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1219 and Valdemar
The legend states the origin of the flag to the Battle of Lyndanisse, also known as the Battle of Valdemar ( Danish: " Volmerslaget "), near Lyndanisse ( Tallinn ) in Estonia, on June 15, 1219.
While the Swedes made only one failed foray into western Estonia in 1220, the Danish Fleet headed by King Valdemar II of Denmark had landed at the Estonian town of Lindanisse ( present-day Tallinn ) in 1219.
As part of the crusade, in the summer of 1219 the King of Denmark Valdemar II launched an attack against Tallinn.
In one of the Danish chronicles of 1219 it is mentioned that a damaged ship of King Valdemar II the Victorious was set ashore on an " Island of Hel ".
The three lions derive from the arms of Danish king Valdemar II who had conquered northern Estonia in 1219.

1219 and fleet
In 1219 the Danish fleet landed in the major harbor of Estonia and defeated the Estonians in the Battle of Lyndanisse that brought Northern Estonia under Danish reign until the Estonian uprising in 1343, when the territories were taken over by the Teutonic Order and sold by Denmark in 1346.

1219 and joined
He probably joined his father on the Fifth Crusade in 1219, where the elder de Quincy fell sick and died.
During the Mongol conquest of Eastern Persia, Ögedei and Chagatai massacred the residents of Otrar after a five-month siege in 1219 – 20 and joined Jochi who was outside the walls of Urganch.

1219 and with
In the 19th and early 20th century, these images were used by many Danish historians, with a good flair of nationalism, trying to date the origins of the flag to 1219.
In 1219, twenty-one Lithuanian dukes signed a peace treaty with Galicia – Volhynia.
A treaty with Galicia – Volhynia, signed in 1219, is usually considered the first conclusive evidence that the Baltic tribes in the area were uniting in response to these threats.
It has also been suggested that the Swedish flag might have been a resistance flag against the Danish flag, which is red with a white cross, and which has been known since 1219.
In 1214 Theodore concluded a peace treaty with the Latin Empire at Nymphaion, and in 1219 he married a niece of Emperor Henry.
It was in this capacity, in 1219, that he came into contact with five Franciscan friars who were on their way to Morocco to preach the Gospel to the Muslims there.
The Iron Cross () is a cross symbol typically in black with a white or silver outline that originated after 1219 when the Kingdom of Jerusalem granted the Teutonic Order the right to combine the Teutonic Black Cross placed above a silver Cross of Jerusalem.
Given in Haguenau, September 1219 ( recto of the parchment with the gold seal of the Frederick II.
According to the Life of William Marshal, which dates to soon after 1219, when word reached William Marshal, one of the richest and most influential barons, that Richard was dead, he consulted with Walter and discussed whom to support as the next king.
By 1219, the limitations of space on the hilltop site had become cause for concern, with the cathedral and castle in close proximity and their respective chiefs in regular conflict.
* 1203: Yoritomo's successor as head of the Kamakura shogunate, Minamoto no Yoriie, was assassinated ; and former emperor Go-Toba was responsible for good relations with the shogunate when it was headed by Minamoto no Sanetomo from 1203 through 1219.
Dušan's Code was thus a supplement to Milutin's code, as well as a supplement to the various Church law codes that also had authority in Serbia ; in particular the Nomocanon of Saint Sava ( Zakonopravilo ), enacted in 1219 with the establishment of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbian Kingdom.
* Knights of the Cross with the Red Star ( before 1219 )
In 1219 the walls of the city were razed by Mu ' azzim Sultan of Damascus ; in 1229, by treaty with Egypt, Jerusalem came into the hands of Frederick II of Germany.
It is noteworthy that the Archbishop of Uppsala, Valerius ( 1207 – 1219 / 1224 ), was also in Denmark at the time, temporarily exiled from Sweden after having allied with the deposed King Sverker, yet another exile in Denmark.
Snorri, however, was well acquainted with Vänern as he had visited Västergötland in 1219.
From his time fighting in France Hubert had a knowledge of the latest in military architecture, and in the years after 1219 he was a prosperous lord who had great influence with the young King Henry III.
Bourchard and Margaret continued as a married couple, having 3 children, as their conflict with Joan grew violent and Bouchard was captured and imprisoned in 1219.
When the port was besieged and occupied by Frisian crusaders in 1219, Francis of Assisi arrived to peaceably negotiate with the Muslim ruler.
These events led Genghis to retaliate with a force of 100, 000 to 150, 000 men that crossed the Jaxartes in 1219 and sacked the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Otrar and others.
After Marshal's death in 1219 Roches led the baronial opposition to Hubert de Burgh, with varying success.
Several further campaigns in 1219, 1222 failed, instead Konrad picked a long-term border quarrel with the Prussian tribes.
Having shown this was feasible Air Staff Requirement 1219 was issued in January 1972, with the project code XJ. 521.
Numerous other attempts followed, and, under Duke Konrad I of Masovia, were intensified, with large battles and crusades in 1209, 1219, 1220, and 1222.
When instability threatened the royal government in May and June 1219 Neville was ordered by Pandulf, the papal legate, to remain in London with the Great Seal while a royal council was held at Gloucester.

1219 and led
By 1219, the empire had fallen to the Mongols, led by Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan led the Mongol army westwards in late 1219 to invade Khwarizm as retaliation for the execution of Mongol ambassadors.

1219 and by
In August 1219, his younger son, Coloman, who had been crowned King of Halych, was expelled from his kingdom by Prince Mstilav of Novgorod.
In another record by Petrus Olai called " Danmarks Tolv Herligheder " ( Twelve Splendours of Denmark ), in splendour number nine, the same story is re-told almost to the word ; however, a paragraph has been inserted correcting the year to 1219.
In 1219 Pope Honorius III invited Saint Dominic and his companions to taken up residence at the ancient Roman basilica of Santa Sabina, which they did by early 1220.
In the winter the crusaders were affected by floods and disease, and the siege dragged on throughout 1219, when Francis of Assisi arrived to attempt to negotiate a truce.
Other famous pieces include the Boecis, a 258-line-long poem written entirely in the Limousin dialect of Occitan between the year 1000 and 1030 and inspired by Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy ; the Waldensian La Nobla Leyczon ( dated 1100 ), la Cançó de Santa Fe ( ca 1054 – 1076 ), the Romance of Flamenca ( 13th c .), the Song of the Albigensian Crusade ( 1213 – 1219?
The windmill will spread in the other direction, to be introduced to China by as early as 1219.
In 1216 a war faction persuaded Xuānzōng to attack the Song, but in 1219 they were defeated at the same place by the Yangtze River, where Prince Hǎilíng had been defeated in 1161.
The city was destroyed by Genghis Khan in 1219, although the great conqueror had found that the Khorezmshah had already sacked the city in 1214.
In 1219, the Serbian Orthodox Church was established as the national church by Saint Sava.
Yoritomo's second son and third shogun Minamoto no Sanetomo spent most of his life staying out of politics and writing good poetry, but was nonetheless assassinated in February 1219 by his nephew Kugyō under the giant ginkgo tree that still stands at Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū.
In 1219 the knights of Haarlem were laurelled by Count Willem I, because they had conquered the Egyptian port of Damietta ( or Damiate in Dutch, present-day Dimyat ) in the 5th crusade.
a grandson of Henry the Lion in the time from 1219 to 1226 and was first mentioned in 1228 in the deed of city rights of Schwerin, confirmed by the sons of Heinrich Borwin II., who donated the cathedral as collegiate church in 1226.
Haakon's councillors had sought to reconcile Haakon and Skule by proposing marriage between Haakon and Skule's daughter Margrete in 1219.
In the years 1217 to 1219, therefore, the Latin Empire was effectively ruled by Iolanda, Henry's sister and Peter's mother, in regency.
The Code had its roots in the first Serbian constitution — St. Sava's Nomocanon () from 1219, enacted by Saint Sava.
Bohemond of Tripoli, as Bohemond IV, took control by 1207, but Raymond briefly ruled as a rival from 1216 to 1219.
Before him, the hereditary title of " Marshal " designated the head of household security for the king of England, however by the time he died in 1219, people throughout Europe ( not just England ) referred to William Marshal simply as " the Marshal ".
He is consecrated in 1219 as the first Archbishop of the Serbian church, given autocephaly by Patriarch Manuel I of Constantinople, who was then in exile at Nicaea.
In 1219, he married the daughter of Latin Empress Yolanda of Flanders, but he died in 1222 and was succeeded by his son-in-law John III Ducas Vatatzes.

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