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1474 and Albert
On 22 July 1227 Albert I asserted as fellow victor in the Battle of Bornhöved, commanding the Holy Roman left flank, his earlier disputed rank as liege lord of the Counts of Schauenburg and Holstein, a privilege, however, lost by his successor John V in 1474.

1474 and married
# Elisabeth ( 8 April 1474, Ansbach – 25 April 1507, Römhild ), married Count Hermann VIII of Henneberg-Aschach ( 1470 – 1535 )
* Thomas Grey, Earl of Huntingdon, Marquess of Dorset and Lord Ferrers de Groby ( 1457 – 20 September 1501 ), married firstly Anne Holland, but she died young without issue ; he married secondly on 18 July 1474, Cecily Bonville, suo jure Baroness Harington and Bonville, by whom he had fourteen children.
Ercole's daughter Beatrice ( 1475 – 1497 ) married Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, while his daughter Isabella ( 1474 – 1539 ) married Francesco Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua.
# Jeanne Blanche ( d. 1470 ), Lady of Mirebeau, married in Paris 1467 Bertrand de Beauvau ( d. 1474 )
* Barbara ( 1455 – 1503 ), married in 1474 Eberhard I, Duke of Württemberg.
Jane de la Pole ( d. 28 February 1494 ) was married before 1450 to Thomas Stonor ( 1423 – 1474 ), of Stonor, Oxfordshire.
Beatrice and Alfonso ’ s sister, Isabella d ' Este ( 1474 – 1539 ) was married to Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua.
Thomas first married, at Greenwich in October 1466, Anne Holland ( c. 1455-c. 1474 ), the only daughter of Henry Holland, 3rd Duke of Exeter and Anne of York.
After Anne died young without issue, Thomas married on 18 July 1474, Cecily Bonville, 7th Baroness Harington of Aldingham and 2nd Baroness Bonville, the wealthiest heiress in England.
* Lady Anne Holland ( c. 1455 – between 26 August 1467 and 6 June 1474 ), who married Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset.
After Henry ’ s IV death ( 1474 ), the Castilian crown was disputed between the half sister of the king, Isabella I of Castile, married with Prince Ferdinand II of Aragon, and the king ’ s daughter, Juana de Trastámara, popularly known as la Beltraneja-because her father was alleged to be Beltrán de La Cueva.
A young child when his mother married Edward IV, Richard first appeared on the public scene when he took part in the jousts to celebrate the creation of his half-brother Richard as duke of York in 1474, a feat he repeated at the duke's marriage celebrations in 1478.
Gradually winning back King Matthias's favour, he married Ilona Szilágyi of Wallachia, a sister or cousin of the king ( sources vary and disagree on what her relation was ), and in the years before his final release in 1474, had her as a companion in his captivity.
John and Alice were married in February 1474.
In January 1474, when Bianca was not quite two years old, she married her first cousin Philibert I, Duke of Savoy, the son of her uncle Amadeus IX of Savoy, and Yolande of France.
In 1474, he married Joan of Lorraine ( d. 1480 ), daughter of Frederick II of Vaudémont, but they had no children.
* Adelheid ( 1425 – 1475 ), first married count Ernest III of Hohnstein ( d. 1454 ) and then in 1474 Count Gerhard VI of Mansfeld ( d. 1492 ).
* Adelheid ( 1425 – 1475 ), first married count Ernest III of Hohnstein ( died 1454 ) and then in 1474 Count Gerhard VI of Mansfeld ( died 1492 ).

1474 and daughter
In the Siege of Neuss ( 1474 – 75 ), he forced Charles the Bold of Burgundy to give up his daughter Mary of Burgundy as wife to Frederick's son Maximilian.
Buckingham's mother was Lady Margaret Beaufort ( c. 1427 – 1474 ), daughter of Edmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset.
In 1474 a marriage alliance was agreed to with Edward IV of England by which the future James IV of Scotland was to marry Princess Cecily of York, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.
His maternal grandparents were Sir George Darell or Darrell ( died c. 1474 ) and Margaret Stourton ( born c. 1433 ), a daughter of John Stourton, 1st Baron Stourton and Margery or Marjory Wadham.
** Eleanor Percy, Duchess of Buckingham ( 1474 – 1530 ), daughter of the 4th Earl

1474 and Duke
She was born on Tuesday 19 May 1474 at nine o ' clock in the evening in Ferrara, to Ercole I d ' Este, Duke of Ferrara and Leonora of Naples.
* 1474 – 1477: Burgundy Wars of France, Switzerland, Lorraine and Sigismund II of Habsburg against the Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.
## in 1438 Duke Wenzel I of Teschen ( 1413 / 18 – 1474 ).
* June 14 – Giovanni Borgia, Duke of Gandia ( assassinated ) ( b. 1474 )
René retired to Provence, and in 1474 made a will by which he left Bar to his grandson René II, Duke of Lorraine ; Anjou and Provence to his nephew Charles, count of Le Maine.
In 1474 Lauenburg's liege lord Emperor Frederick III elevated Christian I as Count of Holstein to Duke of Holstein, thus becoming an immediate imperial vassal ( see imperial immediacy ).
In 1474 Lauenburg's liege lord Emperor Frederick III elevated Christian I as Count of Holstein-Rendsburg to Duke of Holstein, thus becoming an immediate imperial ( reichsunmittelbar ) vassal ( see imperial immediacy ).
Barnard Castle had passed to the Duke of Gloucester ( later Richard III ) in the right of his wife, Anne Neville in about 1474.
He was created Duke of York in May 1474 and made a Knight of the Garter the following year.
This transfer of loyalties of the oldest brother and head of the whole family, Diego, after Henry's death in December 1474, was duly rewarded by Queen Isabella I of Castile, Queen successor since December 1474 awarding Diego the title of Duke of the Infantado or Duke of l ' Infantado on 22 July 1475.
One of the main events in the town's history is the siege of the town in 1474 – 75 by Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, that lasted for nearly a year.
In 1474, Sixtus IV sent his nephew, Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere ( later Julius II ); after fruitless negotiations he laid siege to the city, but Vitelli did not surrender until he learned that the command of the army had been given to Duke Federico III da Montefeltro.
* John VI, Duke of Mecklenburg ( 1439 – 1474 )
Pope Sixtus IV conferred on him the title of Duke of Urbino ( 1474 ).
* Perkin Warbeck ( 1474 – 1499 ), a pretender who claimed to be Richard, Duke of York
Open war broke out in 1474, and in the following years the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, was defeated three times on the battlefield and killed in the Battle of Nancy in 1477.

1474 and Henry
In 1474, King Henry IV of Castile died without a male heir.
The death of King Henry IV of Castile in 1474 set off a struggle for power called the War of the Castilian Succession ( 1475-1479 ).
* Missale Romanum Mediolani, 1474, Henry Bradshaw Society
Perkin Warbeck ( circa 1474 – 23 November 1499 ) was a pretender to the English throne during the reign of King Henry VII of England.
Henry VII declared that he was an impostor and after Warbeck's capture declared that he was a Fleming born in Tournai around 1474.
* King Henry IV of Castile ( 1425 – 1474 )
* Queen Isabella I of Castile, who succeeded her half-brother Henry IV in 1474
he was the partisan of the Princess Isabella, afterwards queen, while his eldest brother Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, 2nd marquis of Santillana, remained however faithful to king Henry IV of Castile, till his rather controverted death in December 1474.
When Henry died in 1474, she was recognized as monarch by some noble factions, while other recognized her half-aunt as Queen Isabella I of Castile initiating a four-year War of the Castilian Succession.
This couple, Andrés de Cabrera and Beatriz Fernández de Bobadilla gave the keys of the Royal Treasury at Segovia, to Queen Isabel I of Castile and her husband, also a king, Ferdinand II of Aragon during the Civil War ensued from the death in strange circumstances, December 1474, of king of Castile, Henry IV of Castile, the half brother of much younger and immediately self promoted to Queen of Castile, Isabel I of Castile.
Chidiock's father Peter appears to be the youngest son of Henry Tichborne ( born circa 1474 ) and Anne Mervin ( or Marvin ) but the records are unclear.
Sir John Seymour of Wulfhall in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, KB ( c. 1474 – 21 December 1536 ) was a member of the English gentry and a courtier to King Henry VIII, best known for being the father of the king's third wife, Jane Seymour.
* Sir John Seymour ( 1474 – 1536 ), father of Queen Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII of England
Henry IV ( Castilian: Enrique, ) ( 5 January 1425 – 11 December 1474 ), King of the Crown of Castile, nicknamed the Impotent ( ruled 1454 – 1474 ), was the last of the weak late medieval kings of Castile.
Henry died in 1474 and was buried at Santa María de Guadalupe, next to his mother.
During the struggle between Afonso V of Portugal and Ferdinand of Aragon for the right of succession to Henry IV of Castile, the last male of his house ( 1474 ), much depended upon the attitude of Calatrava.

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