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Page "fiction" ¶ 209
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and bastard
Captain Manning was heard to scream, " If any of those bastard Huns come up, lads, hit ' em with an oar!
If both died here that would leave only Feyd-Rautha's bastard daughter, still a baby, an unknown, an unmeasured factor, and Alia, the abomination.
* Licence to Kill ( 1989 )-voice of DEA agent in pre-title sequence " If they hurry, they might just be able to grab the bastard " and the hands on the map while this the line is being said ( uncredited )
If we go down that bastard Barnes goes down with us.
" As Wright and Wright put it, ‘ If one cannot prove natal legitimacy, one may be cast out as a bastard.

If and could
If she did, he could stand it better in the light.
If I could make myself feel the same way
If you tell him I made a pass at you he might think you misunderstood something I said or did, so instead of just telling him I made a pass, say I tried to date you and that you agreed so you could prove to him what a louse I really am.
If it were not that I knew who it was I could have mistaken it for my Aunt so well did her clothes fit him.
If we were creating a wholly new society, we could insist that our social, political, economic and philosophic institutions foster rather than hamper man ; ;
If you had screamed right there in the street where we stood, I could not have felt more fear.
If Robinson was a liar and a slanderer, he was also a very canny gentleman, for nothing that Pike could do would pry so much as a single word out of him.
If Woodruff could not furnish a strong explanation, the governor insisted that he lower his prices in accord with the scale printed in The Advocate.
If an atom bomb in 1945 could destroy an entire city surely the atomic arsenal we now have is more than adequate to fulfill any military objective required of it.
If only this could be done more often -- with such heartening results -- many of the earth's `` big problems '' would shrink to the insignificances they really are.
If only Simms Purdew could do that, whatever the thing he remembered and told.
If there is time after the warning, the basement shielding could be improved substantially by blocking windows with bricks, dirt, books, magazines, or other heavy material.
If launched in a careful but determined way within the next few weeks, the Peace Corps could have several hundred persons in training this summer for placement next fall.
If we stop thinking in terms of tremendous multimegaton nuclear weapons and consider employing much smaller nuclear weapons which may be more appropriate for most important military targets, it would seem that the B-52 or B-70 could carry a great many small nuclear weapons.
If we could use all the small airfields we have in this country, we could disperse our strategic aircraft by a factor of 10 or more.
If notched for the battens, they would require more work, be weakened and limber holes would have to be bored so that bilge water could flow through.
`` If I could only think of something at the studio, near me, to absorb his boundless energy '', I said.
If only state funds were used to pay for the vocational education, it could be argued that the state should not have to bear the cost of vocational training which would benefit employers in other states.
If it could be shown that judgments of good and bad were not judgments at all, that they asserted nothing true or false, but merely expressed emotions like `` Hurrah '' or `` Fiddlesticks '', then these wayward judgments would cease from troubling and weary heads could be at rest.
If, however, the figure to be discerned were complicated, composed of several interlocking subfigures, and so on, even the tracing process failed him, and he could not focus even relatively simple shapes among its parts.
If they opted for illusion, it could only be illusion per se -- an illusion of depth, and of relief, so general and abstracted as to exclude the representation of individual objects.
If you look at a reading meant for someone else, you will probably see that many of the items could be considered as applicable to you, even when you were not in the picture at all!!

If and write
If you do decide to write, you will soon become acquainted with rejection slips and dejection.
Let ( m, n ) be a pair of amicable numbers with m < n, and write m = gM and n = gN where g is the greatest common divisor of m and n. If M and N are both coprime to g and square free then the pair ( m, n ) is said to be regular, otherwise it is called irregular or exotic.
If the location specified is incorrect, this will cause the computer to write the data to some other part of the program.
If we write an n-by-n matrix in terms of its column vectors
If he did write or dictate, it was perhaps as an aid to memory or because he lacked confidence in his ability to produce poems extempore, as trained rhapsodes could do.
If they choose not to, they must write one research paper.
If any of them divides evenly, write 2 at the top of the table and the result of division by 2 of each factor in the space to the right of each factor and below the 2.
Unification Church member Kristopher Esplin told Reuters what is normally done if the word is seen in media sources: " If it's printed in newspapers, we will respond, write to the editor, that sort of thing.
If we assume that E ( t ) is made up of two colors at frequencies ω < sub > 1 </ sub > and ω < sub > 2 </ sub >, we can write E ( t ) as
If there are some who prepare for fighting in our group, please write to me immediately .”.
If A is a directed set, we often write a net from A to X in the form ( x < sub > α </ sub >), which expresses the fact that the element α in A is mapped to the element x < sub > α </ sub > in X.
If ( x < sub > α </ sub >) is a net in the topological space X, and x is an element of X, we say that the net converges towards x or has limit x and write
If we consider the difference between the new state and the old state to be the state change over one moment of time, then we can state that the time derivative of is given by this difference, we can write:
If a write is concurrent with the read then any value can be returned ( for example, if a variable had value 5 and was being changed to 6 during the read, the read function could return 8 ).
" If Deaf people learn to read and write in their own signing system, that increases their self-esteem ", says Dianne Parkhurst.
If we write this statement as
⟨ H ⟩, be the group generated by H. Then the word problem in H < sup >*</ sup > is solvable: given two words h, k in the generators H of H < sup >*</ sup >, write them as words in X and compare them using the solution to the word problem in G. It is easy to think that this demonstrates a uniform solution the word problem for the class K ( say ) of finitely generated groups that can be embedded in G. If this were the case the non-existence of a universal solvable word problem group would follow easily from Boone-Rogers.
O ' Hanlon suggested she write to The Sun, a prominent New York City newspaper at the time, assuring her that " If you see it in The Sun, it's so.
If the management ethos is to reward the number of bugs fixed, then some developers may quickly write sloppy code knowing they can fix the bugs later and be rewarded for it, whereas careful, perhaps " slower " developers do not get rewarded for the bugs that were never there.
If g is large and b is small so that the angle is not negligible one can write the integral for the on-axis case ( P < sub > 1 </ sub > is at the center of the shadow ) as ( see ):
If one pursues this heuristic, one might expect the total number of ways to write a large even integer n as the sum of two odd primes to be roughly
If η is a natural transformation from F to G, we also write or.
If a user changed disks without manually rereading the disk directory the system would write on the new disk using the old disk's directory information, ruining the data stored on the disk.
If they did record their output, they would exhaust the limited computer memories available then, and so the computer's ability to read and write numbers.

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