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Image and Blythe's
Image: Blythe's tower and Kinglassie 2007. JPG | Kinglassie from the South with Blythe's Tower atop Redwells hill to the North.

Image and Folly
Image: Wimpole folly. JPG | Wimpole's Folly, built in the 1700s to resemble Gothic-era ruins

Image and .
Image intensifiers based upon the multipactor principle appear to hold promise as far as obtainable resolution is concerned.
Image: Luanda4. jpg | A view of Luanda
Image: Green almonds. jpg | Green almonds
Image: Mandel Gr 99. jpg | Unshelled ( left ) and shelled
::: Image: Evenandodd. PNG
* Image: Ndslivechart. png The LIVEChart of Nuclides-IAEA with filter on alpha decay
Image: Casa Batllo. jpg | The Casa Batlló by day
Image: Jfader batto roof. jpg | The arched roof and complex chimney detailing
Image: Casa batllo chimney. jpg | Close-up of a chimney
Image: staircase casa batllo. jpg | The unique design of the staircase and ceiling
Image: Close up Casa Batlo. JPG | Close-up of Casa Batlló
Image: CasaBatllo. jpg | Casa Batlló
Image: Casa Batlló Fireplace. jpg | Casa Batlló Fireplace
Image: Casa Batlló Light Well. jpg | Casa Batlló Central Light Well
Image: Casa Batlló Parabolic Arches. jpg | Casa Batlló Catenary Arches
Image: CasaBatllo_0170. JPG | The Casa Batlló by night
Image: View from Park Güell Terrace. jpg | View from the main terrace of the park.
Image: Parc Güell Dragon Restored. jpg | The dragon, as restored after the vandalism of February 2007.
Image: Parc Güell viaduct. jpg | Viaduct
Image: Parc Guell 10. jpg | Colonnaded footpath under the roadway viaduct, with external columns sloping to take the diagonal thrust from the vault supporting the road.
Image: Colonnadeparkguell. jpg | Colonnaded pathway where the road projects out from the hillside, with the vaulting forming a retaining wall which curves over to support the road, and transmits the load onto sloping columns.

Image and jpg
Image: Park_Guell_Tile. jpg | Another of Gaudí's Tiled Mosaics on the ceiling.
Image: Ceiling mosaic, Park Güell, Barcelona. jpg | Ceiling Mosaic in the Hypostyle Room, Park Güell, Barcelona
Image: Park Güell-Pabellón de entrada. jpg | Pavilion at the entrance
Image: Escalinata de entrada del Park Güell. jpg | Third fountain at the entrance with the dragon
Image: Casa Martí Trias i Domènech. jpg | Casa Martí Trias i Domènech
Image: casa mila roof. jpg | Casa Milà roof architecture, chimneys known as espanta bruixes ( witch scarers )
Image: Casa Mila Rooftop. jpg | Casa Milà rooftop in Spring
Image: Casa Milà 01. jpg | Ventilation towers
Image: LaPedreraParabola. jpg | Catenary arches under the terrace of Casa Milà

Image and |
Image: Barcelona 29-04-2006 11-29-38. JPG | One of Gaudí's unique tiles in Parc Güell

Image and atop
Image: Dragon grotesque on Peace Tower. jpg | One of four gargoyles atop the Peace Tower, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Image: Driftwood at Mungo National Park. jpg | A lone piece of wood atop a sand dune in Mungo National Park, June, 2005
Image: Einangsteinen, Vestre Slidre. JPG | The Einang stone, located at its original location atop the Garberg site
Image: Spiral-jetty-from-rozel-point. png | Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty from atop Rozel Point, in mid-April 2005
Image: Sun America Building Helipad. jpg | A helipad atop the SunAmerica Center in Century City, California, USA
Image: Ōzu from atop Tomisuyama. jpg | Downtown Ōzu as seen from atop Mount Tomisuyama
Image: Waltdisneyhall. jpg | Detail atop main entrance
Image: TexasCapitol-Lady. jpg | Goddess of Liberty statue atop the building
Image: DollySods1. JPG | Dolly Sods Wilderness, West Virginia: View from atop Breathed Mountain
Image: Bulfinch steeple ( Boylston Market, Boston )-Arlington, MA. jpg | Tower, Arlington, Massachusetts, formerly atop Boylston Market
Image: Couple in Front of Church. jpg | This structure protects the excavated remains of a church atop Mount Nebo
Image: Mt Nebo Mosaic. jpg | The interior of the church atop the mountain contains many ornate floor mosaics that have been uncovered
Image: Griffith_Observatory_entrance_lawn. jpg | Lawn at entrance and Griffith Park trails, looking north from atop the observatory.
Image: Liquid O2 Tank A-3 Test Stand Stennis Space Center. jpg | Installation of a 35, 000-gallon liquid oxygen tank atop the A-3 Test Stand.
Image: 05 Insanity the Ride 2. jpg | Insanity the Ride atop the Tower
Image: Central-Station-and-Sofitel-Hotel-Brisbane-Queensland-Australia. jpg | Sofitel Brisbane atop Central
Image: YokumKnobView. JPG | View from atop Yokum Knob
Image: Britton Hill Florida. jpg | A view of the surrounding countryside from atop Britton Hill.
Image: LakewoodParkMonument. jpg | A marker sits atop the hill.
Image: IPhone Pics 001. jpg | North West Entrance atop Crosswalk
Image: Untersberg ( 24 ). JPG | Ramblers atop the Untersberg mountain.
Image: Observation tower atop Spruce Knob. jpg | Observation tower atop summit of Spruce Knob

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