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Page "government" ¶ 624
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and you
He said: `` If it's all right with you, Mr. Morgan, I'll sleep out here on the couch.
He added, `` If this doesn't work out, the three of you barricade yourself in the house and talk terms with them ''.
If you want to see '' --
If you were a man '' --
If you ever try anything without my orders I'll kill you ''.
`` If you hadn't I'd have killed you ''.
If you take the one, you'd better take both ''.
If you don't leave this country within 3 days, your life will be taken the same as Powell's was.
If we was both armed, you wouldn't talk so tough ''.
`` If you spot Carmer give a yell before you move in ''.
I showed her the shower and tub, and she said, smiling, `` If you really don't mind, I think I'll get clean in the shower, then soak for a few minutes in your tub.
If I even hint at it do you think it will matter that you are his nephew -- and not even a blood nephew ''??
If you tell him I made a pass at you he might think you misunderstood something I said or did, so instead of just telling him I made a pass, say I tried to date you and that you agreed so you could prove to him what a louse I really am.
Fruit compote: `` If you think I would understand it '' ; ;
If you want to get them aired ''
`` If you want to see something, he's back on the other side by the trunk of the car ''.

If and elect
If it failed on occasion to elect its candidates for general state offices by majorities, the failure was due to a lingering remnant of the Know-Nothing party, which called itself the American Republican party.
If the Soviet leadership had the power to appoint regional officials, they had the indirect power to elect the delegates of the Party Congresses.
If no election is to take place within 120 days of the vacancy then the district chairman is to call together the members of the district and they are to elect a member who will serve until the next town election.
The conclave that elected him had lasted for six months, and he is reported to have said to the cardinals: " If you wish to elect a saint, choose Gotti ; a statesman, Aldrovandi ; an honest man, me ".
If the American electorate is so narrow as not to elect a Unitarian, well and good.
* If the pope finds that the king who has been elected by the princes is unworthy of the imperial dignity, the princes must elect a new king or, if they refuse, the pope will confer the imperial dignity upon another king ; for the Church stands in need of a patron and defender.
If the State Legislature was not in session, its Governor could appoint a temporary replacement to serve until the legislature could elect a permanent replacement.
If the nominee of the President is not elected, the Bundestag may elect its own nominee within fourteen days.
If the dealer elect to play the hand, he draws the superfluous cards from the non-dealer's hand.
If the non-dealer elect to play the hand, he discards the superfluous cards, and the dealer is not entitled to see them.
If the non-dealer elect to play the hand, he has it completed from the stock.
If the non-dealer elect to play the hand, he draws the superfluous cards from the dealer's hand.
The 11th edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised states, " If it is desired to elect by mail, by plurality vote, by preferential voting, or by cumulative voting, this must be expressly stated, and necessary details of the procedure should be prescribed ( see 45 ).
If the office of Senate President pro tempore is also vacant, then the Senate must elect a new Pro-Tempore to fill the governor's office.
If the office devolves upon the Attorney General or State Auditor, that individual is required to call the Senate into session to elect a president, who would subsequently become governor.
If weakened too much from the fighting in the castle, the party may elect to leave the area via one-way portals instead at this point to return to the city and the Adventurer's Guild.
WPI's student performance evaluation system uses grades A, B, or C. If a student were not to satisfactorily complete the course or they elect to drop the course, they would receive a No Record ( NR ).
* If the people come to believe that the constitution is not a text like other texts ; if it means, not what it says or what it was understood to mean, but what it should mean, in light of the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society, they will look for qualifications other than impartiality, judgment, and lawyerly acumen in those whom they elect to interpret it.
If a prince-bishop or prince-abbot changed his religion, he would have to relinquish his rule, allowing the chapter to elect a Catholic successor.
If the amendment had been ratified, the members of state legislatures would elect members to the United States Senate, rather than the residents of the states.
If the office of the chairperson of any of the commissions is vacant, or if the chairperson is unable to perform his or her duties for any reason, the remaining members may elect a temporary chairperson from among themselves.
If the source of their authority was uncertain, so was their competence to convoke the universal Church and to elect a pope.
If no candidate for Vice president receives a majority of electoral votes, the Senate elects the vice president, each senator having one vote and a majority being required to elect a vice president.
If the voters approve this in a statewide election they then, at the next statewide election, elect delegates to this convention.

If and use
If they avoid the use of the pungent, outlawed four-letter word it is because it is taboo ; ;
If you use a fiscal year, a year ending on the last day of any month other than December, your return is due on or before the 15th day of the 4th month after the close of your tax year.
If you do use a cold frame be sure that its ventilation is adequate.
If we could use all the small airfields we have in this country, we could disperse our strategic aircraft by a factor of 10 or more.
If you use parking attendants, can they be replaced by automatic parking gates??
If you use company transportation to meet trains or to haul visitors, would taxis be cheaper??
If a lot of rust shows in the drain, use a good flushing cleaner.
If you use one of the new year-round cooling system fluids such as `` Dowguard '' be sure to check it.
If you are going to produce for home use only, you will need only hand tools.
If A-Z could buy Ticonderoga cheaply and use their presses and dies and other equipment, if William could hit precisely the right promotion note, if the money hurdle was not insurmountable.
* If it is required to use a single number X as an estimate for the value of numbers, then the arithmetic mean does this best, in the sense of minimizing the sum of squares ( x < sub > i </ sub > − X )< sup > 2 </ sup > of the residuals.
If we use a cylindrical coordinate system with basis vectors, then the gradient of and the divergence of are given by
If the resulting four kilobyte table size is too large for a given target platform, the table lookup operation can be performed with a single 256-entry 32-bit ( i. e. 1 kilobyte ) table by the use of circular rotates.
" If there is any doubt as to whether the sick person has reached the use of reason, or is dangerously ill, or is dead, this sacrament is to be administered ".
If the software works as intended and without issues during normal use, one can reasonably extrapolate the same level of stability in production.
If a pair cannot hit downwards, they will use flat strokes in an attempt to gain the attack.
If an implant is used, the individual runs the same risks and complications as those who use them for breast augmentation but has higher rates of capsular contracture ( tightening or hardening of the scar tissue around the implant ) and revisional surgeries.
If a woman is uncomfortable with her breasts ' asymmetry, she can minimize the difference with a corrective bra or use gel bra inserts.
If there are special ways to make a plural word, such as " ES " and " IES ", use them.
If the risk of asphyxiation is deemed to be high, doctors may use various devices ( such as an oropharyngeal airway, nasopharyngeal airway or endotracheal tube ) to safeguard the airway.
If we attempt to use the above formula to compute the derivative of f at zero, then we must evaluate 1 / g ′( f ( 0 )).
If a state is not observable, the controller will never be able to determine the behaviour of an unobservable state and hence cannot use it to stabilize the system.
If one employs the strict, limited definition of crannog which requires the use of timber, then sites in the Western Isles are stricken from the discussion.
If Neal Townsend breaks the contract and doesn't use any of Wisda's Landscaping's services, expectation damages paid to Wisda's Landscaping would be $ 500, which is the economic loss they suffered.

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