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1548 and appeared
The bishop then entrusted the image to Juan Diego, who chose to live, until his death at about the age of 73 — on May 30, 1548as a hermit near the spot where the Virgin Mary had appeared.
A second part, Pandectarum sive partitionum universalium libri xxi, appeared in 1548 ; only nineteen books being then concluded.
What are substantially fresh editions of the Partitiones appeared in 1547 as Institutiones Dialecticae, and in 1548 as Scholae Dialecticae ; his Dialectique ( 1555 ), a French version of his system, is the earliest work on the subject in the French language.
He had been dead several years when the first edition of his writings appeared ( 1548 ).

1548 and Art
" Thomas Sebillet in 1548 ( Art Poétique ) referred to " les bons et classiques poètes françois ", meaning Jean de Meun and Alain Chartier, which was the first modern application of the word.

1548 and Thomas
The first recorded English antitrinitarian was John Assheton who was forced to recant before Thomas Cranmer in 1548.
In summer 1548, a pregnant Catherine Parr discovered Thomas Seymour embracing Princess Elizabeth.
However, when Katherine died in childbirth in August 1548, Thomas renewed his attentions to the Princess.
By the end of 1548, Thomas ' plans had been reported to the Privy Council by an informant.
In 1548, when she was only 15 years old, Elizabeth was under suspicion of having illegally agreed to marry Thomas Seymour, the House and her servants were seized by Edward VI's agent Robert Tyrwhit, and she was interrogated there.
It was edited and enlarged in 1548 by Thomas Cooper, Bishop of Winchester, who called it Bibliotheca Eliotae, and it formed the basis in 1565 of Cooper's Thesaurus linguae Romanae et Britannicae.
Cooper's literary career began in 1548, when he compiled, or rather edited, Bibliotheca Eliotae, a Latin dictionary by Sir Thomas Elyot.
In 1548, he succeeded Bishop Thomas Thirlby as ambassador to the court of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.
In 1548 he helped Thomas Cranmer compile the Book of Common Prayer and in 1549 he was one of the commissioners who investigated Bishops Stephen Gardiner and Edmund Bonner.
After Henry VIII's death in 1547, Elizabeth's brother Thomas secretly married Catherine Parr, who died a few days after giving birth to her only child Mary Seymour, in September 1548.
" He was among those who sanctioned Gardiner's imprisonment in June 1548, and he was involved in the interrogation of Sir Thomas Seymour in 1549.
Francisco Suárez ( 5 January 1548 – 25 September 1617 ) was a Spanish Jesuit priest, philosopher and theologian, one of the leading figures of the School of Salamanca movement, and generally regarded among the greatest scholastics after Thomas Aquinas.
The Crown sold many chantries to private citizens: for example, in 1548 Thomas Bell ( Mayor of Gloucester ) purchased at least five in his city.
The castle was captured during the war of the Rough Wooing by the English soldiers James Wilford and Thomas Wyndham on 3 June 1548.
* 1548: Sir Thomas Marjoribanks of Ratho
* Lord Thomas Seymour ( 1548 – 1574 ), unmarried and without issue
* Sir Henry Wharton, a dashing leader of horse, who served in many border raids, was knighted on 23 February 1547 – 8 for his services during the expedition to Durisdeer, led the horse to the relief of Haddington in July 1548, and died without issue about 1550, having married Jane, daughter of Thomas Mauleverer, and later wife of Robert, 6th Baron Ogle ;
His second to Ursula Stourton produced six children, including his heir, Henry Clinton, 2nd Earl of Lincoln, and Lady Frances Clinton ( Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, 1553-Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire, 12 September 1623 ), wife of Giles Brydges, 3rd Baron Chandos, also sons Edward Clinton, and Thomas Clinton ( born 1548, married Mary Tyrell ).
The text is similar to that used by Thomas Vicary in his Anatomie of the bodie of man ( 1548 ) but rearranged.
In 1547 Pope Paul III also sanctioned the enslavement of the Christian King of England, Henry VIII, in the aftermath of the execution of Sir Thomas More In 1548 he authorized the purchase and possession of Muslim slaves in the Papal states.

1548 and who
Joining the League of Torgau in 1526, he acted in unison with the Protestants, and was among the princes who banded and plotted together to overthrow Charles V after the issue of the Augsburg Interim in May 1548.
After Grindal died in 1548, Elizabeth received her education under Roger Ascham, a sympathetic teacher who believed that learning should be engaging.
The inscription declares, citing a 12 November 1548 papal bull of Pope Paul III, that God inflicts " maledictions and excommunications " on all who abandon a child of theirs whom they have the means to rear, and that they cannot be absolved unless they first refund all expenses incurred.
Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin or Juan Diego ( July 12, 1474 – May 30, 1548 ) was, according to Mexican Catholic tradition, an indigenous Mexican who reported a Marian apparition, Our Lady of Guadalupe, in 1531.
Of the six who survived, three were sons ( Henry, 1550-1616 ; William, 1551-1626 ; and Charles, 1553-1617 ) and three daughters ( Frances, b. 1548 ; Elizabeth, 1555-1582 ; and Mary, 1556-1632 ).
The Scots allied with France, who sent reinforcements for the defence of Edinburgh in 1548, while Mary, Queen of Scots was removed to France, where she was betrothed to the dauphin.
In 1387 Richard II gave a charter for the foundation of the gild of St Mary and St John the Baptist ; this gild functioned as the local government, until its dissolution by Edward VI, who incorporated the town in 1548.
His Irenicum vere christianum is directed against David Pareus ( 1548 – 1622 ), professor primarius at Heidelberg, who in Irenicum sive de unione et synodo Evangelicorum ( 1614 ) had pleaded for a reconciliation of Lutheranism and Calvinism ; his Calvinista aulopoliticus ( 1610 ) was written against the " damnable Calvinism " which was becoming prevalent in Holstein and Brandenburg.
The castle was refurbished by king Sigismund I the Old, who set up his summer residence there ; however, after his death in 1548 the castle gradually fell into disrepair.
The term was first used by Agostino Steuco ( 1497 – 1548 ) who used it to title a treatise, De perenni philosophia libri X, published in 1540.
White and Poppe, who made the engine, wanted more money than Morris was prepared to pay for a larger version, so Morris turned to Continental of Detroit, Michigan, for supplies of a 1548 cc unit.
He has been identified without much show of evidence with a lawyer named Gastone who was in prison in 1548 under very discreditable circumstances.
The Dukes of Abercorn also claim the French title of Duc de Châtellerault, as heirs-male of the second Earl of Arran, who was granted the title in 1548 by Henry II of France.
The title may pass through the female line when there is no male heir, and accordingly, when the 3rd earl, Edward Manners ( c. 1548 – 1587 ), left no sons, the barony of Ros passed to the family of his daughter Elizabeth ( d. 1591 ) who became the wife of William Cecil, Earl of Exeter.
From 1548 to 1551, Foxe brought out one tract opposing the death penalty for adultery and another supporting ecclesiastical excommunication of those who he thought " veiled ambition under the cloak of Protestantism.
As so often happened among the conquistadors, land squabbles developed again, this time between Belalcázar and Pascual de Andagoya ( 1495 – 1548 ), who also claimed the governorship of Popayán.
Charles V had made a provisional ruling on the religious question, the Augsburg Interim of 1548 ; this offered a temporary ruling on the legitimacy of two religious creeds in the empire, and codified by law in 30 June 1548 upon the insistence of Charles V, who wanted to work out religious differences under the auspices of a general council of the Catholic Church.
As part of the Burgundian Circle, the Spanish Netherlands were subject of a special defence guarantee by the Empire, according to the agreement of Augsburg of 1548 between the Empire and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor ( who was also King of Spain ).
A St Mary's Chapel is mentioned in a 1548 document which states that it was founded by Sir Henry Tyes, Knight Lord of the Manor of Alverton who gave a £ 4 stipend for a priest.
The plaque cites on a Papal bull by Paul III dated 12 November 1548, threatens " ex-communication and Curse | maledictions " for all those who, having the means to rear a child, choose to abandon him / her instead: such excommunication may not be cancelled until the culprit refunds all freights incurred to raise the baby.

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