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Some Related Sentences

If and you
He said: `` If it's all right with you, Mr. Morgan, I'll sleep out here on the couch.
He added, `` If this doesn't work out, the three of you barricade yourself in the house and talk terms with them ''.
If you want to see '' --
If you were a man '' --
If you ever try anything without my orders I'll kill you ''.
`` If you hadn't I'd have killed you ''.
If you take the one, you'd better take both ''.
If you don't leave this country within 3 days, your life will be taken the same as Powell's was.
If we was both armed, you wouldn't talk so tough ''.
`` If you spot Carmer give a yell before you move in ''.
I showed her the shower and tub, and she said, smiling, `` If you really don't mind, I think I'll get clean in the shower, then soak for a few minutes in your tub.
If I even hint at it do you think it will matter that you are his nephew -- and not even a blood nephew ''??
If you tell him I made a pass at you he might think you misunderstood something I said or did, so instead of just telling him I made a pass, say I tried to date you and that you agreed so you could prove to him what a louse I really am.
Fruit compote: `` If you think I would understand it '' ; ;
If you want to get them aired ''
`` If you want to see something, he's back on the other side by the trunk of the car ''.

If and firmly
`` If you can firmly make the good knight sure to pleasure our Corporation '', Sturley wrote, `` besides that ordinary allowance for your diet you shall have 20 for recompence ''.
If you are dreaming of a blue, shimmering pool right outside your living room windows, close your eyes firmly and fill in the picture with lots and lots of children, damp towels, squashed tubes of suntan oil and semi-inflated plastic toys.
If Mannerheim had not also firmly refused to let his troops participate in the Siege of Leningrad, they would have ended up becoming an integral part of the siege.
If such a cord is pulled extremely tight the wrists and arms will have very little freedom of movement and the hands will be firmly forced in contact with the butt, particularly when combined with Elbow Bondage.
If behind, there may also be elbow bondage, or the arms may be in a reverse prayer position, with ropes round the arms and torso ( or arms and legs ) to hold the arms firmly against the back.
In Hawaii v. Mankichi ( 1903 ) his opinion stated: " If the principles now announced should become firmly established, the time may not be far distant when, under the exactions of trade and commerce, and to gratify an ambition to become the dominant power in all the earth, the United States will acquire territories in every direction ... whose inhabitants will be regarded as ' subjects ' or ' dependent peoples ,' to be controlled as Congress may see fit ... which will engraft on our republican institutions a colonial system entirely foreign to the genius of our Government and abhorrent to the principles that underlie and pervade our Constitution.
If the alarm sounds for more than a few seconds then the disc brakes are applied firmly, stopping the tram.
If one views the above assessment as a type of limited software audit ( limited by lack of access to source code and operating manuals ), one can say firmly that the GISS software had not only failed to pick up and correct fictitious steps of up to 1 deg C, but that GISS actually introduced this error in the course of their programming.
If the stick was not properly filled out or mounted firmly, or the special terminating block was forgotten, a dreaded " squirt " would result, often encasing the operator's toes in molten lead and leaving a mess that needed to be peeled off the Ludlow surfaces.
" If that hadn't happened ", said Adams, " Fiske could have been revealed today, I firmly believe, as a top photographer, a top interpretive photographer.
If the machine has a manual hold down that must be turned down by hand, check your part to see if it's square to the blades and turn the hold down firmly against the part otherwise you are ready to shear.
If the patient's eyelids feel stuck to the cornea on waking and no intense pain is present, use a fingertip to press firmly on the eyelid to push the eye's natural lubricants onto the affected area.

If and trust
If you are an income beneficiary of property held in trust or an heir, legatee, or devisee, you may deduct allowable depreciation and depletion, if not deductible by the estate or trust.
Paul the Apostle, an early Christian convert and missionary, wrote, " If Christ was not raised, then all our preaching is useless, and your trust in God is useless.
As Paul the Apostle stated: " If Christ was not raised, then all our preaching is useless, and your trust in God is useless.
If the children are under 18, or under some other age mentioned in the will ( 21 and 25 are common ), a trust must come into existence until the contingency age is reached.
If a living trust fails, the property will usually be held for the grantor / settlor on resulting trusts, which in some notable cases, has had catastrophic tax consequences.
When he was reminded how much power and strength Luther drew from his trust in God, he answered, " If I myself do not do my part, I can not expect anything from God in prayer.
If the survivors of 546 were in fact herdsmen ( speculation ), then all the Xanthian nobility had perished, and the Persians must have designated some other Lycian noble, whom they could trust.
An introduction to the calculus of trust ( Example: ' If I connect two trusted systems, are they more or less trusted when taken together?
If the cert is likely to be trusted and is failing because the domain name is a slight mismatch, it will then initially fail in the browser, but then be subjected to the notary trust, which can then bypass the browser warning.
If they are any good at their jobs, they will have developed relationships grounded in trust and mutual understanding with influential members of the country in which they are accredited.
If the player decides to trust the Oracle, the game is drastically shorter, with the entire Commons, Catacombs and Mines sections removed, though it is also more difficult due to the order in which the bosses are fought.
If the trust has qualified under laws such as Internal Revenue Code section 501 ( c ), donations to the trust may be deductible to an individual taxpayer or corporate donor.
If there is no trustee, whoever has title to the trust property will be considered the trustee.
If one accepts the validity of the idea of social reality, scientifically, it must be amenable to measurement, something which has been explored particularly in relation to trust.
If the trust funds begin running deficits, meaning more in benefits are paid out than contributions paid in, the Social Security Administration is empowered to redeem the securities and use those funds to cover the deficit.
" If one believes that the trust fund assets are worthless ," argued former Representative Bill Archer, then similar reasoning implies that “ Americans who have bought EE savings bonds should go home and burn them because they re worthless because the money has already been spent .” At a Senate hearing in July 2001, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was asked whether the trust fund investments are “ real ” or merely an accounting device.
If $ 1 added to the fund increases national savings, or replaces borrowing from other lenders, by $ 1, the trust fund is real.
If $ 1 added to the fund does not replace other borrowing or otherwise increase national savings, the trust fund is not " real.
If there are tax increases, those who believe the trust fund is real might also note that tax increases could have been even higher without the trust fund.
If productivity does not rise fast enough to offset the loss of productive workers, and if accumulated savings in the trust fund are not adequate to fill this gap, then per-capita benefits would decline.
If no such body can be identified, or if there is disagreement among two or more claimants, the Medal and the Cash Award will be held in trust until such time as the Entry may legally possess, either in the United States of America or in the venue of the contest, the Cash Award and Gold Medal in its own right.

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