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If and cluster
If we cluster together, the redcoats can make an advantage out of it, but there's not a blessed thing they can do with two or three of us except chase us, and we can outrun them ''.
* If the word ends in a consonant cluster, only the final consonant counts.
If a B-tree cluster contains only 1 value, it is the minimum, black, and has two child pointers.
If a cluster contains 3 values, then the central value will be black and each value stored on its sides will be red.
If values are stored by reference, e. g. objects, null references can be used and so the cluster can be represented by a vector containing 3 slots for value pointers plus 4 slots for child references in the tree.
Powell then said there was " the Hispanic factor ": " If we could gather together all the anxieties for the future which in Britain cluster around race relations ... and then attribute them, translated into Hispanic terms, to the Americans, we would have something of the phobias which haunt the United States and addressed itself to the aftermath of the Falklands campaign ".
If a member of the United States Army or Air Force earns multiple awards of the same medal, then instead of wearing a ribbon or medal for each award, he or she wears one metal representation of an " oak leaf cluster " attached to the appropriate ribbon for each subsequent award.
If the binary fraction is 50 %, the total cluster population would be at least 300 individual stars.
If the true spatial extent of activation, that is the spread of the cluster of voxels simultaneously active, matches the width of the filter used, this process improves the signal-to-noise ratio.
If enacted, it would prevent Australia from using, manufacturing or possessing cluster munitions.
If removing a ring produces a cluster of one or more rings, called an island, with a marble on each ring in the cluster, all of these rings are also removed, and the player whose move created the island captures all the marbles on it.
If the node that is currently directly accessing the file system crashes then the CFS mount fails over to the other node that is directly connected to the disk and the cluster now accesses the file system via that node.
If the cluster implements process migration a single root view enables direct accesses to the files from the node where the process is currently running.
If the member receives a sixth award, a silver oak leaf cluster replaces the four bronze oak leaf clusters.
If the member receives additional awards, more bronze oak leaf clusters are added until a total of four bronze oak leaf clusters are accumulated to equal 10 awards and another silver oak leaf cluster is added repeating the process, i. e. OLC award number 11
If it is too cold, they cluster together to generate body heat.
If sufficient high-quality creative producers begin to naturally cluster together, such as in Brighton, England, during the 1990s, the perception of a place can be radically changed ( see Porter's cluster ).
If the vacuum is degenerate and we have a mixed state, the cluster decomposition property fails.
If the Falluja cluster were included, the mortality estimate would increase to 150 % over pre-invasion rates ( 95 % CI: 1. 6 to 4. 2 ).
If they are unstressed and before a double consonant or a consonant cluster, or in the word's final unstressed syllable, then they are always short and transliterated as short.
If a nearby cluster of galaxies is used to calibrate the Tully-Fisher relation, and then that relation is applied to a distant cluster, the distance to the farther cluster will be systematically underestimated.

If and contains
* The Lusternik Schnirelmann theorem: If the sphere S < sup > n </ sup > is covered by n + 1 open sets, then one of these sets contains a pair ( x, − x ) of antipodal points.
If the tree contains data, we can simply simultaneously store it in a consecutive array in preorder.
If the cord is twisted up tightly on itself and then the bucket is released, it begins to spin rapidly, not only with respect to the experimenter, but also in relation to the water it contains.
In the words of Henry Chadwick, " If the Consolation contains nothing distinctively Christian, it is also relevant that it contains nothing specifically pagan either ... is a work written by a Platonist who is also a Christian, but is not a Christian work.
If the ideals A and B of R are coprime, then AB = A ∩ B ; furthermore, if C is a third ideal such that A contains BC, then A contains C. The Chinese remainder theorem is an important statement about coprime ideals.
If each pixel on the display actually contains three rectangular subpixels of red, green, and blue, in that fixed order, then things on the screen that are smaller than one full pixel in size can be rendered by lighting only one or two of the subpixels.
If the sheet contains regions where the number of atoms in a ring is different from six, while the total number of atoms remains the same, a topological defect has formed.
If the frame contains areas where nothing has moved, the system simply issues a short command that copies that part of the previous frame, bit-for-bit, into the next one.
If both copies are damaged, the Purkinje layer ( a part of the cerebellum that contains better-connected neurons than any other ) develops abnormally, runting is more common, and pups die within weeks due to inadequate lung development.
If neither A nor B includes the idea of existence, then " some A are B " simply adjoins A to B. Conversely, if A or B do include the idea of existence in the way that " triangle " contains the idea " three angles equal to two right angles ", then " A exists " is automatically true, and we have an ontological proof of A's existence.
If a project plan contains a significant portion of LOE, and the LOE is intermixed with discrete effort, EVM results will be contaminated.
If an explosive molecule contains just enough oxygen to convert all of its carbon to carbon dioxide, all of its hydrogen to water, and all of its metal to metal oxide with no excess, the molecule is said to have a zero oxygen balance.
If a map contains a reducible configuration, then the map can be reduced to a smaller map.
If the packet contains options, this field contains the option type of the next option.
# If V is a set of strings then V * is defined as the smallest superset of V that contains λ ( the empty string ) and is closed under the string concatenation operation.
The inscription on his tomb contains Persian words penned which state: اگرفردوس روی زمین است همین است و همین است و همین است ( If there is a paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this!
If the picture contains an area of the same color, it can be compressed without loss by saying " 200 red dots " instead of " red dot, red dot, ...( 197 more times )..., red dot.
If each group contains less than half the population, then some of the population is exactly equal to the median.
If S contains two elements that are not pairwise orthogonal ( in particular, the set of all quantum states includes such pairs ) then an argument like that given above shows that the answer is no.
If each additional layer contains less oil, the final painting will crack and peel.
# If he contains and sustains all things, would he not be existence itself?
If it is made from durum wheat, the pasta contains protein and gluten.

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