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Improvements and from
Improvements in combustion chamber design and piston form enabled lighter V8 engines to surpass the V12 in power starting from the 1930s ; only the smaller, H-Series Lincoln V-12 remained after WWII and it was replaced by a V8 in 1949.
* Improvements in invalidity and old-age pension provision for the unemployed, who ( from 1977 onwards ) were technically insured free of charge under the old-age pension and invalidity scheme.
Improvements to playable characters in the game included the ability to move bodies, knock out enemies, handle explosives, and allowing all characters to drive vehicles and use collected weapons ( paving the way for the Driver's expulsion from the series in the next installment ).
Alabama Reading Test Results Show Overall Improvements from 2004 to 2005, but School System Results Vary.
Improvements were also made to sanitation ; in the 18th century more people died from gaol fever that by hanging.
In the 1870s water abstraction from the canal near Fobney Lock followed the regulations introduced in the Reading Local Board Waterworks, Sewerage, Drainage and Improvements Act of 1870, and contributed to the silting up of locks and stretches of the canal.
Improvements in the way joints in the wetsuit were made by gluing, taping and blindstitching, helped the suit to remain waterproof and reduce flushing, the replacement of water trapped between suit and body by cold water from the outside.
Improvements in indoor levels of CO are systematically improving from increasing implementation of smoke-free laws.
The United States district court imposed various requirements regarding the companies ' operations in a consent decree resulting from an antitrust inquiry by the United States Department of Justice under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act in connection with Thomson's purchase of West Publishing, and West's and Lexis's settlement of various outstanding claims in that proceeding.
Improvements in transport brought about by the industrial revolution enabled people to take vacations away from home, and led to the growth of coastal towns as seaside resorts.
: Improvements in Apparatus for Obtaining Motive Power from Fluids and also for Raising or Forcing Fluids.
Improvements to water quality through Barnsley highlighted the fact that fish populations did not exist below the discharge from the Lundwood sewage treatment works to the east of Barnsley.
Improvements in powerloom efficiency meant that weaving, which had been the primary source of wealth and income for handloom weavers, began to transfer from the cottage to the factory.
Improvements were made to the river from 1424, with tolls being levied to compensate the landowners, and in 1571, there were riots after the extension of the River was promoted in a private bill presented to the House of Commons.
Improvements to the line carried out at the time of the transfer to the Oxford & Aylesbury Tramroad, and the use of the MR's better quality rolling stock, reduced the journey time from Brill to Quainton Road to between 32 and 36 minutes.
Improvements continued in 1822 when the 12th lord Narinaga created the garden's winding streams with water drawn from the Tatsumi Waterway.
Improvements to the Oxley and Pacific Highway has seen steady improvements in travel times between Sydney and the mid-north coast region from 6 hours to just 4 hours ( from Wahroonga to the Oxley Highway interchange );
Vaughan had bought Holker Street from Barrow AFC, transferring ownership to his company Northern Improvements.
Improvements were made from time to time, resulting in reductions in losses of metals, but none of the apparatus in use on the Comstock was perfect.
Improvements to date have included woodland sculptures, clearing and new planting of shrubs and trees and the planting of narcissi with much volunteer involvement from local schools and residents.
On advice, he patented his invention in January 1901 as " Improvements in Toy or Educational Devices for Children and Young People ", but not without first having to borrow five pounds from his employer, David Elliot, to cover the costs.
Arthur Krebs proposed placing the front axle of a car at a positive caster angle in his UK patent of 1896, entitled Improvements in mechanically propelled vehicles, stating it was intended " To ensure stability of direction by means of a special arrangement of fore-carriage, that is to say, to re-establish automatically the parallelism of the two axles of the vehicle when there is no tendency to keep them in any other direction, or after a temporary effort has caused them to diverge from said parallelism.
Improvements to the Welland Canal in 1919 are thought to have allowed its spread from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie, and while it was never abundant in either lake, it soon spread to Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior, where it decimated indigenous fish populations in the 1930s and 1940s.

Improvements and included
Improvements to the neighbourhood included the Toulon Opera, the place de la Liberté, the Grand Hôtel, the Gardens of Alexander I, the Chalucet Hospital, the palais de Justice, the train station, and the building now occupied by Galeries Lafayette, among others.
Improvements over the S / 360 first released in the S / 370 model range included:
Improvements in computer component technology made it feasible to build terminals that included more powerful communications cards which could operate a single standard communications protocol rather than a very stripped-down protocol which suited only a specific type of terminal.
Improvements included in the first generation ( through 1830 ) were sluice cuts, small dams and batteaux locks.
Improvements made in 1671 included a navigable sluice or lock at Torksey, and warehousing and wharves were built at Brayford Pool in the centre of Lincoln.
Improvements in 2007 included extensive renovation of the main arena, as well as the addition of a stalling barn, a multi-use barn, office space, bovine and equine handling facilities, a research laboratory, a classroom, and a two-bedroom apartment for graduate student housing.
Improvements included revised springs and dampers and a changed anti-roll bar.
Improvements included increased power and resistance to electronic jamming.
Improvements included the replacement of the original engine with the more powerful Maybach HL 120TR, and the transmission with the new SSG 75 transmission, with six forward gears and one reverse gear.
Improvements over the existing AT & T a. out format included arbitrary sections, explicit processor declarations, and explicit address linkage.
Improvements available included: heated windscreen, Cruise Control and, later all wheel drive.
Improvements to the driveline included larger wheel bearings, and heavier drive axles.
Improvements introduced with the Mk 3 included a more powerful version of the engine and a new gunsight and gun stabiliser.
Improvements to the engine included a new camshaft and valve springs, and twin SU 2 " HD8 carburetors, together with a new design of exhaust system.
Improvements on its predecessor included an etched PCB, a hexadecimal keypad instead of toggle switches for program entry, the CDP1861 Pixie-graphics chip, and the 5 slot 86-line bus for expansion cards.
Improvements included a variable search window size ; Amiga LZX was fixed to 64kB, Microsoft LZX could range on powers of two between 32 and 2048 kilobytes.
Improvements to the channels which form a central feature of the Olympic Park have included the largest aquatic planting scheme ever carried out in Britain.
Improvements included faster processors, more RAM, a larger hard drive, and improved graphics.
Improvements to the COTAC APX M-508 fire control system included the installation of a laser rangefinder and a low-light TV ( LLTV ).
Improvements continued to the basic Elite design ; this included rear lighting, rear emergency door and subtle changes to the front grill.
Improvements included the construction of a new railway bridge enabling the Devonport and District Tramway Company to provide efficient service from Devonport, through St Budeaux, to Saltash Passage, linking Plymouth to Cornwall.
Improvements included a new camera system and the addition of solar panels.

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