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1567 and Oxford
On 23 July 1567, while practising fencing in the backyard of Cecil House in the Strand, the seventeen-year-old Oxford killed Thomas Brincknell, an under-cook in the Cecil household.
He was a first cousin to and the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, and was the father of her son James VI of Scotland, who succeeded Elizabeth I of England as James I of England .< ref name = Greig > Elaine Finnie Greig, ‘ Stewart, Henry, duke of Albany Darnley ( 1545 / 6 – 1567 )’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 ; online edn, Jan 2008 accessed 4 March 2012 </</ ref >
Elizabeth I was greatly pleased with his Thesaurus, generally known as Cooper's Dictionary ; and its author, who had been ordained about 1559, was made dean of Christ Church, Oxford, in 1567.
* Sir Thomas White ( merchant ) ( 1492 – 1567 ), founder of St John's College, Oxford
Importations of " Castile soap " through Antwerp appear in the London port books of 1567 – 68 ( Dietz 1972 ), though the Oxford English Dictionary has no references to " Castile soap " earlier than 1616.
In 1567 Curwen resigned the see of Dublin and the office of lord chancellor, and was appointed bishop of Oxford.

1567 and was
A translation by Richard Davies, bishop of St David's and the scholar William Salesbury was published in 1567 by Humphrey Toy as Y Llyfr Gweddi Gyffredin.
Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi (; 15 May 1567 ( baptized ) – 29 November 1643 ) was an Italian composer, gambist, and singer.
Among its founding fathers was Willem Usselincx ( 1567 – 1647 ).
In February 1567, Darnley was murdered by conspirators almost certainly led by James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell.
In February 1567 he was admitted to Gray's Inn to study law.
An English translation was published as early as 1567 ( see below ).
François d ' Aguilon ( also d ' Aguillon or in Latin Franciscus Aguilonius ) ( 4 January 1567, Brussels – 20 March 1617, Tournai ), was a Belgian Jesuit mathematician, physicist and architect.
Captured by Bothwell's rivals, Mary was imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle, and in July 1567, was forced to abdicate in favour of her infant son James VI.
Inoculation was reportedly not widely practised in China until the reign of the Longqing Emperor ( r. 1567 – 1572 ) during the Ming Dynasty ( 1368 – 1644 ), as written by Yu Tianchi in his Shadou jijie ( 痧痘集解 ) of 1727, which he alleges was based on Wang Zhangren's Douzhen jinjing lu ( 痘疹金鏡錄 ) of 1579.
By the end of the 15th century was widely professed and taught in many theological faculties, but such was the influence of the Dominicans, and the weight of the arguments of Thomas Aquinas ( who had been canonised in 1323 and declared " Doctor Angelicus " of the Church in 1567 ) that the Council of Trent ( 1545 – 63 )— which might have been expected to affirm the doctrine — instead declined to take a position.
It was not until 1567 that the first portrait of Gutenberg, almost certainly an imaginary reconstruction, appeared in Heinrich Pantaleon's biography of famous Germans.
Hadrianus Junius, otherwise known as Adriaen de Jonghe, wrote this story around 1567 in his book Batavia, published only in 1588, and was quoted by Cornelis de Bie.
" The next morning he was reportedly found dead, lying on the floor next to his bed and a bench ( Presage 141 152 for November 1567, as posthumously edited by Chavigny to fit what happened ).
Nobunaga's easy victory at Inabayama Castle in 1567 was largely due to Hideyoshi's efforts, and despite his peasant origins, Hideyoshi became one of Nobunaga's most distinguished generals, eventually taking the name Hashiba Hideyoshi ( 羽柴 秀吉 ).
In 1567, Motoyasu changed his name yet again, his new family name was Tokugawa and his given name was now Ieyasu.
His reign was the second longest in Scottish history before the Act of Union with England in 1707, ( James VI's was the longest 1567 – 1625 ).
After Philip's death in 1567, the territory was divided up among his four sons from his first marriage ( Philip was a bigamist ) into four lines: Hesse-Kassel ( or Hesse-Cassel ), Hesse-Darmstadt, Hesse-Rheinfels and the also previously existing Hesse-Marburg.
Year 1567 ( MDLXVII ) was a common year starting on Wednesday ( link will display the full calendar ) of the Julian calendar.

1567 and one
In 1567, the landgraviate of Hesse, until then centered in Marburg, was divided among four sons, with Hesse-Kassel ( or Hesse-Cassel ) becoming one of its successor states.
They had one son, Theobald nicknamed " Tibbot of the Ships " (), who was born about 1567.
Collegio Ghislieri ), founded in 1567 by Pope Pius V, is the second ancient college in Pavia, with the other first being Almo Collegio Borromeo, and one of the most ancient colleges in Italy and co-founder of the IUSS, located in Pavia as well.
A Spanish mission was constructed one year later in 1567.
In February 1567, Bothwell was one of those accused of having murdered the Queen's consort Lord Darnley.
A showdown between the two opposing sides followed at Carberry Hill on 15 June 1567, from which Bothwell fled, after one final embrace, never to be seen again by Mary.
Three months after the murder of Darnley at Kirk o ' Field in 1567, she married James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, one of the murder suspects.
He was one of Bothwell's judges for the murder of Darnley in 1567, and in 1568 he accompanied Moray to the York inquiry into Queen Mary's guilt.
Sent in August 1567 to stamp out heresy and political unrest in a part of Europe where printing presses were a constant source of heterodox opinion, one of Alba's first acts was to gain control of the book industry.
Cecil appears to have employed Golding as his nephew's receiver for several years, for two of his dedications are dated from Cecil House, and in 1567 he dated a dedication from Barwicke, one of the de Vere manors near White Colne, Essex.
On his father's death in 1567 he received one half of the Landgraviate of Hesse, with Kassel as his capital ; and this formed the Landgraviate.
Philip I of Hesse, ( 13 November 1504-31 March 1567 ), nicknamed der Großmütige ( the " magnanimous ") was a leading champion of the Protestant Reformation and one of the most important of the early Protestant rulers in Germany.
After the murder of David Rizzio, in 1567, he joined the Protestant lords against Mary, appeared as one of the leaders against her at Carberry Hill, and afterwards approved of her lavish imprisonment at Loch Leven Castle.
Since the creation of theDiocese of Coro by Bull of July 21 of 1531, it instructs the lift of Cathedral of one of the temples of Coro and in 1567 the Cathedral is sacked by the Corsair Francis Drake.
She had issue, four sons and one daughter: Sultan Hassan Mirza died in his youth, Sultan Husain Mirza ( died 1567 ) ‘ Abu ' l Fat ' h Sultan Ibrahim Mirza ( 1541 – 1577 ), Sultan Badi uz-Zaman Mirza ( k. 1577 )
* This was again the case in 1567, Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse or Philip the Magnanimous split his large landgraviate into four parts, Hesse-Marburg being one of them.
Canon Jakob zu Eltz was elected Prince-Archbishop of Trier in 1567 ; he was one of the strongest champions of the Counter-Reformation and allied himself with the Jesuits in opposing Lutheran and Calvinist influence in the region.
Tallis's original tune is in the Phrygian mode and was one of nine he contributed to the Psalter of 1567 for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Matthew Parker.
* Zaafaran 1567 tons, built 1921, in rescue service from 23 March 1941, sailed with 26 convoys, rescued 220 survivors, sunk by aircraft with loss of one crewman during the battle of Convoy PQ-17 on 5 July 1942.
Dr John Davies, Mallwyd ( c. 1567 – 1644 ) was one of Wales's leading scholars of the late Renaissance.
Clemenza Doria married twice ; her second husband was Fernão Vaz da Costa ( c. 1520 – 1567 ), son of Portuguese Chief Justice Cristóvão da Costa and a great-grandson of the legendary navigator Soeiro da Costa ; they originated the Costa Doria family which is still thriving today as one of their members, José Carlos Aleluia Costa Doria, is a representative in the Brazilian congress, and businessman João Doria Jr. or João Agripino da Costa Doria III held a cabinet-level position in the José Sarney administration in Brazil ( 1985 – 1989 ).
Anne was born in 1509 ( her portrait states " aged 58 " in 1567 ) the daughter of Sir William Browne, a London merchant who died ( one of the few to do so ) during his term as Lord Mayor of London in 1514 ; his widow, the daughter of Henry Kebyll, subsequently became the third wife of William Blount, 4th Baron Mountjoy.
From 1537 until 1567 he was one of the four Secretaries of State ( ministers managing the government ).

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