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If and ball
If it's true that contented cows give more milk, why shouldn't happy ball players produce more base hits??
If a batter reaches first base because of offensive interference by a preceding runner ( including if a preceding runner is hit by a batted ball ), he is also credited with a hit.
If the fielder bobbles the ball, the runner may still tag up, even before the fielder has full control of the ball ( before the fielder is credited with a putout ).
If the ball is dead on the pitch run on, such as from a foul ball ( except caught fly-out ), the steal is not allowed and the runner returns to his time-of-pitch base.
* If the third baseman fields a ball and throws it to first, it is recorded as a 5 – 3 out.
* Corollary If X is a Banach space, then X is reflexive if and only if X ′ is reflexive, which is the case if and only if its unit ball is compact in the weak topology.
If the ball has left the field along the sidelines, the referee must decide which team touched the ball last, and award a restart stroke to the opposing team, just like football's throw-in.
If the ball socket were too tight, the ink did not reach the paper.
If the ball has a rough surface, the fluid flowing past it will make it rotate.
If the player either hits the ball through the correct hoop (" runs " the hoop ), or hits another ball ( a " roquet "), the turn continues.
If a non-poison ball roquets a poison ball, the standard roqueting options apply, but if a poison ball travels through a wicket or hits a stake for any reason, it forfeits and is eliminated from the game.
If the hoop is the hoop in order for the striker ’ s ball, the striker earns a bonus stroke.
If a team fails to gain ten yards in two downs they usually punt the ball on third down or try to kick a field goal ( see below ), depending on their position on the field.
* If the defence scores on a safety ( bringing the ball down in the offence's own end zone ), they have the right to claim possession.
* If one team kicks the ball ; the other team has the right to recover the ball and attempt a return.
If a kicked ball goes out of bounds, or the kicking team scores a single or field goal as a result of the kick, the other team likewise gets possession.
* If the offence attempts a forward pass and it is intercepted by the defence ; the defence takes possession immediately ( and may try to advance the ball on the play ).
* If the offence fumbles ( a ball carrier drops the football, or has it dislodged by an opponent, or if the intended player fails to catch a lateral pass or a snap from centre, or a kick attempt is blocked by an opponent ), the ball may be recovered ( and advanced ) by either team.

If and hits
# If the beat on the new record hits before the beat on the current record then the new record is too fast, reduce the pitch and manually slow the speed of the new record to bring the beats back in sync.
# If the beat on the new record hits after the beat on the current record then the new record is too slow, increase the pitch and manually increase the speed of the new record to bring the beats back in sync.
If the shooter " hits " the point value again ( any value of the dice that sum to the point will do ; the shooter doesn't have to exactly repeat the value combination of the come-out roll ) before rolling a seven, the Pass line wins and a new round starts, usually with the dice staying with the current shooter.
If the ball hits the upright above the cross-bar before going through, it is not considered a dead ball, and the points are scored.
If the player concentrates on hearing the ma between each hit, in addition to the hits themselves, he or she will create a much more effective and satisfying sound.
In 1997 Enya released her greatest hits collection, Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya, again a top five smash in the UK and Germany, which featured two new songs: " Paint the Sky with Stars " and " Only If ..."; " Only If ..." later became a single.
The song is included on Dixon's 1992 greatest hits album ( If ) I'm A Ham, Well You're A Sausage.
If the cannon fires its ball with a low initial velocity, the trajectory of the ball curves downward and hits the ground ( A ).
Twain had further hits from the album, including the title track which peaked at No. 14 and three additional No. 1 hits: "( If You're Not in it for Love ) I'm Outta Here!
If the ball hits the net but lands in the service box, this is a let or net service, which is void, and the server retakes that serve.
If the ball hits the net on the first serve and bounces over into the correct diagonal box then it is called a " let " and the server gets two more additional serves to get it in.
If the ball hits the line, the ball is counted as in.
If sufficient hits are dealt, the defender may go unconscious, but death seldom results purely from concussion hit damage.
If a contestant hits four Whammies, that contestant is eliminated from the game.
If a contestant hits a total of four Whammies at any point in the game, that contestant is automatically eliminated from the game.
If the head hits the disk's surface, a catastrophic head crash can result.
* If a defending player hits the sliotar wide, a 45-metre puck is awarded to the opposition ( in hurling, it is a 65-metre puck )
If there are less than two batters out and runners on 1st and 2nd bases and the batter hits a pop fly in the infield, the batter is automatically out to prevent unfair play by the fielders.

If and foul
If the pass is received by a non-eligible receiver, the penalty for the foul " illegal touching " is assessed ( the play is treated as an incomplete pass, unless the ball is downed behind the line of scrimmage — in either case a down is lost ).
If an ineligible receiver is beyond the neutral zone when a forward pass which crosses the neutral zone is thrown, a foul of " ineligible receiver downfield " ( penalty — a loss of yardage, but not loss of down ) is called.
If he throws the ball away while still in the pocket then a foul called " intentional grounding " is assessed.
If an ' extreme ' foul is committed, such as physical contact or unsportsmanlike behavior, a player may receive a 10 minute penalty or even a match misconduct.
If the competitor starts the leap with any part of the foot past the foul line, the jump is declared a foul and no distance is recorded.
If the pole used by the athlete dislodges the bar from the uprights, a foul attempt is ruled, even if the athlete themselves has cleared the height.
If the vaulter fails to begin an attempt within this time, the vaulter is charged with a time foul and the attempt is a miss.
Objecting to Caen's twist on the term, Allen Ginsberg wrote to the New York Times to deplore " the foul word beatnik ," commenting, " If beatniks and not illuminated Beat poets overrun this country, they will have been created not by Kerouac but by industries of mass communication which continue to brainwash man.
If, on the first or second good ball, a ball is hit into the foul ground, or the ball is hit but no running occurs, it is considered a ' dead ' ball and the batter or runners may not advance.
If a goaltender commits a foul, another player who was on the ice at the time of the penalty serves.
" If someone complains of a foul odor, you can be sure an Arab stooge is about to enter a scene.
If violent northeasterly wind and wave conditions make the anchorages hazardous, a foul weather anchorage is available west of the 70 m ( 230 ft ) high Cape Kaliakra east-northeast of Varna.
If a batted ball were hit on the fly into foul territory, with the batting team having no runner ( s ) on base, and a fielder misplayed such ball for an error, it is possible for a team on the winning side of a perfect game to commit at least one error, yet still qualify as a perfect game.
* If the puck leaves the table, a foul is called on the player that caused the puck to go out of play due to offensive motion and the opposing player gets possession of the puck.
If a host believes a topic is " foul ", he could threw a yellow football penalty flag and / or blow a whistle.
If an athlete leaves a mark in the plasticine, it is considered proof that the jump was a foul and the attempt is not measured.
If another umpire leaves the infield to cover a potential play in foul ground or in the outfield, then the plate umpire may move to cover a potential play near second or third base.
If the penalty is minor, referees award an advantage puck-the team that committed the foul is pushed back 3 metres from the puck, while the other team gets free possession.
If predators know that the Pipevine Swallowtail has a foul taste, they are unlikely to eat it and also unlikely to eat the Spicebush Swallowtail.
If you are contacting them, I do not condone death threats or foul language.
* If a television match official ( TMO, or video referee ) has been appointed, the referee may ask for advice before deciding whether to award a try, but under current protocols the TMO may only advise on whether the ball was properly grounded, on whether the ball or ball-carrier went into touch or touch-in-goal in the act of scoring ; and on any foul play that may have occurred.
If the fly ball is near the foul lines, the umpire is to declare " infield fly, if fair.

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