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1741 and during
Nearly a century later, the English were to invade in earnest, taking Guantánamo Bay in 1741 during the War of Jenkins ' Ear with Spain.
Robert Temple quotes an account from Zhang Yan's Zhongdou xinshu ( 種痘新書 ), or New book on smallpox inoculation, written in 1741 during the Qing Dynasty ( 1644 – 1912 ), which shows how the Chinese process had become refined up until that point:
Previously in 1742, the 14-year-old Peter was proclaimed King of Finland during the Russo-Swedish War ( 1741 – 1743 ), when Russian troops held Finland.
Edwards delivered the sermon " Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God ", a classic of early American literature, during another wave of revival in 1741, following George Whitefield's tour of the Thirteen Colonies.
File: Prussian Army during battle of Mollwitz 1741. PNG | The Prussian infantry during the Battle of Mollwitz, 1741
The first European landfall took place in southern Alaska in 1741 during the Russian exploration by Vitus Bering and Aleksei Chirikov.
There, the party discovered that Chirikov had led a rescue mission during 1741 that came within miles of the stranded group.
In the aftermath of the New York Slave Revolt of 1712, 20 people were burnt, and during the alleged slave conspiracy of 1741, no less than 13 slaves were burnt at the stake.
A grant of land on which Monaca now stands was granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by patent, bearing the date September 5, 1787, to Colonel Ephraim Blaine ( 1741 – 1804 ), who served in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, from 1778 to 1782 as commissary-general of the Northern Department, and paternal great-grandfather of James G. Blaine.
The Swedish king, Frederick I – Rügen then belonged to Sweden – had a daymark erected near the present-day steps during the Russo-Swedish War ( 1741 – 1743 ) in order to warn the population.
He succeeded in defeating the Dutch East India Company during the Travancore-Dutch War ( 1739 – 1753 ), the most decisive engagement of which was the Battle of Colachel ( 10 August 1741 ) in which the Dutch Admiral Eustachius De Lannoy was captured.
Some notable Masters did preside over the college during this time, including James Allen ( the first Master to drop the ' y ' from his surname ), who in 1741 made over to the college six houses in Kensington, the rents of which were to be used in the establishment of two small schools in Dulwich, one for boys from the village, the other for girls to read and sew, out of which James Allen's Girls ' School ( JAGS ) arose.
Landowners, such as the widow of Speaker William Conolly, builder of Castletown House, distributed food and cash during the “ black spring ” of 1741 on their own initiative.
The year 1741, during which the famine was at its worst and mortality was greatest, was known in folk memory as the " year of the slaughter " ( or " bliain an áir " in Irish ).
In the War of the Austrian Succession he took command of an army division sent to invade Austria in 1741, and on 19 November 1741, surprised Prague during the night, and seized it before the garrison was aware of the presence of an enemy, a coup de main which made him famous throughout Europe ; he thus repeated the exploit of 1648 of his maternal great-grandfather, Hans Christoff von Königsmarck.
The Russo – Swedish War of 1741 – 1743, known as the Hats ' Russian War in Sweden and the Hats ' War in Finland, which resulted in the Lesser Wrath ( Finnish: Pikkuviha, Swedish: Lilla ofreden ), or the occupation of Finland, was instigated by the Hats, a Swedish political party that aspired to regain the territories lost to Russia during the Great Northern War, and by French diplomacy, which sought to divert Russia's attention from supporting its long-standing ally, the Habsburg monarchy, in the War of the Austrian Succession.
* John Connolly ( loyalist ) ( c. 1741 – 1813 ), doctor from Pennsylvania, agent of John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, active during the American Revolution
The formal split between Old Side and New Side only lasted from 1741 to 1758, but the two orientations remained present in the reunified church and would come to the fore again during the Second Great Awakening.
Wegelin & Cie is the oldest bank in Switzerland, established during 1741.
The outbreak of war with Spain and the imminent threat of war with France during the early stages of the War of the Austrian Succession led to Mathews ' return to active service after seven years of effective retirement, with a promotion directly to vice-admiral of the red on 13 March 1741.

1741 and attack
* 1741 – New York governor George Clarke's complex at Fort George is burned in an arson attack, commencing the New York Conspiracy of 1741.
The largest action of the war was a major amphibious attack launched by the British under Admiral Edward Vernon in March, 1741 against Cartagena de Indias, one of Spain's principal gold-trading ports in their colony of New Granada ( today Colombia ).
When Vernon had been joined by Sir Chaloner Ogle with massive naval reinforcements and a strong body of troops, an attack was made on Cartagena in what is now Colombia ( 9 March – 24 April 1741 ).
In March 1741, the city endured a large-scale attack by British and American colonial troops led by Admiral Edward Vernon ( 1684 – 1757 ), who arrived at Cartagena with a massive fleet of 186 ships and 23, 600 men, including 12, 000 infantry, against six Spanish ships and fewer than 6, 000 men, in an action known as the Battle of Cartagena de Indias, part of the War of Jenkin's Ear.
This part of the river was a favorite Indian campsite, and the settlers who came beginning in 1741 were several times victims of attack.
In 1741 the main British campaign against Spain was a combined amphibious attack on the South American city of Cartagena, which had experienced considerable delays.
In March 1741 it was captured in a brilliant night attack by the Prussian Army under General Prince Leopold II of Anhalt-Dessau, and like the majority of Silesia became part of Prussia under King Frederick II.
In 1741 he was named lieutenant of a ship of the provincial guarda-costa, or coast guard, which the colony had established to protect against potential Spanish attack.
In September 1741, the king ordered Patih Natakusuma and several regents to help the Chinese besiege Semarang and let Natakusuma attack VOC garrison in Kartasura, who were starved into submission in August.
In 1741 appeared a ‘ Discourse on Miracles ,’ arguing that they can at most afford a ‘ probable proof ’ of a revelation ; in 1743 an ‘ Enquiry concerning Redemption ,’ in which he defends himself against some sneers of William Warburton's ; and in 1745, ‘ The Ground and Foundation of Morality considered ,’ an attack on Thomas Rutherforth's theory of self-love.

1741 and led
Sweden's dissatisfaction with the result led to fruitless attempts at recovering the lost territories in the course of the following century, such as the Russo-Swedish War ( 1741 – 1743 ), and the Russo-Swedish War ( 1788 – 1790 ).
Although the sea cow had formerly been abundant throughout the North Pacific, by 1741, when it was first described by Georg Wilhelm Steller, chief naturalist on an expedition led by explorer Vitus Bering, its range had been limited to a single, isolated population surrounding the uninhabited Commander Islands.
The siege was broken off due to the start of the tropical rainy season, after weeks of intense fighting in which the British landing party was successfully repelled by the Spanish and native forces led by commander General Blas de Lezo y Olavarrieta ( 1689 – 1741, death in aftermath of the Cartagena battle ), a Basque from the Gipuzkoa lands of Spain.
This led to the college trustees passing a decree in 1741 that ' if any student of this College shall directly or indirectly say, that the Rector, either of the Trustees or tutors are hypocrites, carnal or unconverted men, he shall for the first offense make a public confession in the hall, and for the second offense be expelled '.
Several of them — Israel in Egypt ( written 1738 ), Messiah ( 1741 ) and Samson ( 1743 ), for instance — bore some semblance to Greek tragedy, and this led Handel to venture into the world of classical drama.
* The lives of early Alaskans remained basically unchanged for thousands of years, until Russian sailors, led by Danish explorer Vitus Bering, sighted Alaska's mainland in 1741.
One of the most spectacular instances of such a failure occurred in 1741 at the Battle of Cartagena de Indias, when a large British empire amphibious assault force with a compromised command was defeated by a much smaller but well organised and led Spanish empire defence.
Until the second version of The Dunciad in 1741, Theobald remained the chief of the " Dunces " who led the way toward night ( see the translatio stultitia ) by debasing public taste and bringing " Smithfield muses to the ears of kings.
In 1741, David Nitschmann and Count Zinzendorf led a small community to found a mission in the colony of Pennsylvania.
In 1741, the house and grounds were purchased by a syndicate led by the proprietor of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and Sir Thomas Robinson MP, and the Gardens opened to the public the following year.
He led the siege of Prague in the War of the Austrian Succession with his grenadiers in 1741 and defended the city against the Austrian troops.
The outbreak of war with Spain and the imminent threat of war with France during the early stages of the War of the Austrian Succession led to Mathews ' return to active service, with a promotion directly to vice-admiral of the red on 13 March 1741.

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