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If and force
If he condemns the recent or the present, he condemns the past with no less force.
If the Dominican Republic achieves free, democratic government, it will be due in large part to the U.S. show of force that enabled President Balaguer to prevent a threatened restoration of Trujillo dictatorship.
If they also defeat the school bill, the GOP task force won't have much research to do.
If we fail to develop the means to hunt down and destroy the enemy's military force with extreme care and precision, and if war comes in spite of our most ardent desires for peace, our choice of alternatives will be truly frightening.
If the force required to remove the coatings is plotted against film thickness, a graph as illustrated schematically in Fig. 5 may characteristically result.
If the cutting force, Af, is plotted against film thickness, a straight line should result passing through the origin and having slope Af.
If under the existing system he could not assemble forces quickly enough to intercept mobile Viking raiders, the obvious answer was to have a standing field force.
If the net force on some body is directed always toward some fixed point, the center, then there is no torque on the body with respect to the center, and so the angular momentum of the body about the center is constant.
" ... To this he said: " If that is so you will one day be a force.
If you cannot change your own life, it must be that some greater force controls the world.
* Overrunning clutch or freewheel: If some external force makes the driven member rotate faster than the driver, the clutch effectively disengages.
If the column load is gradually increased, a condition is reached in which the straight form of equilibrium becomes so-called neutral equilibrium, and a small lateral force will produce a deflection that does not disappear and the column remains in this slightly bent form when the lateral force is removed.
If the missile starts to roll, the gyroscopic force of the disk drives the control surface into the airflow, cancelling the motion.
If objects are seen as moving within a rotating frame, this movement results in another fictitious force, the Coriolis force ; and if the rate of rotation of the frame is changing, a third fictitious force, the Euler force is experienced.
If this acceleration is multiplied by the particle mass, the leading term is the centripetal force and the negative of the second term related to angular acceleration is sometimes called the Euler force.
LINE SIX: RAF, If in the royal Air force.
If a similar ball is charged by the same glass rod, it is found to repel the first: the charge acts to force the two balls apart.
If one asks an expert for the rules he or she is using, one will, in effect, force the expert to regress to the level of a beginner and state the rules learned in school.
If it exists, the graviton is expected to be massless ( because the gravitational force appears to have unlimited range ) and must be a spin 2 boson.
If we live on a brane ( as hypothesized by some theorists ) this " leakage " of gravitons from the brane into higher-dimensional space could explain why gravitation is such a weak force, and gravitons from other branes adjacent to our own could provide a potential explanation for dark matter.

If and depends
Theorem: If K < sub > 1 </ sub > and K < sub > 2 </ sub > are the complexity functions relative to description languages L < sub > 1 </ sub > and L < sub > 2 </ sub >, then there is a constant c – which depends only on the languages L < sub > 1 </ sub > and L < sub > 2 </ sub > chosen – such that
* If the operation is associative, ( ab ) c = a ( bc ), then the value depends only on the tuple ( a, b, c ).
* If the operation is commutative, ab = ba, then the value depends only on
If F ( r ) represents gravity, it is a negative term proportional to 1 / r < sup > 2 </ sup >, so the net acceleration in r in the rotating frame depends on a difference of reciprocal square and reciprocal cube terms, which are in balance in a circular orbit but otherwise typically not.
If the XML document depends on parsable external entities ( including the specified external subset, or parsable external entities declared in the internal subset ), it should assert in its XML declaration.
If the partition is removed, some molecules of A move towards the region occupied by B, their number depends on the number of molecules at the point considered.
If the diffusion coefficient is not a constant, but depends upon the coordinate and / or concentration, Fick's Second Law yields
If there is more than one allograph of a unit of writing, and the choice between them depends on context or on the preference of the author, they now have to be treated as separate glyphs, because mechanical arrangements have to be available to differentiate between them and to print whichever of them is required.
If the input feature vectors have very high dimension, the learning problem can be difficult even if the true function only depends on a small number of those features.
If successful, these effort could usher in a new era of neural computing that is a step beyond digital computing, because it depends on learning rather than programming and because it is fundamentally analog rather than digital even though the first instantiations may in fact be with CMOS digital devices.
If the Euler-Lagrange equations are solved for this system, it is found that the motion depends on two constants and ( each related to a constant of motion ).
If, however, there is no quantifier, the variable is called free, and the truth-value of the proposition depends on the value of the variable.
If this susceptibility itself depends upon the electric field, one can obtain a nonlinear optical effect of magneto-optical parametric generation ( somewhat analogous to a Pockels effect whose strength is controlled by the applied magnetic field ).
If this depends on the polarization states of the waves, then their polarization may also be altered.
If a probability distribution depends on a parameter, one may on the one hand consider — for a given value of the parameter — the probability ( density ) of the different outcomes, and on the other hand consider — for a given outcome — the probability ( density ) this outcome has occurred for different values of the parameter.
If a rule depends not only on a single symbol but also on its neighbours, it is termed a context-sensitive L-system.
* If the inferior power is in an aggressive position, however, and / or turns to tactics prohibited by the laws of war ( jus in bello ), its success depends on the superior power's refraining from like tactics.
If x and y are vectors, then the best linear approximation to the graph of f depends on how f changes in several directions at once.
If security depends on keeping that secret, then disclosure leads to major logistic difficulties in developing, testing, and distributing implementations of a new algorithm: it is " brittle.
If this project is in a family for which this applies, Help: Interlanguage link demo may demonstrate what is explained below ( this depends on whether the same language codes are used ).
* If he rolls an 11 or 12, the result depends on the main:
If the resistance of the absorbing element depends on the electron temperature, then the resistance can be used as a thermometer of the electron system.
If a shared library that an executable depends on is deleted, moved, or renamed, or if an incompatible version of the library is copied to a place that is earlier in the search, the executable would fail to load.
If the chain complex depends on the object X in a covariant manner ( meaning that any morphism X → Y induces a morphism from the chain complex of X to the chain complex of Y ), then the H < sub > n </ sub > are covariant functors from the category that X belongs to into the category of abelian groups ( or modules ).

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