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Page "adventure" ¶ 255
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and you
He said: `` If it's all right with you, Mr. Morgan, I'll sleep out here on the couch.
He added, `` If this doesn't work out, the three of you barricade yourself in the house and talk terms with them ''.
If you want to see '' --
If you were a man '' --
`` If you hadn't I'd have killed you ''.
If you take the one, you'd better take both ''.
If you don't leave this country within 3 days, your life will be taken the same as Powell's was.
If we was both armed, you wouldn't talk so tough ''.
`` If you spot Carmer give a yell before you move in ''.
I showed her the shower and tub, and she said, smiling, `` If you really don't mind, I think I'll get clean in the shower, then soak for a few minutes in your tub.
If I even hint at it do you think it will matter that you are his nephew -- and not even a blood nephew ''??
If you tell him I made a pass at you he might think you misunderstood something I said or did, so instead of just telling him I made a pass, say I tried to date you and that you agreed so you could prove to him what a louse I really am.
Fruit compote: `` If you think I would understand it '' ; ;
If you want to get them aired ''
`` If you want to see something, he's back on the other side by the trunk of the car ''.

If and ever
If, when this was all over, she found the words to tell him about it, she wondered if he would ever understand.
If there was ever a thought in her mind she might devote her life to religion, it was now dispelled.
If either one ever started making promises, there is no telling where the promises would end.
`` If the day should ever come that foreign invaders swarm ashore along the Gulf Coast '', the account reads, `` they can count on heavy opposition from a group of commando-trained telephone employees -- all girls.
If he were to go with White, he would be out there two days, not just listening in the dark at some point between here and Papa-san, but moving ever deeper into enemy land -- behind Papa-san -- itself.
If ever a rifle met the needs of the whitetail hunter, this is it.
If the master of scops who was most responsible for the poem ever used kennings that were traditional, he was at least partly deprived of free will and not inclined towards shrewd and sophisticated misuse of speech elements.
If William wished to continue operations for a year, why not simply leave the Negroes undisturbed and pay them `` as high wages to remain there as are ever paid the labor of persons of their sex & age.
If Palfrey ever had any doubts about the wickedness of slavery, they were put aside after he received an inventory of the slave property he had inherited.
If it ever got behind me, the beep turned to a buzz.
If it was designed to put me on the spot, it would have to have been written before Peralta ever called me in on the case ''.
If the administration ever had any ideas that it could find an acceptable alternative to Prince Souvanna Phouma, whom it felt was too trusting of Communists, it gradually had to relinquish them.
If he ever did such a thing again she'd die of shame.
If I ever committed suicide, she thought, I would dive straight down from here -- and no one would find me for days.
In response to a neighbor's complaint that his target shooting endangered her children, he replied, " If that should ever happen, ma-da-me, we should ourselves be happy to get new ones with you " ( though he was not at all inclined to engage with females in the manner implied ).
If ever a work of art merited comparison with epic poetry, " The Battle of Issus " is it.
According to Ivinskaya, " If ever the conversation turned to Mandelstam, Leonidovich would always hark back to the same thing: that he was not to blame for his misfortunes, and that if he had not written to Bukharin and in general made a great fuss about his arrest, then perhaps Mandelstam would not even have had the respite, brief as it was, which was granted to him -- with the result that the Voronezh Notebooks might never have been written.
" That rich island ," he wrote on 1 December 1881, " the key to the Gulf of Mexico, is, though in the hands of Spain, a part of the American commercial system … If ever ceasing to be Spanish, Cuba must necessarily become American and not fall under any other European domination.
If a state is not controllable, then no signal will ever be able to control the state.
If Diocletian ever did enter Rome shortly after his accession, he did not stay long ; he is attested back in the Balkans by 2 November 285, on campaign against the Sarmatians.
If found to not ever become competent for trial, they will be evaluated via a Jackson hearing for possible continued commitment to protect the public.
If Mental Balance ever reaches + 500 /- 500, the character Awakens and either becomes a divine creature or transforms into a demon.
If he would have been any good, there was no way the City of Ayutthaya would ever have fallen.
If a bull moose is castrated, either by accidental or chemical means, he will quickly shed his current set of antlers and then immediately begin to grow a new set of misshapen and deformed antlers that he will wear the rest of his life without ever shedding again.

If and try
If there were no West Berlin problem, imperialist quarters would have invented an excuse for stepping up the armaments race to try to solve the internal and external problems besetting the United States and its NATO partners.
If a human figure or wild life are to be part of the projected final picture, I try to place them in the initial sketch.
If we try to study T using characteristic values, we are confronted with two problems.
If you can't think of a thing to do, try something -- anything.
When the date would try to bid her good-night at the door, she would tell him, `` If you go home now, I'll scream ''.
If we try to choose an element from each set, then, because X is infinite, our choice procedure will never come to an end, and consequently, we will never be able to produce a choice function for all of X.
If the Allies were not to be outnumbered on the Danube, Eugene realised he must either try to cut Tallard off before he could get there, or, he must hasten to reinforce Marlborough.
If the sets are short to medium length the caller will often try to run the dance until each couple has danced with every other couple both as a 1 and a 2 and returned to where they started.
He explained that this is one of the most important analects: " If the people be led by laws, and uniformity sought to be given them by punishments, they will try to avoid the punishment, but have no sense of shame.
If a team fails to gain ten yards in two downs they usually punt the ball on third down or try to kick a field goal ( see below ), depending on their position on the field.
* If the offence attempts a forward pass and it is intercepted by the defence ; the defence takes possession immediately ( and may try to advance the ball on the play ).
::" If anyone imagines that we are stating the case too strongly, let him try an experiment with the first bright boy he meets by asking,
If a cracker finds a computer, they can try a port scan to detect and attack services on that computer.
If it is moving in the wrong direction, it will tumble sooner and try a new direction at random.
If we do not attempt to look back at an event, the greater the interval time between the time when the event from happening and the time when we try to remember, the memory will start to fade.
If 2 does not divide evenly into any of the numbers, try 3.
If students just try to play these Baroque pieces by reading the notes from the score, they might not get the right type of interpretation.
If they feel threatened or sense danger, they may try to escape by climbing a rock column or tree.
If you think that's easy — try it.
Klement returned his bicycle to the manufacturers, Seidel and Naumann, with a letter, in Czech, asking them to carry out repairs, only to receive a reply, in German, stating: " If you would like an answer to your inquiry, you should try writing in a language we can understand ".
If the operator could not get through by dialing the number, she could call the inward operator in the destination city, and ask her to try the number, or to test a line to see if it was busy or out of order.
If the server misses his or her first serve and gets a let on the second serve, then they get one more try to get the serve in the box.
If the lob is not hit deeply enough into the other court, however, an opponent near the net may then hit an overhead smash, a hard, serve-like shot, to try to end the point.
If there is a problem with Release 11, the customer can return to Release 9 without experiencing dataset, configuration, or security profile compatibility problems ( fallback ) until ready to try moving forward again.

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