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If and member
`` If there was collusion between an outside murderer and a member of the household it would be an elementary precaution to check on the door later.
If the object point be infinitely distant, all rays received by the first member of the system are parallel, and their intersections, after traversing the system, vary according to their perpendicular height of incidence, i. e. their distance from the axis.
If x is a member of A, then it is also said that x belongs to A, or that x is in A.
* If the metric space X is compact and an open cover of X is given, then there exists a number such that every subset of X of diameter < δ is contained in some member of the cover.
If a " positive list " approach were taken, only species evaluated and approved for the positive list would be permitted in trade, thus lightening the review burden for member states and the Secretariat, and also preventing inadvertent legal trade threats to poorly known species.
* Overrunning clutch or freewheel: If some external force makes the driven member rotate faster than the driver, the clutch effectively disengages.
If the driving member rotates in the direction that would unwind the spring the spring expands minutely and slips although with some drag.
If one member ran away or married into another household or died, the rest of family continued to be responsible for the tax obligation of the family unit.
If no election is to take place within 120 days of the vacancy then the district chairman is to call together the members of the district and they are to elect a member who will serve until the next town election.
To avoid debates about the possibility of in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, or cloning, the original Darwin Awards book applied the following " deserted island " test to potential winners: If the person were unable to reproduce when stranded on a deserted island with a fertile member of the opposite sex, he or she would be considered sterile.
If a planet orbits one member of a binary star system, then an uppercase letter for the star will be followed by a lowercase letter for the planet.
If any member of the offensive team is downed while in possession of the ball behind his own team's goal line, this is called a safety and scores two points for the defensive team.
If the board of directors has judged that a member bank is performing or behaving poorly, it will report this to the Board of Governors.
A bureau chief stated, " If any member had been excluded it would have been the same thing, it has nothing to do with Fox or the White House or the substance of the issues ".
If Philip II Augustus supported Philip of Swabia, member of the House of Hohenstaufen, then Richard Lionheart supported Otto IV, member of the House of Welf.
If a member of the executive committee quits or dies, the other four members appoint his or her replacement.
Pei's background in architecture was seen as a considerable asset ; one member of the committee told him: " If you know how to build you should also know how to destroy.
If Justus was a member of the second group of missionaries, then he arrived with a gift of books and " all things which were needed for worship and the ministry of the Church ".
Unification Church member Kristopher Esplin told Reuters what is normally done if the word is seen in media sources: " If it's printed in newspapers, we will respond, write to the editor, that sort of thing.
* If baptism is a sign that a person is a member of God's covenant community, and if the children of believers are members of that community, it follows that the children of believers should receive the sign that they are members of God's covenant community by being baptized, as an infant is entitled to a passport that indicates the child as a member of a particular country.
If a person elected prime minister is neither a member of the Lok Sabha nor Rajya Sabha, then he must become a member of the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha within six months.
If the members of the task group agree that the name is appropriate, it can be retained for use when there is a request from a member of the scientific community that a specific feature be named.

If and expresses
If A is a directed set, we often write a net from A to X in the form ( x < sub > α </ sub >), which expresses the fact that the element α in A is mapped to the element x < sub > α </ sub > in X.
Haupt's critical work is distinguished by a combination of the most painstaking investigation with bold conjecture ; his oft-cited dictum that " If the sense requires it, I am prepared to write Constantinopolitanus where the MSS have the monosyllabic interjection o " well expresses this boldness.
If the and are real numbers, a more elegant proof is available: the identity expresses the fact that the absolute value of the product of two quaternions is equal to the product of their absolute values, in the same way that the Brahmagupta – Fibonacci two-square identity does for complex numbers.
If the domain is the set of all real numbers, the following second-order sentence expresses the least upper bound property:
: If a solid body is enclosed on all sides by another solid body, of the two bodies that one first became hard which, in the mutual contact, expresses on its own surface the properties of the other surface.
If one expresses oneself in a particular fashion, and someone says " that's true ", is there anything useful at all that can be said in general terms about the relationship between these two acts?
As she expresses it,If you don ’ t like the way the world is, you have an obligation to change it.
If expresses on other sectors are included, there was a period in the early 1990s when British Rail operated more 100 mph services per day than any other country.
If expresses the given curve then r = α ( θ ) ± d expresses the conchoid.
If symbolic, it is probably taking up the Biblical language found in Amos 5: 27, " therefore I shall take you into exile beyond Damascus "; Damascus was part of Israel under King David, and the Damascus Document expresses an eschatalogical hope of the restoration of a Davidic monarchy.
" If Not Now When " expresses anger against those claim they want positive change but are too apathetic to act.

If and repentance
If he does teshuva ( repentance ), i. e. he ceases his forbidden actions, regrets what he has done, apologizes to God, and makes a binding resolution never to repeat those actions, he is seen to be forgiven by God.
If one's actions, deeds, faith or anything initiated by him are worth nil in the eyes of God and if the human being cannot influence his eventual final depository in any manner by himself, then what is the point of repentance and living according to God's will?
2: 25 -- " If God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth.
If it would content itself with preaching repentance to drunkards and adulterers one might be willing to respect it as a religious revival method which knows how to confront the sinner with God.
" If ye two turn in repentance to Him, your hearts are indeed so inclined ; but if ye back up each other against him, truly Allah is his Protector ( Maula ), and Gabriel, and ( every ) righteous one among those who believe ― and furthermore, the angels ― will back ( him ) up.

If and abides
If someone is ( or is suspected to be ) a citizen or soldier of a nation which has signed or abides by the Fourth Geneva Convention ( see Art.
If we let them rotate at the speed of about an axis then each unit vector of the rotating coordinate system abides by the following equation:
Aetius states in theses 4: “ If the Deity remains everlastingly in ingenerate nature, and the offspring is everlastinglingy offspring, then the perverse doctrine of “ homousion ” and the “ homoiousion ” will be demolished ; incomparability in essence is established when each nature abides unceasingly in the proper rank of its nature 10 .” Aetius also spends a lot of time in these theses ’ outlining that ingeneration is not a privation.

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