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If and death
If life and death did not both present themselves to us, there would be no inscrutability.
If goodness and badness lie in attitudes only and hence are brought into being by them, those men who greeted death and misery with childishly merry laughter are taking the only sensible line.
If this aspect of death as punishment is not distinguished from the idea of death as natural termination, the conclusion seems inevitable that temporal existence itself is a form of punishment rather than the state into which man is put by the will of the Creator.
If death receives more than its share of attention from the theologian and if sin receives less than its share, the gift of the life eternal through Christ begins to look like the divinely appointed means of rescue from temporal, i.e., created, existence.
If ADH production is excessive in heart failure, Na < sup >+</ sup > level in the plasma may fall ( hyponatremia ), and this is a sign of increased risk of death in heart failure patients.
If the individual is seeking death an alternate method is often suicide by cop.
If Time Out of Mind was his death album — it wasn't, but you know how people talk — this is his immortality album.
If proteins in a living cell are denatured, this results in disruption of cell activity and possibly cell death.
If there was no life after death, then the person would not be alive to suffer, fear or worry ; he would be non-existent in death.
If this is true, Eusebius ' birth must have been before Dionysius ' death in autumn 264 ; most modern scholars date the birth to some point in the five years between 260 and 265.
If Luke was only a sometime companion of Paul who idealized him long after his death, that could explain the differences between Acts and Paul's letter.
If severe or prolonged it could lead to cell death.
If he doesn't have any money to pay with, he will be put to death.
* If a builder builds a house, and that house collapses and kills the owner's son, the builder's son will be put to death.
* If a robber is caught breaking a hole into the house so that he can get in and steal, he will be put to death in front of that hole.
If severe, death may result.
If the death is found to be non-violent, an inquest is unnecessary.
" Similarly, after the death by dehydration of Verity Linn, whose body was found in a tent with little but a sleeping bag, her clothing, and one of Jasmuheen's books, Jasmuheen wrote " If you haven't found the light that will nourish you, you may have the intention to become a breatharian, but in fact you may be putting yourself through food deprivation.
If found, punishments ranged from death, to time in the pillory, to being ordered never to dress as a man again.
If true, this points to Johann Gutenberg about a decade after Coster's death.
The " diamond problem " ( sometimes referred to as the " deadly diamond of death ") is an ambiguity that arises when two classes B and C inherit from A, and class D inherits from both B and C. If D calls a method defined in A ( and does not override the method ), and B and C have overridden that method differently, then from which class does it inherit: B, or C?
If he attempted to return, the penalty was death.

If and 362
If the landlord has already obtained a judgment of possession prior to the bankruptcy case being filed, a Debtor must deposit an escrow for rent with the Bankruptcy Court, and the stay may be lifted if the Debtor does not pay the Landlord in full within 30 days thereafter, § 362 ( b )( 22 ).
A Mad Magazine cover parody on regular issue # 362, October 1997 shows a gun being pointed at a virtual pet and the line " If you don't buy this magazine, we'll kill this virtual pet!

If and BC
If the Byzantines adopted the crescent and star as a symbol of their city after the events of the mid 4th century BC, one is forced to wonder why they waited several hundred years before putting the symbol on only some of their coins.
If the ideals A and B of R are coprime, then AB = A ∩ B ; furthermore, if C is a third ideal such that A contains BC, then A contains C. The Chinese remainder theorem is an important statement about coprime ideals.
If battle was refused by the defender, they would generally retreat to their city, in which case the attackers generally had to content themselves with ravaging the surrounding countryside, since siegecraft was not efficient, at least until the 5th century BC.
Furthermore, the Mohist philosophical canon of the Mojing, compiled by the followers of Mozi ( c. 470-c. 390 BC ), provides the earliest known attempt to describe inertia: " The cessation of motion is due to the opposing force ... If there is no opposing force ... the motion will never stop.
If Hezekiah expected the Egyptians to come to his aid, they did not come, and Hezekiah had to face the invasion of Judah by Sennacherib () in the 4th year of Sennacherib ( 701 BC ).
If her connection to Rhodopis ( see below ) is accepted as historical, it indicates that she lived into the mid-6th century BC.
If this is true, Lucretius must have been dead by 54 BC.
If true, then Romulus and Remus would have been born in the year 771 BC, and have begun the founding of Rome at the age of 18.
If this is true it refers not to its capture in the Second Punic War ( 211 BC ) but to its submission to Rome in 338 BC, placing the date of foundation at about 600 BC, while Etruscan power was at its highest.
If this had occurred it would be dated at 256 or 257 BC.
If, however, the starting place is 814 BC, measuring back 143 or 144 years does not agree with this Biblical date.
If these 22 years are measured back from 814 BC, they fall short of the 841 date required for Balazeros ’ s tribute to Shalmaneser.
If this is the case, that influence and presumably Nefertiti's own life would have ended by year 3 of Tutankhaten's reign ( 1331 BC ).
The converse is also true: If points D, E and F are chosen on BC, AC and AB respectively so that
If Tiye died soon after Year 12 of Akhenaten's reign ( 1338 BC ), this would place her birth around 1398 BC, her marriage to Amenhotep III at the age of eleven or twelve, and her becoming a widow at the age of forty-eight to forty-nine.
If the statement in the life of Terence by Suetonius is correct and the reading sound, Caecilius's judgment was so esteemed that he was ordered to hear Terence's Andria ( exhibited 166 BC ) read and to pronounce an opinion upon it.
If this were the case, it would be difficult to place Cassius ' birth much earlier than 540 or 535 BC.
If Neoclassical painting suffered from a lack of ancient models, Neoclassical sculpture tended to suffer from an excess of them, although examples of actual Greek sculpture of the " classical period " beginning in about 500 BC were then very few ; the most highly regarded works were mostly Roman copies.
If this were true, one of those periods should have ended at the beginning of the exile in 587 BC.
If that had been the case, then we should have expected that 587 BC, when the exile began, would have been at the end of a Jubilee period.
If counting is measured back 17 cycles from Ezekiel's Jubilee that began in Tishri of 574 BC, the first year of the first cycle would have been 1406 BC.

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