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Page "Satires (Juvenal)" ¶ 74
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If and twice
If it were not for the effect of destructive agencies, sawtimber growth would have been nearly twice as great as the 47 billion board feet in 1952.
If we have five problems whose solution we seek in relatively united fashion, then there are twice as many issues which, I judge, sharply divide us, intergroup relations practitioners and lay people.
If, for example, a string sounds the note C when plucked, a string twice as long will sound the same note an octave lower.
If the first team misses twice, the other team is awarded the opportunity to place the jack anywhere they choose within the prescribed zone.
If a player rolls two of the same number, called doubles, that player must play each die twice.
If we draw an ellipse twice as long as it is wide, and draw the circle centered at the ellipse's center with diameter equal to the ellipse's longer axis, then on any line parallel to the shorter axis the length within the circle is twice the length within the ellipse.
If objects are new from moment to moment so that one can never touch the same object twice, then each object must dissolve and be generated continually momentarily and an object is a harmony between a building up and a tearing down.
If the registered amount exceeded 10, 000 Derrik, he or she would receive an amount of twice as much.
If it is less than twice the
If an organism lives half as long as others of its species, but has twice as many offspring surviving to adulthood, its genes will become more common in the adult population of the next generation.
If rotations are also considered distinct, then the pentominoes from the first category count eightfold, the ones from the next three categories ( T, U, V, W, Z ) count fourfold, I counts twice, and X counts only once.
If the hypotenuse is twice as long, so are the sides.
* If all clubs involved have played each other twice:
If the ball contacts the front wall so low as to bounce twice before it reaches the service line it is called a " kill " shot.
If a simple pendulum is suspended from the cusp of an inverted cycloid, such that the " string " is constrained between the adjacent arcs of the cycloid, and the pendulum's length is equal to that of half the arc length of the cycloid ( i. e. twice the diameter of the generating circle ), the bob of the pendulum also traces a cycloid path.
If this happened, Labor would have an effective 33 – 31 margin, would be able to pass supply if that was still an issue, and also could pass electoral redistribution laws ( which had been passed by the House, though twice defeated by the Senate ) that would give it an advantage at the next election.
If the satellite is more than twice as dense as the primary, as can easily be the case for a rocky moon orbiting a gas giant, then the Roche limit will be inside the primary and hence not relevant.
If the interest is credited once, at the end of the year, the value is $ 2. 00 ; but if the interest is computed and added twice in the year, the $ 1 is multiplied by 1. 5 twice, yielding $ 1. 00 × 1. 5² = $ 2. 25.
If the House twice passes the same bill, and the Senate twice fails to pass that bill ( either through rejection or through the passage of unacceptable amendments ), then the Governor-General may dissolve both Houses of Parliament simultaneously and call an election for the entire Parliament.
If the ship was safe, the bell would be rung twice ; if it had sunk, the bell would be rung once.
If a student, by his own study and mental force, reached the desired point which the musician's wizardry had made him see, he gained reliance in his own strength, knowing he would always find that point again even though he should lose his way once or twice, as everyone with an honest aspiration is liable to do.

If and three
He added, `` If this doesn't work out, the three of you barricade yourself in the house and talk terms with them ''.
If we examine the three types of change from the point of view of their internal structure we find an additional profound difference between the third and the first two, one that accounts for the notable difference between the responses they evoke.
If we cluster together, the redcoats can make an advantage out of it, but there's not a blessed thing they can do with two or three of us except chase us, and we can outrun them ''.
If the Af bond is linear then there are three reasonable positions for the hydrogen atoms: ( 1 ) The hydrogen atoms are centered and hence all lie on a sheet midway between the oxygen sheets ; ;
If three dice are tossed, a trial is one toss of one die and the experiment is composed of three trials.
( One big question: If Colmer was to be purged, what should the House do about the other three senior Mississippians who supported the maverick electors??
If one takes the middle number, 5, and multiplies it by 3 ( the base number of the magic square of three ), the result is 15, which is also the constant sum of all the rows, columns, and two main diagonals.
If there are three types of atoms forming the mixture, such as iron, nickel and chromium, then it is called a ternary alloy.
If placing a tile causes three or four chains to merge, then the merger steps are handled between the largest and second-largest chain, then with the third-largest chain, and finally with the smallest chain.
" If you have any sense of humor about your strip — and I had a sense of humor about mine — you knew that for three or four years Abner was wrong.
If appropriate proportions of three primary pigments are mixed, the result reflects so little light as to be called " black ".
If a bubble touches identically-colored bubbles, forming a group of three or more, those bubbles — as well as any bubbles hanging from them — are removed from the field of play, and points are awarded.
If there is no discharge, then all three criteria are needed.
If an account has a credit balance, the amount is copied into column three ( the credit column ).
If a wolf was sighted, the hunter would release a team of two or three borzoi.
If the rider plans a significant amount of hillclimbing, a triple-crank ( three chainrings ) front gear system may be preferred.
If a die leaves the table, the shooter will usually be asked to select another die from the remaining three but can request using the same die if it passes the boxman's inspection.
If three sets are played, the pieces usually go into the opponent's starting corners.
If the offensive team completes 10 yards on their first play, they lose the other two downs and are granted another set of three.
* If the offence fails to make ten yards in three plays, the defence takes over on downs.
If symptoms develop during the acute phase, they usually resolve spontaneously within three to eight weeks in approximately 90 % of individuals.
If these three ligands and the metal ion are in one plane, the isomer is said to be meridional, or mer.
If each pixel on the display actually contains three rectangular subpixels of red, green, and blue, in that fixed order, then things on the screen that are smaller than one full pixel in size can be rendered by lighting only one or two of the subpixels.
If the index finger of the right hand is pointed forward, the middle finger bent inward at a right angle to it, and the thumb placed at a right angle to both, the three fingers indicate the relative directions of the x -, y -, and z-axes in a right-handed system.

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