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Image and Sadat
Image: Begin, Carter and Sadat at Camp David 1978. jpg | Menachem Begin, Jimmy Carter, and Anwar Sadat at Camp David, September 7, 1978.
Image: Carter and Sadat. jpg | President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, and Jimmy Carter meet at the beginning of the Camp David Summit in 1978.

Image and Carter
Image: Hall to Magna Carter by Theophil Arthur. JPG | Cloister walk, east side.
Image: Chase William Merritt Idle Hours 1894. jpg | William Merritt Chase, Idle Hours, 1894, Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas
Image: RFS HQ. jpg | The New South Wales Rural Fire Service headquarters on Carter Street.
Image: Demuth_Charles_Chimney_and_Watertower_1931. jpg | Charles Demuth, Chimney and Watertower, oil on composition board, 1931, Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas
* Chilean born visual artist Alfredo Jaar presented the story of Kevin Carter and his Pullitzer Prize-winning photograph in the work The Sound of Silence, a cinematic video installation presented in his Politics of the Image exhibition at the South London Gallery in 2008.
Image: CarterFountainPICT9619. jpg | Carter Fountain
Image: Swimming hole. jpg | Eakins, The Swimming Hole ( 1884-5 ), Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas
Image: Carters with Marcel Marceau. jpg | Amy Carter with Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter, and Marcel Marceau, June 16, 1977
Image: Carter Woodson House. jpg |< center > HABS photograph: Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site, Washington, D. C.
Image: RuthCrispDomeatCarter3. jpg | Ruth Crisp Dome and entrance to the Carter Observatory
Image: CarterObs6. jpg | Carter Observatory
Image: ThomasCookeTelescope. jpg | Carter Observatory-Thomas Cooke telescope
Image: PaulMossSolar1. jpg | Photo of the sun taken at Carter Observatory ( Thomas Cooke telescope )
Image: ThomasKingObservatoryAtCarter7. jpg | Carter Observatory-Thomas King Observatory
Image: Iakovos carter-medal02. jpg | Archbishop Iakovos receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Carter
Image: Jimmy Carter. jpg | President Jimmy Carter of Georgia

Image and Begin
Image: Menahem_Begin_poses_at_Camp_David_1978. jpg | Menachem Begin poses at Camp David, 1978.
* Image illustrates Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell in a celebrated dance routine to Cole Porter's " Begin the Beguine " as performed in Broadway Melody of 1940.
** Image is used in Begin the Beguine as an illustration of one of the most celebrated depictions of this song on film.

Image and Camp
Image: Camp David 29-0054a. gif | George H. W. Bush meets with his National Security advisors in the Laurel Lodge conference room on August 4, 1990.
Image: Camp David 4 p37126-25a-515h. jpg | George W. Bush meets with his advisors at Camp David on January 17, 2004, while preparing for his State of the Union address.
Image: CAMPDAVIDIRAQ. jpg | From Camp David, Vice President Dick Cheney and members of the Interagency Team on Iraq participate in a video teleconference with President George W. Bush in Baghdad, Iraq.
Image: Georgebushjuly2007campdavid. jpg | President George W. Bush and Chief of Staff Josh Bolten walk together with the President's dog Barney at Camp David, July 21, 2007.
Image: Shinzo Abe & George W Bush, 2007Apr27. jpg | Shinzo Abe and George W. Bush at Camp David in 2007.
Image: NIXONSCAMPDAVIDwithdogs. jpg | Richard and Pat Nixon walking their dogs in Camp David.
Image: President Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at Camp David 1986. jpg | British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan walk at Camp David in 1986.
Image of President Woodrow Wilson created by 21, 000 soldiers at Camp Sherman, Ohio | Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio
Image: Buchenwaldgate. jpg | Camp gate
Image: Boarding & Dining Buildings, Alton Bay Camp Grounds. jpg | Boarding house in 1907
Image: Camp May Light. jpg | Cape May Lighthouse
Image of President Woodrow Wilson created by 21, 000 standing soldiers at Camp Sherman, Ohio | Camp Sherman in Chillicothe, 1918
* Crab Orchard Coal Camp Image Collection
Image: Pleasant_Valley_Hill_Camp. jpg | Road to Pleasant Valley and the HIll Camp c. 1925
Image: RakaposhiTagafari0889. JPG | Rakaposhi from Base Camp

Image and David
Image: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia 8 by David Shankbone. jpg | This gate at Columbia University was closed to prevent entry of protesters
* David Rorvik claims he has participated in a creation of a human clone in his book In His Image.
Image: Jacques-Louis David-Mars desarme par Venus. JPG | Mars Being Disarmed by Venus ( 1822 – 25 ) by Jacques-Louis David
Image: Michelangelos David. jpg | David, by Michelangelo.
Image: Hockney, A Bigger Splash. jpg | David Hockney, 1967 A Bigger Splash
Image: David L. Nutt House. JPG | David L. Nutt House
Image: Guercino_David_with_the_Head_of_Goliath. jpg | David with the Head of Goliath
Image: New York State Theater by David Shankbone. jpg | New York State Theater, Lincoln Center, home of the New York City Opera

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