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If and throw
If you got too many people investing by this method, their operations would begin to affect stock prices, and thus throw the charts off.
If it fails to pass, he can throw up his hands and say the Legislature would not support him in his efforts to prevent integration.
If he begins to run too soon, the pitcher may throw to a base rather than to home — in this case, the runner is picked off, and will most likely be tagged out.
* " If a wolf is after your sleigh throw him a raisin cookie — but don't stop to bake him a cake.
If a throw lands out of bounds, unless defined by the hole, the thrower has the option of playing from the previous lie, or playing from the approximate spot where the disc crossed into the out-of-bound territory.
If a grappler is strong and can utilize leverage well, a takedown or throw itself can be a form of dix ; the impact can render an opponent unconscious.
* If a man wants to throw his son out of the house, he has to go before a judge and say, " I don't want my son to live in my house any more.
If the reasons are not good, the man can't throw his son out.
The valuation of the Koh-i-Noor is given in the legend that one of Nader Shah's consorts supposedly said, " If a strong man should take five stones, and throw one north, one south, one east, and one west, and the last straight up into the air, and the space between filled with gold and gems, that would equal the value of the Koh-i-noor.
When Franz Halder, the Chief of the Army General Staff, heard of the state of the Kriegsmarine, and its plan for the invasion, he noted in his diary, on 28 July 1940, " If that plan is true, all previous statements by the navy were so much rubbish and we can throw away the whole plan of invasion ".
If a manager decides that his client wrestler should tap out, but cannot convince the wrestler himself to do so, he may throw in the towel ( literally taking a gym towel and hurling it into the referee's line of sight ); this is the same as a submission, as the manager is, in kayfabe, considered the wrestlers agent, and therefore, authorized to make formal decisions ( such as forfeiting a match ) on the client's behalf.
If he claimed the throne, he would throw the country into yet another series of wars, and if he failed, he would be sacrificing everyone and everything he knew.
If both players choose the same gesture, the game is tied and the players throw again.
If a fault has lineations formed by movement on the plane, e. g. ; slickensides, this is recorded as a lineation, with a rake, and annotated as to the indication of throw on the fault.
He was known to greet citizens walking by his office on the White House tour by saying to them, " If you look on me as a wild animal, be kind enough to throw peanuts at me.
If the opponent is adjusting to the drive serve, the server will throw in any variety of jam serves.
If the device stops responding, active monitoring will throw an alarm showing the device as unavailable and allows for the proactive correction of the problem.
If a yokozuna is defeated by a lower ranked wrestler, it is common and expected for audience members to throw their seat cushions into the ring ( and onto the wrestlers ), though this practice is technically prohibited.
He allegedly declared, " If the hat on my head knew what I was thinking, I would pull it off and throw it away.
If you throw a ball straight up into the air, you can predict with certainty what its general behavior will be.
If one wanted to predict exactly how high a thrown ball would rise or exactly where and when it would hit the ground, it would be necessary to make a detailed calculation based on precise information about the ball, the altitude, the wind, and the force of the initial throw.
Willard said, " If he was going to throw the fight, I wish he'd done it sooner.
If you throw it up with your hands, it sends a flaming furrow through the sky like a star.
If a runner leaves the base before a fly ball, pop fly, or line drive is touched or contacts the ground, the defense can throw the ball to that base, and if the base is tagged before the runner returns, the runner is out as well, resulting in a double play.
If you intentionally throw away a winning hand, a " magician " appears and replaces the losing result with a hand that pays the predetermined amount.

If and is
If the circumstances are faced frankly it is not reasonable to expect this to be true.
If his dancers are sometimes made to look as if they might be creatures from Mars, this is consistent with his intention of placing them in the orbit of another world, a world in which they are freed of their pedestrian identities.
If a work is divided into several large segments, a last-minute drawing of random numbers may determine the order of the segments for any particular performance.
If they avoid the use of the pungent, outlawed four-letter word it is because it is taboo ; ;
If Wilhelm Reich is the Moses who has led them out of the Egypt of sexual slavery, Dylan Thomas is the poet who offers them the Dionysian dialectic of justification for their indulgence in liquor, marijuana, sex, and jazz.
If he is the child of nothingness, if he is the predestined victim of an age of atomic wars, then he will consult only his own organic needs and go beyond good and evil.
If it is an honest feeling, then why should she not yield to it??
If he thus achieves a lyrical, dreamlike, drugged intensity, he pays the price for his indulgence by producing work -- Allen Ginsberg's `` Howl '' is a striking example of this tendency -- that is disoriented, Dionysian but without depth and without Apollonian control.
If love reflects the nature of man, as Ortega Y Gasset believes, if the person in love betrays decisively what he is by his behavior in love, then the writers of the beat generation are creating a new literary genre.
If he is good, he may not be legal ; ;
If the man on the sidewalk is surprised at this question, it has served as an exclamation.
If the existent form is to be retained new factors that reinforce it must be introduced into the situation.
If we remove ourselves for a moment from our time and our infatuation with mental disease, isn't there something absurd about a hero in a novel who is defeated by his infantile neurosis??
If many of the characters in contemporary novels appear to be the bloodless relations of characters in a case history it is because the novelist is often forgetful today that those things that we call character manifest themselves in surface behavior, that the ego is still the executive agency of personality, and that all we know of personality must be discerned through the ego.
If he is a traditionalist, he is an eclectic traditionalist.
If our sincerity is granted, and it is granted, the discrepancy can only be explained by the fact that we have come to believe hearsay and legend about ourselves in preference to an understanding gained by earnest self-examination.
If to be innocent is to be helpless, then I had been -- as are we all -- helpless at the start.

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