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1214 and Ferdinand
They were decisively defeated at Bouvines in July 1214, where Ferdinand was taken prisoner.
He landed in La Rochelle in 1214 and was then allied with Renaud de Dammartin, Count Ferdinand of Flanders and of course with Otto IV.
They were decisively defeated at Bouvines in July 1214, where Ferdinand was taken prisoner.

1214 and Count
In 1214, King Philip II of France defeated the Count of Flanders in the Battle of Bouvines and forced his submission to the French crown.
# Marie ( c. 1190 – May 1260 ), married in Maastricht after May 19, 1214 Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor, married July 1220 Count William I of Holland
# Mathilde ( c. 1200 – December 22, 1267 ), married in Aachen in 1212 Henry II, Count Palatine of the Rhine ( d. 1214 ), married on December 6, 1214 Floris IV, Count of Holland
# Ysabeau ( Elizabeth ) ( d. October 23, 1272 ), married in Leuven March 19, 1233 Count Dietrich of Cleves, Lord of Dinslaken ( c. 1214 – 1244 ), married 1246 Gerhard II, Count of Wassenberg ( d. 1255 )
* Mahaut ( 1190 – 1242 ), married in 1214 John I, Count of Châlon and Auxonne ( 1190 – 1267 )
Count Renaud of Boulogne joined the imperial side at the Battle of Bouvines in 1214, and was defeated by Philip II of France.
The rise of the Limburg dynasty continued, when Duke Waleran III in 1214 became Count of Luxembourg by marriage with the heiress Ermesinde and his son Henry IV in 1225 became Count of Berg as husband of heiress Irmgard.

1214 and Flanders
The counts of Flanders, Boulogne, and Hainaut came together with England and the Holy Roman Empire of Germany and declared war on France and Philip II of France, a war that ended with the French victory at Bouvines in 1214.
Henry of Flanders eventually defeated both, but after Michael's death in 1214, his brother and successor Theodore began anew the assault on the kingdom.

1214 and return
In 1213 Walter de Lacy wrote to John asking to return to England, and by 1214 his property in England and Wales ( which had been under the control of Engelard de Cigogné ) except for the borough and castle of Ludlow had been returned to him.
When John made his peace with Innocent, Eustace was allowed to return to England, and it was Eustace who formally lifted the excommuication of John on 2 July 1214.
First leg at average speed of 1214. 71 mph, return leg at average speed of 1081. 77 mph.
In return he fought John ’ s Welsh wars 1209 – 12 ; helped secure the peace with the pope in 1213 – 14, and was with the king in Poitou in 1214.

1214 and cities
In the 13th century King Andrew II of Hungary used the style Galicia et Lodomeria-a Latinised version of the Slavic names Halych and Volodymyr, the major cities of the principality of Halych-Volhynia, which the Hungarians rule from 1214 to 1221.

1214 and which
The Battle of Bouvines, which took place on 27 July 1214, was a medieval battle ending the twelve year old Angevin-Flanders War that was fundamental in the early development of France in the Middle Ages by confirming the French crown's sovereignty over the Angevin lands of Brittany and Normandy.
The European wars culminated in defeat at the Battle of Bouvines ( 1214 ), which forced the king to accept an unfavourable peace with France after having failed to get help from King Mohammed el-Nasir of Morocco.
The conflict was decided by the Battle of Bouvines on 27 July 1214, which pitted Otto, allied to King John of England against Philip II Augustus.
Initially his barons were unenthusiastic about the expedition, which delayed his departure, and so it was not until February 1214 that he was able to disembark at La Rochelle.
The Wittelsbach family was the ruling dynasty of the German territories of Bavaria from 1180 to 1918 and of the Electorate of the Palatinate from 1214 until 1805 ; in 1815 the latter territory was partly incorporated as Rhine Palatinate into Bavaria, which was elevated to a kingdom by Napoleon in 1806.
The Angevin property having been partly his own lands whose control was lost in the aftermath of the Battle of Bouvines ( 1214 ), King John of England would not allow a French subject to take ownership of such an estate in England, a policy maintained by the following Regency, so the lands were split between the boys, Simon's elder brother Amaury taking the French holding ( which he promptly lost, not having his father's military accumen ) and Simon taking the English, when King Henry eventually changed the policy on his accession to power on arriving at an age of majority in 1227: both he and Simon were virtually contemporary and both had seen their lands abused by their elders during their minority.
It was a serious blow for the resistance, and in 1214 the situation became worse: Raymond was forced to flee to England, and his lands were given by the Pope to the victorious Philippe II, a stratagem which finally succeeded in interesting the king in the conflict.
In 1214 the barons of England are believed to have met in the Abbey Church and sworn to force King John to accept the Charter of Liberties, the document which influenced the creation of the Magna Carta.
The market on High Street, which has been held in the town since 1214 ; in the background is the tower of St Laurence's Church
It was by virtue of the Magna Carta that the legal precepts due process and habeas corpus were concurrently established in 1214 thus commencing with their eventual enshrinement in judicial procedures which required that persons suspected of crimes are required to be judged in a court of law before punishment can be legally rendered.
* The GJ 1214 b's average distance from the star GJ 1214 is 2. 14 Gm, which is the smallest orbit of any known exoplanets.
He was Dean of Lichfield by 11 April 1214, at which time he held a prebend in the diocese of London.
* 1214 ( Kempo 2, 2nd month ): Shogun Sanetomo, having drunk too much sake, was feeling somewhat uncomfortable ; and the Buddhist priest Eisai, who was the grand priest of the Jufuku-ji temple-complex, presented the shogun with an excellent tea, which restored his good health.
After a fire, which heavily damaged a part of the studio and office located in the former Brookhaven ( Atlanta ) Elementary School, NRC moved from this original location at 1214 Fernwood Circle to 2871 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, where it operated under Storey's ownership until c. 1970 as a record pressing plant.
The distinctively pedagogical character of the Dominican apostolate as intended by Saint Dominic de Guzman at the birth of the Order in 1214, which would soon become " the first order instituted by the Church with an academic mission ," is succinctly expressed by another of the Order's mottos, contemplare et contemplata aliis tradere, ( to contemplate and to bear the fruits of contemplation to others ), a paraphrase of Thomas Aquinas ' teaching on the perfection of the Dominican charism.

1214 and had
Nevertheless, in 1214, Andrew had his son crowned.
In the summer of 1214, Andrew had a meeting with Grand Duke Leszek I of Poland and they agreed that they would divide the Principality of Halych between Hungary and Poland.
Pope Innocent III initially had supported the Welfs, but when Otto, now sole elected monarch, moved to appropriate Sicily, Innocent changed sides and accepted young Frederick II and his ally, King Philip II of France, who defeated Otto at the 1214 Battle of Bouvines.
John paid some of the compensation money he had promised the church, but he ceased making payments in late 1214, leaving two-thirds of the sum unpaid ; Innocent appears to have conveniently forgotten this debt for the good of the wider relationship.
Nonetheless, when John left for Poitou in February 1214, many barons refused to provide military service ; mercenary knights had to fill the gaps.
Over the course of his reign a combination of higher taxes, unsuccessful wars that resulted in the loss of English barons ' titled possessions in Normandy following the Battle of Bouvines ( 1214 ), and an ongoing conflict with the Pope Innocent III had made King John unpopular with many of his barons.
The 1214 birth date assumes he was not being literal, and may have meant 40 years had passed since he matriculated at Oxford at the age of 13.
The 1214 birth date assumes he was not being literal, and meant 40 years had passed since he matriculated at Oxford at the age of 13.
# Isabella ( 1214 – 1241 ), the wife of Emperor Frederick II, by whom she had issue.
The city was destroyed by Genghis Khan in 1219, although the great conqueror had found that the Khorezmshah had already sacked the city in 1214.
* Hugh ( 1214 ), who had been the Prior.
miles ) and in 2001 had a population of 2732 in 1214 households.
After Philip's murder in 1209, he " said and sang " in support of Otto of Brunswick against the papal candidate Frederick of Hohenstaufen ; and only when Otto's usefulness to Germany had been shattered by the Battle of Bouvines ( 1214 ) did he turn to the rising star of Frederick II, now the sole representative of German majesty against pope and princes.
The town was first granted a market charter by King John in 1214, for a weekly market on Wednesdays, but by 1253 the market day had changed to Tuesdays.
In 1214 King John of England had assembled a formidable coalition against the French.
Matthieu II of Montmorency had an important share in the victory of Bouvines ( 1214 ), and was made constable in 1218.
Between 1213 and 1214 the Mongols conquered the Jin Empire, and by 1214 the Mongols had captured most of the land north of the Yellow River.
In 1214, Inge suppressed a rising by the farmers of Trøndelag – earl Haakon was suspected of having had a hand in the rising.
For what was left of the season, he caught fifteen games and had a batting average of. 294 He also acquired the nickname " Noisy John ," because he kept up a constant chatter on the field ; some baseball historians have noted this was part of his skill in waging " psychological warfare " on his opponents ( Bogen and Anderson, http :// bioproj. sabr. org / bioproj. cfm? a = v & v = l & pid = 7608 & bid = 1214 ) By all accounts he was an exceptional defensive catcher, praised for his skill in throwing out runners who were caught stealing.

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