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1168 and attacked
In 1168 Afonso again felt menaced by Ferdinand II's repopulation of the area of Ciudad Rodrigo: he then attacked Galicia, occupying Tui and the territory of Xinzo de Limia, former fiefs of his mother.

1168 and at
In 1168 the chief Wendish fortress at Arkona in Rügen, containing the sanctuary of their god Svantevit, was conquered.
The modern Syldavia was formed in 1127 when a tribal chief called Hveghi drove away Turkish conquerors defeated at the battle of Zileheroum and took the name Muskar ruling until 1168.
The West Kern Oil Museum, at 1168 Wood Street, has vast holdings including pumps, fire apparatus, trucks, a historic wooden derrick, photos, models, and extensive displays of local history back to Indian times.
In 1168, the Danish king, Valdemar I, and his army commander and advisor, Bishop Absalon of Roskilde destroyed the Svetovid temple in the hillfort at Cape Arkona, ending both the territorial and religious autonomy of the Rani, their former monarchs became Danish princes of Rügen.
Usually identified as the Toltec capital around 980 CE, the city was destroyed at some time between 1168 and 1179.
The third, and arguably the most important record, comes from the Danish chronicler Saxo Grammaticus, who in his Gesta Danorum described the war fought in 1168 by the Danish king Valdemar I against the Wends of Rügen, the conquest of their city at cape Arkona and the destruction of the grand temple of Svantevit that stood there.
Dissatisfied with the state of Buddhism at the time, in 1168 he set off on his first trip to Mt.
He died on 5 April 1168, probably at his Northamptonshire castle of Brackley, for his entrails were buried at the hospital in the town.
In 1906 she lived at 1168 W. 36th St., Los Angeles, California.
In 1168 Olav and his men ventured south to the Oslofjord area, but were there defeated in battle at Stanger in Våler.
Apart from some rebuilding work in 1168 as a result of a fire, the rest of the 12th century passed fairly quietly at the abbey.
The Pórtico da Gloria of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is a Romanesque portico by Master Mateo and his workshop at the request of King Ferdinand II of León, who donated for this purpose one hundred maravedís annually between 1168 and 1188, when the latter consisting inscribed in stone in the cathedral as its completion.
In 1168 Olav and his men ventured south to the Oslofjord area, but were there defeated in battle at Stanger in Våler.
Rhys did not oblige at the time, but in response to a further appeal in 1168 released Robert from captivity.

1168 and its
Frederick wanted to take revenge on Susa for its behaviour of 1168, and on September 30 his forces captured and burned down the town.
After Fustat was destroyed in 1168 / 1169 to prevent its capture by the Crusaders, the administrative capital of Egypt moved to Cairo, where it has remained ever since.

1168 and castle
Called Belveer or Beauverium, the castle was built by the Crusaders around 1168 CE.
Gilbert of Assailly, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller, began construction of the castle in 1168.

1168 and .
After a successful campaign Manuel I and Andronikos returned together to Constantinople ( 1168 ); but a year later, Andronikos refused to take the oath of allegiance to the future king Béla III of Hungary, whom Manuel desired to become his successor.
In 1168 Amalric and Manuel negotiated an alliance against Egypt, and William of Tyre was among the ambassadors sent to Constantinople to finalize the treaty.
However, in 1168 the Fatimids under the leadership of Vizier Shawar set fire to Fustat to prevent Cairo's capture by the Crusaders.
Of all her influence on culture, Eleanor's time in Poitiers ( 1168 – 1173 ) was perhaps the most critical and yet very little is known about it.
" Franconia remained a Hohenstaufen power base until 1168, when the Bishop of Würzburg was formally ceded the ducal rights in Eastern Franconia.
Amalric cemented his alliance with Manuel by marrying Manuel's niece Maria Komnene in 1167, and an embassy led by William of Tyre was sent to Constantinople to negotiate a military expedition, but in 1168 Amalric pillaged Bilbeis without waiting for the naval support promised by Manuel.
During this time, he composed his acclaimed commentary on the Mishnah in the years 1166 – 1168.
Following this sojourn in Morocco, together with two sons, he sojourned in the Holy Land, before settling in Fostat, Egypt around 1168.
* In 1168, Maimonides published a comprehensive commentary on the Mishnah.
In 1168, the intercession of Pope Alexander III was necessary to secure a truce between them.
In 1168 during the Northern Crusades, Denmark mounted a crusade led by Bishop Absalon and King Valdemar the Great against the Wends of Rugia in order to convert them to Christianity.
* 1168: King Valdemar I of Denmark conquers Arkona on the Island of Rügen, the strongest pagan fortress and temple in northern Europe.
Year 1168 ( MCLXVIII ) was a leap year starting on Monday ( link will display the full calendar ) of the Julian calendar.
am: 1168...
hr: 1168.
lt: 1168 m.
A bishop was appointed to Hebron in 1168 and the new cathedral church of St Abraham was built in the southern part of the Haram.
Henceforward Henry succeeded in keeping the countship of Anjou all his life ; for though he granted it in 1168 to his son Henry the Young King when the latter became old enough to govern it, he absolutely refused to allow him to enjoy his power.
* Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester ( d. 1168 )
* William de Ferrers ( b. 1168 )
SDDS uses ATRAC1 with 8 channel encoding, and with a total encoding rate over all the channels of 1168 kbit / s.

attacked and Normans
The precarious position of Normans and Flemings was demonstrated in 1136 when the Normans, having already lost 500 men in battle at Loughor, re-recruited from Lordships from all over South Wales and led by Robert fitz Martin at Crug Mawr near Cardigan attacked Owain Gwynedd and his army.
Gruffudd then led his forces eastwards to reclaim territories taken over by the Normans, and despite the assistance previously given by Robert of Rhuddlan attacked and destroyed Rhuddlan castle.
The Varangians stood their ground while the Byzantine left, including some of Alexius ' elite troops, attacked the Normans.
In 962 Theobald I, Count of Blois attacked Rouen, Richard ’ s stronghold, but his army was defeated by the Normans and retreated never having crossed the Seine.
The city was attacked on November 26, and the struggle for the possession of the bridge ( now the Pontau-Change ) lasted for two days ; but Joscelin repaired the destruction of the wooden tower overnight, and the Normans were obliged to give up the attempt to take the city by storm.

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