowbray, my captain, with me.
If the team captain is recruited, his or her team will disband ; any characters from that team that were not recruited will join a team led by Bowser Jr. Another way to recruit characters is by a mercy win ; if either team is leading by at least 10 runs at the end of an inning, the game is called out of mercy to the losing team.
If the officer conducting the proceeding is either a captain, or a lower ranking officer ( typically a commander or lieutenant commander ) serving as commanding officer of a naval or coast guard vessel, an aviation squadron, or similar command afloat or ashore, then the proceeding is referred to as a captain's mast.

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