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Some Related Sentences

If and threefold
If a person is baptized in extremis ( i. e., when in fear of immediate death ), only the actual threefold immersion together with the scriptural words () may be performed by a layperson or deacon.

If and division
If organized as a division then the top manager is often known as an Executive Vice President ( for example, Todd Bradley who heads the Personal Systems Group in Hewlett Packard ).
If the corporate President is not the COO ( such as Richard Parsons of Time Warner from 1995 – 2001 ), then many division heads report directly to the CEO themselves, with the President taking on special assignments from the CEO.
The best known example is the ring of quaternions H. If we allow only rational instead of real coefficients in the constructions of the quaternions, we obtain another division ring.
If implemented using remainders of Euclidean division rather than subtractions, Euclid's algorithm computes the GCD of large numbers efficiently: it never requires more division steps than five times the number of digits ( base 10 ) of the smaller integer.
If R is a Euclidean domain in which euclidean division is given algorithmically ( as is the case for instance when R = F where F is a field, or when R is the ring of Gaussian integers ), then greatest common divisors can be computed using a form of the Euclidean algorithm based on the division procedure.
If an isomorphism can be found from a relatively unknown part of mathematics into some well studied division of mathematics, where many theorems are already proved, and many methods are already available to find answers, then the function can be used to map whole problems out of unfamiliar territory over to " solid ground " where the problem is easier to understand and work with.
If time is the responsible factor, it may be possible to delay cell division in clones, giving time for proper reprogramming to occur.
If any of them divides evenly, write 2 at the top of the table and the result of division by 2 of each factor in the space to the right of each factor and below the 2.
If these genes are not expressed, the cell cycle does not continue, effectively inhibiting cell division.
If the chromosome pairs fail to separate properly during cell division, the egg or sperm may end up with a second copy of one of the chromosomes.
If the division simply " gave " them away at cost as part of a system purchase, they would never have a real budget of their own.
If she did not remarry, she lived on in her husband's house and, when the children had grown up, took a child's share in the division of his estate.
If so, the IGWG will invite representatives from the affected FBI division, other federal agencies ( if appropriate ), the affected United States Attorney's office, and IGWG member agencies to meet and further review the case.
* If a module is simple, then its endomorphism ring is a division ring ( this is sometimes called Schur's lemma ).
If there is a repeat division winner, a wild card team will qualify for the play-offs.
If I am not the best man in the heavyweight division, I don't want the title.
If a federal or provincial law has been held contrary to the division of power provisions of one of the various constitution acts, the legislature or parliament must either live with the result, amend the law so that it complies, or obtain an amendment to the constitution.
If there was no veto, and the matter was of a significant nature, there was usually a physical division of the house, where senators voted by taking a place on either side of the chamber.
If they had been allowed to take our mule-train, they could have kept the whole cavalry division supplied.
If only a few of the mtDNA copies inherited from the mother are defective, mitochondrial division may cause most of the defective copies to end up in just one of the new mitochondria ( for more detailed inheritance patterns, see Human mitochondrial genetics ).
If time is the basis for house division, a difference must be made for whether the houses are based on invariant equal hours ( each house represents 2 hours of the sun's apparent movement each day ) or temporal hours ( daytime and night-time divided into six equal parts, but here the temporal hours will vary according to season and latitude.
If space is the basis for house division, the chosen plane is divided into equal arcs of 30 ° each.

If and costs
If the farm is in an industrial area where wages are high, farm labor costs will also be high.
If the culture supports it, perhaps the economic discipline of the Lancaster school can reduce costs even further.
If the revenue the firm is receiving is greater than its total variable cost ( R > VC ) then the firm is covering all variable cost plus there is additional revenue (" contribution "), which can be applied to fixed costs.
If the firm decides to operate, the firm will continue to produce where marginal revenue equals marginal costs because these conditions insure not only profit maximization ( loss minimization ) but also maximum contribution.
If other products are brought inside along with pests and diseases, it would damage the ecosystem seriously and add millions of costs in the local agricultural businesses.
If employers were to choose to maintain operations in South Korea, there is a possibility that they might incur higher costs in retraining or upgrading the skills of this group of middle-age workers.
If, however, a full truckload of a product is ordered to reduce transportation costs, there will be an increase in inventory holding costs which may increase total logistics costs.
If an SSTO vehicle were combined with reliable systems and lower maintenance design of a more automated nature, it could greatly reduce operational costs.
If the fixed costs were, say, $ 1000 per month for rent, insurance and owner's salary, the company could therefore sell 5 coaches per month for a total of $ 3000 ( priced at $ 600 each ), or 10 coaches for a total of $ 4500 ( priced at $ 450 each ), and make a profit of $ 500 in both cases.
If a prisoner qualifies, a state may allow compassionate early release to avoid high costs associated with organ transplants.
If ontological commitment is thought of as a matter of the ontological costs of a theory, then it is possible that a sentence may be ontologically committed to an entity even though competent speakers of the language do not recognize the sentence as asserting the existence of that entity.
If instead, we take the opposite extreme, and assume all consumers come from the producers ' group, and also assume their only purchasing power comes from the wages earned in production and the product costs their whole wage, then the graph looks radically different.
Commercial director Duncan Reid of Ingenious explains the business savvy of the deal, saying, " If you're paying a small distribution fee and covering your own marketing costs, you enjoy the lion's share of the proceeds of the album.
If they failed, the provincial government could carry out the necessary measures and charge the costs to the landowner or municipality.
If calls are time-metered, the duration of the connection incurs costs.
If there exist external costs such as pollution, the good will be overproduced by a competitive market, as the producer does not take into account the external costs when producing the good.
If a commercial company were able to be more efficient, costs could come down significantly.
If this approach is unsuccessful, we have the power to carry out the work needed ourselves and recover our costs.
If inventory with a historical cost of $ 100 is sold for $ 115 when it costs $ 110 to replace it, the profit recorded would be $ 5 only based on replacement cost, not $ 15 ;
If no arrangements are made by the owner of such animal for payment of such costs of seizure and impoundment or the removal of such animal from the city, within a period of five days, then such peace officer may arrange for such animal to be destroyed in a humane manner.
This comprehensive study indicating, among other things, that transport deregulation reduced distribution costs in the United States from about 14 % of gross domestic product to under 11 % ( If this measure is selected, current dollar savings can be calculated by multiplying current GDP by @ 3 %).< sup > in article </ sup >

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