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1600 and after
The Germanics, however, preferred some form of " East Sea " ( in different languages ) until after about 1600, when they began to use forms of " Baltic Sea.
His dance manual Il Ballarino was published in 1581, with a subsequent edition, significantly different, Nobiltà di Dame, printed in 1600 and again after his death in 1630.
The Mughal dynasty ruled most of the Indian subcontinent by 1600 ; it went into a slow decline after 1707.
On August 2, 1600, after refusing to convert to Catholicism, Kepler and his family were banished from Graz.
Dowland published two books of songs after the First Book of Songs, in 1600 and 1603, as well as the Lachrymae in 1604.
In 1600, the principalities of Wallachia, Moldova and Transylvania were simultaneously headed by the Wallachian prince Michael the Brave ( Mihai Viteazul ), Ban of Oltenia, but the chance for a unity dissolved after Mihai was killed, only one year later, by the soldiers of an Austrian army general Giorgio Basta.
Consensus among music historians – with notable dissent – has been to start the era around 1400, with the end of the medieval era, and close it around 1600, with the beginning of the Baroque period, therefore commencing the musical Renaissance about a hundred years after the beginning of the Renaissance as understood in other disciplines.
* 1600 – 1602, extremely cold winters in Switzerland and Baltic region after eruption of Huaynaputina in Peru in 1600.
Despite substantial uncertainties, especially for the period prior to 1600 when data are scarce, the warmest period of the last 2, 000 years prior to the 20th century very likely occurred between 950 and 1100, but temperatures were probably between 0. 1 ° C and 0. 2 ° C below the 1961 to 1990 mean and significantly below the level shown by instrumental data after 1980.
Although William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson were actors, the majority do not seem to have been performers, and no major author who came on to the scene after 1600 is known to have supplemented his income by acting.
The bus continued on into a heliocentric orbit after passing within 1600 km of Mars.
When the cornett did not double voices it either substituted for them or, especially after 1600, played instrumental lines, often together with or in place of the violin or with an ensemble of trombones.
The coastal villages and towns of Italy, Spain and Mediterranean islands were frequently attacked by them and long stretches of the Italian and Spanish coasts were almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants ; after 1600 Barbary corsairs occasionally entered the Atlantic and struck as far north as Iceland.
* George Chapman completed Marlowe's poem after Marlowe's death ; this version was often reprinted in the first half of the 17th century, with editions in 1598 ( Linley ); 1600 and 1606 ( Flasket ); 1609, 1613, 1617, 1622 ( Blount ); 1629 ( Hawkins ); and 1637 ( Leake ).
The other four are collections that weren't finalized until some 1600 years after his death:
The area around present-day Columbia was originally populated by Native American tribes, most notably the Susquehannocks, who migrated to the area between 1575 and 1600 after separating from the Iroquois Confederacy.
Men such as William Harvey and his father Thomas Harvey Mayor in 1600 a. d. here, discoverer of the circulation of the blood ; and Samuel Plimsoll who invented the line named after him for ship safety.
The Venetian polychoral style was an important innovation of the late Renaissance, and this style, with its variations as it spread across Europe after 1600, helped to define the beginning of the Baroque era.
Published campaign sourcebooks are usually set either around the year 1600 of the Third Age, or just after the War of the Ring.
Today, there is another castle at the place, which was built after 1600.
First simply known as the “ Hasselblad Camera ” it was later named " 1600F ” after its highest shutter speed of 1 / 1600 sec and “ F ” for “ focal plane ”.
Giordano Bruno, whose entire works were placed on the Index on 8 February 1600 was burned alive at the stake ( albeit after being turned over to the secular authorities for teaching the heresy of pantheism, not for heliocentrism or other scientific views ).
This situation was overcome after the naval combat of Fortune Island on December 14, 1600.

1600 and Treaty
In a series of Polish – Swedish War ( 1600 – 1629 ) and the Russo-Swedish Ingrian War, Gustavus Adolphus retook Ingria and Kexholm ( formally ceded in the Treaty of Stolbovo, 1617 ) as well as the bulk of Livonia ( formally ceded in the Treaty of Altmark, 1629 ).
A total of 1600 people left New France through the Treaty clause, but only 270 French-Canadians.
The territory, which constituted the southern part of modern Estonia ( including the island of Ösel ceded by Denmark after the Treaty of Brömsebro ) and the northern part of modern Latvia ( the Vidzeme region ), represented the conquest of the major part of the Polish-Lithuanian Duchy of Livonia during the 1600 – 1629 Polish-Swedish War.
In 1597 Boris Godunov (' de facto ' regent of Russia from 1584 to 1598 and Tsar from 1598 to 1605 ) wrote to Christian IV of Denmark and Norway, asserting that Vardøhus and " the Lapp country ( as far as Tromsø ) was from ancient times a perpetual patrimony of the Czar .” In 1600 Gudunov refused to ratify the Treaty of Tyavzino which resolved conflicting Swedish and Russian claims to the Kola peninsula to the east of Vardøhus as well as other territories both claimed.

1600 and conflict
These dates, however, conflict with Radiocarbon dating which indicates that the eruption occurred about 1645 – 1600 BC.
In 1600, the Battle of Sekigahara was fought as a result of this political conflict.
As a result of the Axis attacks Brazil suffered nearly 1600 dead, including nearly 500 civilians and more than 1000 of Brazil's 7, 000 sailors involved in the conflict.
Some of the Troupe's more recent popular shows include " The Minstrel Show or Civil Rights in a Cracker Barrel ," which satirized entrenched attitudes among liberals and bigots during the Civil Rights Struggle, Seeing Double, about a two-state solution in the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, Ripped VanWinkle which explores the gap between the optimism of 1968 and the 1988 reality. Offshore, about the real cost of Globalization, Eating It, about genetic engineering and profit driven science, 1600 Transylvania Avenue, about corporate government feeding on public wealth, GodFellas, a farce exposing the dangers of Fundamentalism to Democracy, and Making a Killing, about war propaganda, and the plight of Iraqis contaminated by depleted uranium.

1600 and returned
In 1600, the English scientist William Gilbert returned to the subject in De Magnete, and coined the New Latin word electricus from ηλεκτρον ( elektron ), the Greek word for " amber ", which soon gave rise to the English words " electric " and " electricity.
The ships returned to Europe in 1599 and 1600 and the expedition made a 400 percent profit.
Still abroad when the plot was discovered, Ridolfi never returned to England ; he became a Florentine senator in 1600.
Some of these lands were eventually returned to his heirs by the Bishop, principally in 1600.
Glorfindel died in battle during the First Age, and is the only Elf known to have returned to Middle-earth ( probably around 1600 Second Age ).
He was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1598 or 1600, but when his brother Henry died he is thought to have returned to Grace-Dieu to manage the family estates.
A second, more successful garrison returned in 1600 during the Nine Years War against the Gaelic O ' Neill and O ' Donnell earls.
Next, Le Jeune settled in La Rochelle, a stronghold of the Huguenots, but sometime in the mid-1590s he must have returned to Paris, for his name appears in a list of musicians of the royal household of Henry IV both in 1596 and 1600.
After an unsuccessful attempt in 1600 – 1601 to recover his inheritance he returned to England, where he died, the title becoming extinct.

1600 and between
View of Toledo by El Greco, between 1596 and 1600.
In 1600, a war began between the Toyotomi and Tokugawa clans.
' Mars is also suspected to be the lair of the Void Dragon, an ancient C ' tan imprisoned there by the God-Emperor of Mankind at some point between 1300 AD and 1600 AD ( how the Emperor accomplished this has never been described in detail ).
) After recirculation it enters the Deep Western Boundary Current ( DWBC ) between 1600 and 2500 m depth.
Compared to climate change for the past millennium, even the smallest exchange modeled would plunge the planet into temperatures colder than the Little Ice Age ( the period of history between approximately A. D. 1600 and A. D. 1850 ).
The typographical principle, that is the creation of a complete text by reusing identical characters, was first realized in the Phaistos Disc, an enigmatic Minoan print item from Crete, Greece, which dates between 1850 and 1600 BC.
The distance between the source and the Vinasana ( place of disappearance of the river ) is said to be 44 asvina ( between several hundred and 1600 miles ) ( Tandya Br.
Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D. C., the house was designed by Irish-born James Hoban, and built between 1792 and 1800 of white-painted Aquia sandstone in the Neoclassical style.
The results of the Xia Shang Zhou Chronology Project place them between 1600 BC and 1046 BC.
The Xia Shang Zhou Chronology Project concluded that the Xia existed between 2070 and 1600 BC.
Only slightly more than 3 % of the enslaved people exported were traded between 1450 and 1600, 16 % in the 17th century.
Three such generations had supposedly passed between c. 1500 and c. 1600, a time when scientific, philosophical and religious freedom had grown so that the public might benefit from the Rosicrucians ' knowledge, so that they were now seeking good men.
The Tarim mummies have been found in the Tarim Basin, in the area of Loulan located along the Silk Road 200 km East of Yingpan, dating to as early as 1600 BC and suggesting very ancient contacts between East and West.
Use of the: symbol to mark the discontinuity of a grammatical construction, or a pause of a length intermediate between that of a semicolon and that of a period, was introduced in English orthography around 1600.
Silver pattern welded rapier guard, between 1580 and 1600.
Around the year 1600 Stevin, with Prince Maurice of Orange and twenty-six others, made use of it on the beach between Scheveningen and Petten.
The Battle of Nieuwpoort, between a Dutch army under Maurice of Nassau and Francis Vere and a Spanish army under Albert of Austria, took place on 2 July 1600 near the present-day Belgian city Nieuwpoort.
First contact with Europeans occurred in Pennsylvania between 1500 and 1600 CE.
" Fritz Kolbe transmitted to the OSS some 1600 documents and cables, traveling between Berlin and Bern, " slipping through a half dozen Gestapo checkpoints while carrying his death-by-torture warrant in a shabby briefcase ", Helms wrote.
Its fortifications were increased in response to the border warfare which raged between England and Scotland in the period from about 1300 to 1600.

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