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Page "editorial" ¶ 995
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and practice
If we are born of God we do not practice sin as a habit.
If a distinction is to be made between divination and fortune-telling, divination has a formal or ritual and often social character, usually in a religious context, as seen in traditional African medicine ; while fortune-telling is a more everyday practice for personal purposes.
If he used the same practice in Norway, Thule is at least the entire northwest coast of Norway from Trondheim to the Lofoten Islands.
If there is, such as in some denominations of Wicca, it is a particular of the denomination in question, and not a universal practice.
President Hugo Chávez has repeatedly expressed his disapproval of the practice of kidnapping stating on 14 April that, " If I were a guerrilla, I wouldn't have the need to hold a woman, a man who aren't soldiers ... Free the civilians who don't have anything to do with the war.
If a load is connected to the secondary winding, the load current and voltage will be in the directions indicated, given the primary current and voltage in the directions indicated ( each will be alternating current in practice ).
If I keep this oath faithfully, may I enjoy my life and practice my art, respected by all humanity and in all times ; but if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my life.
If the budget does not allow for two identical UPS units then it is common practice to plug one power supply into mains power and the other into the UPS.
The practice of magic was banned in the Roman world, and the Codex Theodosianus states: If any wizard therefore or person imbued with magical contamination who is called by custom of the people a magician ... should be apprehended in my retinue, or in that of the Caesar, he shall not escape punishment and torture by the protection of his rank.
If a yokozuna is defeated by a lower ranked wrestler, it is common and expected for audience members to throw their seat cushions into the ring ( and onto the wrestlers ), though this practice is technically prohibited.
If there was any distinction between toun ( fortified municipality ) and burgh ( unfortified municipality ) as claimed by some, it did not last in practice as burghs and touns developed.
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz writes that " If the Bible is the cornerstone of Judaism, then the Talmud is the central pillar ... No other work has had a comparable influence on the theory and practice of Jewish life, shaping influence on the theory and practice of Jewish life " and states:
If the Justice Department or federal court rejects a request for Preclearance, the jurisdiction may continue the prior voting practice or may adopt a substitute and seek Preclearance for it.
If the jurisdiction implements a voting change before the Justice Department denies Preclearance in contravention of the Act, the jurisdiction must return to the pre-existing practice or enact a different change.
If not already part of a group medical practice, physicians may contract with an independent practice association ( IPA ), which in turn contracts with the HMO.
* If a singular noun ends with an s-sound ( spelled with-s ,-se, for example ), practice varies as to whether to add or the apostrophe alone.
If modeled on the practice of using dictionaries, there would be no circle in an illustration of the activity of looking up a word whose entry provides a definition in terms of that word ( or in terms of another word defined in terms of this word ).
If the ancient Israelite kingdoms followed the practice of other west-Semitic kingdoms, the kings themselves would have been buried within the city walls, underneath the royal palace.
If, however, a convert comes from a Christian confession that baptizes in the name of Jesus ( such as Oneness Pentecostals ), from one which practices an invalid, non-Trinitarian baptism ( such as Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses ) or from one that does not practice baptism at all ( such as Quakers or The Salvation Army ), baptism is a prerequisite for chrismation-an initiate must always be validly baptized into the death of Jesus in the name of the Holy Trinity before any further holy mysteries or sacraments of initiation can be administered.
If the tandem team does not practice this, then they often reserve this type of start for when they are faced with a bridge or hill.
If they want to practice, they can head out on the field to try their hand at attempting or defending penalty kicks.
If the boxer is just a beginner, a minimal training routine might consist of learning how to hit the heavy bag, the speed bag, and the double end bag ( a small bag with a cord on top and bottom connecting it to the floor and ceiling ) as well as doing shadowboxing in front of a mirror, skipping rope, calisthenics and jogging every day, as well as an occasional practice bout inside the ring ( sparring ).

If and should
If it is an honest feeling, then why should she not yield to it??
If `` Jack the Courtier '' is really to be taken as Swift, the following remark is obviously Steele's comment on Swift's change of parties and its effect on their friendship: `` I assure you, dear Jack, when I first found out such an Allay in you, as makes you of so malleable a Constitution, that you may be worked into any Form an Artificer pleases, I foresaw I should not enjoy your Favour much longer ''.
If Gorton wanted peace and quiet for his complicated meditations this is where he should have had it.
If the historian was convinced of his own correctness, then he should not allow his vision to become fogged by disturbing facts.
If he can't play with Mommy's magazines, he should have some old numbers of his own.
If the German people favor such a settlement we should not oppose Germany following the example of Austria.
`` If the day should ever come that foreign invaders swarm ashore along the Gulf Coast '', the account reads, `` they can count on heavy opposition from a group of commando-trained telephone employees -- all girls.
`` If William agrees, we should insist on a public debate '', he said at length.
If they are used, the walls and roof should be 10 inches thick to give the same protection as the 8-inch solid concrete blocks.
-- If there are outside windows in the basement corner where you build a shelter, they should be shielded as shown in the Appendix, page 29.
If we sit here reading editorials and looking at public-opinion polls and other reports that cross our desks, we should realize that this is raw, undigested opinion expressed in the absence of leadership.
If you elect to use the Standard Deduction or the Tax Table, and later find you should have itemized your deductions, you may do so by filing an amended return within the time prescribed for filing a claim for refund.
If your computation on Form 1040 or Form 1040A shows you owe additional tax, it should be remitted with your return unless you owe less than $1, in which case it is forgiven.
If payment is by cash, you should ask for a receipt.
If you file a Form 1040, you should indicate in the place provided that there is an overpayment of tax and the amount you want refunded and the amount you want credited against your estimated tax.
If you have neither a legal residence nor a principal place of business in any Internal Revenue district, your return should be filed with the District Director of Internal Revenue, Baltimore 2, Md..
If your principal place of abode for the tax year is outside the United States ( including Alaska and Hawaii ), Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands and you have no legal residence or principal place of business in any Internal Revenue district in the United States, you should file your return with the Office of International Operations, Internal Revenue Service, Washington 25, D.C..
If, for some reason such as economy, we are not going to develop aircraft nuclear propulsion with a sense of national urgency, then we should turn our effort to developing jet engines with a thrust-to-weight ratio of 12 or 15 to one.
If the site is on a reservoir, the level of the water at various seasons as it affects recreation should be studied.
If it is possible for an enemy to put an atomic bomb on a city, it should be equally possible to put a cloud of biological agent over that city.
If adjectival meanings show relatively low retentiveness of stems, as I am confident will prove to be the case in most languages of the world, why should our basic lists include 15 per cent of these unstable forms, but only 8 per cent of animals and plants which replace much more slowly??
If of the founders of glottochronology Swadesh has escaped our steady plodding, and Lees has repudiated his own share in the founding, that is no reason why we should swerve.
If only state funds were used to pay for the vocational education, it could be argued that the state should not have to bear the cost of vocational training which would benefit employers in other states.
If people don't want to provide public education, should they be forced to do so??

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