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1474 and Sixtus
Pope Sixtus IV gave the nuns canonical status in 1474.
In 1474 Christian travelled two times: in April he went to Milan ( his stay in Lombardy is celebrated by frescoes by Il Romanino in the Malpaga Castle ) and Rome, in Italy, where he met Pope Sixtus IV.
The origin of the orthodox Clareni, approved as true Franciscans by Sixtus IV in 1474, is unknown ; nor is it clear whether they were followers of Angelo who kept aloof from heresy or, after falling into his error, retracted.
The Archbishop of Cosenza approved the group and established them as a religious Order on November 30, 1470, and this approval was confirmed by Pope Sixtus IV in his Bull Sedes Apostolica of May 17, 1474.
In 1474, Sixtus IV sent his nephew, Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere ( later Julius II ); after fruitless negotiations he laid siege to the city, but Vitelli did not surrender until he learned that the command of the army had been given to Duke Federico III da Montefeltro.
Pope Sixtus IV conferred on him the title of Duke of Urbino ( 1474 ).
* Sixtus of Tannberg ( appointed 12 January 1474 ; died 14 July 1495 )
His most famous work was his history of the world from Creation to Pope Sixtus IV, Fasciculus temporum, which was published in many editions between 1474 and 1726, including almost 40 editions during his lifetime.
In the spring of 1462, the king applied to Pope Pius II for indulgence for having constructed the chapel, which was finally granted upon the his visit to Pope Sixtus IV in Rome in 1474.
At this time ( 1474 ) Pope Sixtus IV bestowed upon him the title of archbishop of Caesarea.

1474 and IV
In 1474, King Henry IV of Castile died without a male heir.
The death of King Henry IV of Castile in 1474 set off a struggle for power called the War of the Castilian Succession ( 1475-1479 ).
In 1474 a marriage alliance was agreed to with Edward IV of England by which the future James IV of Scotland was to marry Princess Cecily of York, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.
* King Henry IV of Castile ( 1425 – 1474 )
* Queen Isabella I of Castile, who succeeded her half-brother Henry IV in 1474
After Henry ’ s IV death ( 1474 ), the Castilian crown was disputed between the half sister of the king, Isabella I of Castile, married with Prince Ferdinand II of Aragon, and the king ’ s daughter, Juana de Trastámara, popularly known as la Beltraneja-because her father was alleged to be Beltrán de La Cueva.
he was the partisan of the Princess Isabella, afterwards queen, while his eldest brother Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, 2nd marquis of Santillana, remained however faithful to king Henry IV of Castile, till his rather controverted death in December 1474.
He claims that a letter written in 1474 by Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli and found amongst the private papers of Columbus indicates that an earlier Chinese ambassador had direct correspondence with Pope Eugene IV in Rome.
A young child when his mother married Edward IV, Richard first appeared on the public scene when he took part in the jousts to celebrate the creation of his half-brother Richard as duke of York in 1474, a feat he repeated at the duke's marriage celebrations in 1478.
This couple, Andrés de Cabrera and Beatriz Fernández de Bobadilla gave the keys of the Royal Treasury at Segovia, to Queen Isabel I of Castile and her husband, also a king, Ferdinand II of Aragon during the Civil War ensued from the death in strange circumstances, December 1474, of king of Castile, Henry IV of Castile, the half brother of much younger and immediately self promoted to Queen of Castile, Isabel I of Castile.
Henry IV ( Castilian: Enrique, ) ( 5 January 1425 – 11 December 1474 ), King of the Crown of Castile, nicknamed the Impotent ( ruled 1454 – 1474 ), was the last of the weak late medieval kings of Castile.
In a 1474 letter of Toscanelli to Columbus, the authenticity of which has been a matter of disagreement among scholars, Toscanelli mentions the visit of men from Cathay ( China ) during the reign of Pope Eugenius IV ( 1431 – 1447 ):
* Rudolph IV 1474 – 1510 ( co-regent )
During the struggle between Afonso V of Portugal and Ferdinand of Aragon for the right of succession to Henry IV of Castile, the last male of his house ( 1474 ), much depended upon the attitude of Calatrava.

1474 and gave
After 1474, King Matthew gave orders to build a square and a residence-wing in the Middle Castle.

1474 and him
When Gomes charter came up for renewal in 1474, Prince John ( future John II ), asked his father Afonso V of Portugal to pass the African charter to him.
One poem traditionally attributed to him, Alexandra or Cassandra, has been preserved in its complete form, running to 1474 iambic trimeters.
Translated by William Caxton, and printed by him probably with Colard Mansion and Johann Veldener in 1473 or 1474 ( traditionally " ca.
The Prince refused and in November 1474, he wrote to the Pope to warn him of further Ottoman expansion, and to ask him for support.

1474 and rule
Pursuant to an agreement signed by Isabella and Ferdinand on January 15, 1474, Isabella held more authority over the newly unified Spain than her husband, although their rule was shared.
Descendants of the Lusignans continued to rule the Kingdom of Cyprus until 1474.
Singhawikramawardhana moved the Kingdom ’ s capital further inland to Daha ( the former capital of Kediri kingdom ) and continued his rule until he was succeeded by his son Ranawijaya in 1474.

1474 and for
It was printed for the first time between 1474 and 1482, probably at Strasbourg, France.
Richard visited Pontefract from 1471, in April and October 1473, and in early March 1474 for a week.
On 1 March 1474 he granted Alice Burgh £ 20 a year for life " for certain special causes and considerations ".
The first empirical evidence for the Earth's rotation on its axis, using the phenomenon of comets, was given by Tusi ( 1201 – 1274 ) and Ali Qushji ( 1403 – 1474 ).
Josquin was long mistaken for a man with a similar name, Josquin de Kessalia, born around the year 1440, who sang in Milan from 1459 to 1474, dying in 1498.
The first record of an armoury for the manufacture of guns occurs in 1474, and by 1498 the master gunner Robert Borthwick was casting bronze guns at Edinburgh.
At the beginning of 1474 there were informations about intention of Ottoman sultan to rebuild Podgorica and Baleč and settle them with 5, 000 Turkish families in order to establish an additional obstacle for cooperation of Principality of Zeta and Venetian Shkodër.
The introduction of movable-block printing by Caxton in 1474 provided the means for the more rapid dissemination of new or recently rediscovered writers and thinkers.
At some date before 1474 he was appointed Inquisitor for the Tyrol, Salzburg, Bohemia and Moravia.
On April 14, 1474 Hastings acquired the manorial right to Kirby from the Pakeman family, although he had rented it for some years previous to this.
Almanach cracoviense ad annum 1474 | Calendarium cracoviense, an almanac for the year 1474
In the 15th century Canynges ' grandson, the great merchant William II Canynges ( d. 1474 ), also 5 times Mayor and 3 times MP, assumed responsibility for bringing the work of the interior to completion and filling the windows with stained glass.
From 1474 he was the official portrait artist for the Doges of Venice.
In the early 1470s he made a voyage to Rome, while in 1474 he executed the Forteguerri monument for the Cathedral of Pistoia, which he left unfinished.
In 1739 – 40 Ames circulated a preliminary list of English printers from 1471 to 1600, which included 215 names, most of them being those of London men, with the announcement: ‘ As the history and progress of printing in England, from 1474 to 1600, is in good forwardness for the press ; if any gentleman please to send the publisher, Jos.
2009 ), the total arrest rate for black juveniles aged 10 – 17 is more than twice that as of white juveniles ( National Center for Juvenile Justice 2008 )( p. 1474 ).
In spite of natural disasters ( flood in 1497, the fire of a suburb in 1474 and of the town in 1500 ), Thomas Tarczay's troops raids ( 1473 and 1474 ), pestilence, which nearly depopulated the town, the 16th century was the most favourable for the development of Krosno.
One of the main events in the town's history is the siege of the town in 1474 – 75 by Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, that lasted for nearly a year.
The Catalan-language decadence accompanied the Catalan commercial influence in the Spanish Empire, in which the use of Spanish language was essential, and overall neglect for the Crown of Aragon's institutions after the dynastic union of Castile and Aragon that resulted from the marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, a union finalized in 1474.

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