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Il and Decameron
* Il Decameron ( 1971 )
Boccaccio ( in his Decameron ) and Franco Sacchetti ( in his Il trecentonovelle ) both describe Buonamico as being a practical joker.

Il and year
He had already begun writing at this time and, in his third year, he composed a libellous poem ( Il colosso ) in which he ridiculed the daughters of certain Pavian families.
Thus, on the basis of remarks made by President Kim Il Sung in 1977 concerning school attendance, the population that year was calculated at 17. 2 million persons.
Alan Morrison from Empire Online gave Amélie five stars and called it " one of the year ’ s best, with crossover potential along the lines of Cyrano De Bergerac and Il Postino.
The libretto was written for a dramma per musica in three acts by Francesco Gasparini, performed that same year in the Teatro San Cassiano in Venice, but the same libretto was put in music also by Nicola Porpora ( 1711, in Neaples, as Il trionfo di Flavio Anicio Olibrio ) and Leonardo Vinci ( Naples, 1728, as Ricimero ), and Andrea Bernasconi ( 1737, Wien, as Flavio Anicio Olibrio o La tirannide debellata ).
The Palio di Siena ( known locally as Il Palio ), the most famous palio in Italy, is a horse race held twice each year on July 2 and August 16 in Siena, in which the horse and rider represent one of the seventeen Contrade, or city wards.
Mark Mardell of the BBC news reported: On the Monday the Conference was to begin, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini ( who was until last year the European commissioner for security and justice ) had told the Italian newspaper Il Giornale that Europe's failure to agree on a common approach was " a very serious mistake, because it shows our inability, despite all the words uttered in this connection, to come up with at least a lowest common denominator on a basic problem: namely the struggle against discrimination, on behalf of which we in Brussels so often speak out ".
His 50th birthday in February was the occasion for massive celebrations, exceeded only by those for the 80th birthday of Kim Il Sung himself on 15 April that same year.
On 1 January 1995, Kim Jong Il inspected a unit of the Korean People ’ s Army, which was his first official action as the supreme leader of the DPRK in the first year after the President died.
Campaigning under the slogans Il faut que ça change ( Things have to change ) and Maîtres chez nous ( Masters of our own house ), a phrase coined by Le Devoir editor Andre Laurendeau, the Liberal Party, with Jean Lesage at its head, was elected within a year of Duplessis's death.
Before that year was over, Gomes returned to Brazil where he organized the premiere of Il Guarany in Rio de Janeiro.
His first opera was Il pastor fido followed by Ariodante ( 1735 ), the première of Alcina, and Atalanta the following year.
Other operas performed in the Liceu during the first year were ( in chronological order ): I due Foscari ( Verdi ), Il bravo ( Mercadante ), Parisina d ' Este ( Donizetti ), Giovanna d ' Arco ( Verdi ), Leonora ( Mercadante ), Ernani ( Verdi ), Norma ( Bellini ), Linda di Chamounix ( Donizetti ) and Il barbiere di Siviglia ( Rossini ).
The following year he left Columbia, his long-time record label, and recorded Fidèle and Il y avait des arbres.
) In 1961, at the age of 20 ( and after his father's death ), Flynn accepted a contract to appear in a sequel to his father's hit film Captain Blood, The Son of Captain Blood ( 1964 — year of U. S. release ), also known as Il Figlio del Capitano Blood ( 1962, year of initial European release ), a European production.
He made a few more films in Europe, including, Il Segno di Zorro ( 1963, year of initial European release ), aka Duel at the Rio Grande ( 1964, year of release of English version ).
He also starred in Stop Train 349 ( 1964 ) with José Ferrer, aka Verspätung in Marienborn ( 1963, year of initial European release ), Mission to Venice ( 1964 ), aka Agent Special a Venise " Voir Venise et ... Crever " ( 1964 ) and Sandok, Il Maciste della Jungla ( also 1964 ), aka Temple of the White Elephant ( 1966, year of release of English version ).
He returned to La Scala in 1962, for a revival of Meyerbeer's Les Huguenots, opposite Joan Sutherland, and that same year appeared as Manrico in a lauded production of Il trovatore at the Salzburg Festival under Herbert von Karajan and opposite Leontyne Price, Giulietta Simionato, and Ettore Bastianini.
She won the Premio Urania 1992 with the novel Il cuore finto di DR, a science fiction / noir cross-pollination published by Mondadori under the Urania inprint the following year, and also translated in French.
A large statue that was found in the harbour called Il Mamozio (" The Mummy ") or Il Mitreo, meaning Miter or priests hat, is a 3, 000 year old marble statue.
This was followed by his debut with English National Opera the following year as Eurimaco in Il ritorno d ' Ulisse in patria, and his United States debut in 1990 in a series of concerts in Boston and New York.

Il and later
There are however indications of some later unfulfilled operatic projects, which survive as parts or sketches of libretti, such as Il ritorno dell ' amore by Renato Simoni, Malena by Ettore Moschino, and La rosa di Pompei, also by Moschino ( dated " Naples, 20 May 1924 ").
However, one of these, Il corsaro ( Rome, 1831 ) was revived one hundred and seventy-three years later, in 2004, albeit only with piano accompaniment.
A little later, in the television series entitled Il Mattatore ( Spotlight Chaser ) he obtained unexpected success and " Il Mattatore " became the nickname that accompanied him for the rest of his life.
Marco Polo later reported their role in the Yuan Dynasty in his book Il Milione.
Bell used Michael Radford who later became noted for the films Nineteen Eighty-Four, White Mischief and Il Postino.
That guide was the inspiration for the " Junior Woodchucks Guidebook " ( Il Manuale delle Giovani Marmotte ), a series of several Disney books with tips, advice, general culture, and curious facts about nature and life, released in Italy by Mondadori in seven volumes between 1969 and 1974, and later translated into several languages.
The genitalia in the fresco were later covered by the artist Daniele da Volterra, whom history remembers by the derogatory nickname " Il Braghettone " (" the breeches-painter ").
The Duke of Andria, Fabrizio Carafa, a member of one of the most prestigious families of the Neapolitan nobility, honoured Maestro Broschi by taking a leading part in the baptism of his second son, who was baptised Carlo Maria Michelangelo Nicola ( in later life, Farinelli wrote: " Il Duca d ' Andria mi tenne al fonte "-" the Duke of Andria held me at the font ").
The subject was well known and had been used by other composers, including Daniel Auber, for his 1833 opera, Gustave III, ou Le bal masqué and later by Saverio Mercadante for his Il reggente in 1843.
He continued to produce new operas throughout the decade, including a setting of Metastasio's Il re pastore, a text later used by Mozart.
Mercadante ’ s Il Giuramento, the first opera performance, appears one week later with First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln in attendance
The conspiracy was led by General Yi Il ( 이일, 李鎰, 1538 – 1601 ), who would later fail to repel the Japanese invasion at the Battle of Sangju.
* In Vienna, court poet Metastasio writes the poem Il rè pastore, later used by Mozart to compose an opera seria.
It played successfully at Vienna, Prague and Berlin, and was re-written as Il Voto a few years later in an attempt to raise interest in the work again.
However, just four days later on 12 September 1943, " Il Duce ", was rescued by a German military raid from his secret prison on the Gran Sasso mountain, and formed the Nazi-puppet Italian Social Republic in the north of the Country.
At the time of Brera and later, the term Padania was considered a geographic synonym of Po Valley and as such was included in the Enciclopedia Universo in 1965 and in the Il Devoto – Oli dictionary of the Italian language in 1971.
In 1953, Pabst directed four opera productions in Italy: La forza del destino for the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence ( conducted by Dimitri Mitropoulos, the cast included Renata Tebaldi, Fedora Barbieri, Mario del Monaco, Aldo Protti, Cesare Siepi ), and a few weeks later, for the Arena di Verona Festival, a spectacular Aïda, with Maria Callas in the title role ( conducted by Tullio Serafin, with del Monaco ), Il trovatore and again La forza del destino.
He later questions the retired mob boss who had helped Papa Joe recruit " Il Duce " and finds out that the brothers are walking into a trap.
He was a founding member of the Communist Party of Italy ( PCd ' I, later PCI ) and, after Gramsci was jailed by Benito Mussolini's Fascist regime, he became the senior leader of the PCd ' I until his death, for which he also directed Il Comunista.
The latter was Bonno's contemporary in Vienna, and the composer wrote the first music for Metastasio's Il natale di Giove ( also set by Hasse ), Il vero omaggio, Il re pastore ( later set by Hasse and Mozart ), L ' eroe cinese ( also set by Hasse ), L ' isola disabitata ( also set by Haydn ) and L ' Atenaide ovvero Gli affetti più generosi.
The earliest publication to use the name " divertimento " is by Carlo Grossi, in 1681, in Venice ( Il divertimento de ' grandi: musiche da camera, ò per servizio di tavola ) -- and the hint that the divertimento is to accompany " table service " applies to later ages as well, since this light music was often used to accompany banquets and other social events.
At first written in Neapolitan dialect, these works became " Italianized " with the operas of Scarlatti, Pergolesi ( La serva padrona ), Piccinni ( La Cecchina ), Cimarosa ( Il matrimonio segreto ), and then the great comic operas of Mozart and, later, Rossini.

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