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1756 and on
Abraham Ortelius, Theodor Christoph Lilienthal ( 1756 ), Alexander von Humboldt ( 1801 and 1845 ), Antonio Snider-Pellegrini, and others had noted earlier that the shapes of continents on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean ( most notably, Africa and South America ) seem to fit together.
During the sixth and final colonial war, the French and Indian War, the military conflicts in Nova Scotia included: Battle of Fort Beauséjour ; Bay of Fundy Campaign ( 1755 ); the Battle of Petitcodiac ; the Raid on Lunenburg ( 1756 ); the Louisbourg Expedition ( 1757 ); Battle of Bloody Creek ( 1757 ); Siege of Louisbourg ( 1758 ), Petitcodiac River Campaign, Gulf of St. Lawrence Campaign ( 1758 ), St. John River Campaign, and Battle of Restigouche.
Giovanni Aldini ( April 10, 1762 – January 17, 1834 ), Italian physicist born at Bologna, was a brother of the statesman Count Antonio Aldini ( 1756 – 1826 ) and nephew of Luigi Galvani, whose treaties on muscular electricity he edited with notes in 1791.
Saint Herman of Alaska ( born 1756 or 1760 in Serpukhov, Russia – died December 13 or November 15, 1837 on Spruce Island, Alaska ) was one of the first Eastern Orthodox missionaries to the New World, and is considered by Orthodox Christians to be the patron saint of the Americas.
Also important was the 1756 rediscovery of concrete ( based on hydraulic lime mortar ) by the British engineer John Smeaton, which had been lost for 1300 years.
His first temporary command was in March 1756 when he was briefly the master of the Cruizer, a small cutter attached to the Eagle while on patrol.
* 1756 – The Seven Years ' War begins when Great Britain declares war on France.
They also note that in 1756, in Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Ben Jonson, William Rufus Chetwood concludes on the basis of performance records " at the end of the year of, or the beginning of the next, ' tis supposed that took his farewell of the stage, both as author and actor .".
It was sighted by a commercial Spanish ship named León operating out of Saint-Malo on 28 June or 29 June 1756.
The Seven Years ' War, which began in 1756, was the first war waged on a global scale, fought in Europe, India, North America, the Caribbean, the Philippines and coastal Africa.
Year 1756 ( MDCCLVI ) was a leap year starting on Thursday ( link will display the full calendar ) of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Monday of the 11-day slower Julian calendar.
During that time in Europe, on May 18, 1756, England formally declared war on France, which expanded the war into Europe, which was later to be known as the Seven Years ' War.
File: Chinese export porcelain with Dutch ship Vryburg 1756 Qianlong period Canton. jpg | The ship Vryburg on a platter, commissioned 1756
Construction on the star-shaped fort, which Lotbinière based on designs of the renowned French military engineer Vauban, began in October 1755 and then proceeded slowly during the warmer-weather months of 1756 and 1757, using troops stationed at nearby Fort St. Frédéric and from Canada.
He was urged by his father and his oldest brother Alexander to join the military, which he did on September 21, 1756.
An important market occupied the High Street from some time in the 13th century, which was controlled by the City's officers — it was later removed in order to improve traffic to the Bridge, under a separate Trust by Act of Parliament of 1756 as the Borough Market on the present site.
A few months later, on 16 January 1756, Great Britain and Prussia signed a treaty of " neutrality ".
In a " reversal of alliances ", the king signed the Treaty of Versailles with Austria on 1 April 1756, overruling his ministers and putting an end to more than 200 years of conflict with the Habsburgs.
Meanwhile, Britain declared war on France on 18 May 1756.

1756 and Samuel
Samuel Emory Davis was born to them in 1756.
Samuel Johnson's 1756 dictionary gave the following definitions:
* Samuel Knox ( 1756 – 1832 ), born in County Armagh, Presbyterian clergyman, school principal, and author.
It was one of a number of such forts built from the Potomac River south to North Carolina, and was commanded by Captain Samuel Harris in 1756, the year in which George Washington made a tour of Fort Mayo and several other forts on the Virginia frontier.
* Samuel Jordan Cabell ( 1756 – 1818 ), born in Amherst County, United States Congressman
By 1756 or earlier this property was owned by Samuel Pierson.
* The Green-Room Squabble or a Battle Royal between the Queen of Babylon and the Daughter of Darius a 1756 play by Samuel Foote is lost.
In 1756 the hall was sold to Samuel Hill of Shenstone, Staffordshire.
Wieland's tastes had changed ; the writings of his early Swiss years — Der geprüfte Abraham ( The Trial of Abraham's Faith, 1753 ), Sympathien ( 1756 ), Empfindungen eines Christen ( 1757 ) — were still in the manner of his earlier writings, but with the tragedies, Lady Johanna Gray ( 1758 ), and Clementina von Porretta ( 1760 ) — the latter based on Samuel Richardson's Sir Charles Grandison — the epic fragment Cyrus ( 1759 ), and the " moral story in dialogues ," Araspes und Panthea ( 1760 ), Wieland, as Gotthold Lessing said, " forsook the ethereal spheres to wander again among the sons of men.
In 1756 he returned to Boston to continue his legal preparations with Samuel Prat, and he was admitted to the bar in 1757.
* Gustaf Samuel Gylleborg 1746 – 1756
* Samuel Smith ( Upper Canada politician ) ( 1756 – 1826 ), American-born Canadian politician ; Administrator of Upper Canada, 1817 – 1818
His mother's name was Diana, and his sister's name was Sarah, three years younger than Samuel Jr. Hearne joined the British Royal Navy in 1756 at the age of 12 as midshipman under the fighting captain Samuel Hood.
Samuel Smith ( 27 December 1756 – 20 October 1826 ) was a Loyalist British army officer and politician.
* Samuel Sandys, 1st Baron Sandys, 13 January 1756 – 15 December 1756
It was commanded by Colonel Andrew Van Swearingen ( 1741 – 1793 ) and later by his son-in-law, Captain Samuel Brady ( 1756 – 1795 ), the famous leader of Brady's Rangers.
Samuel Jordan Cabell ( December 15, 1756 – August 4, 1818 ) was an American Revolutionary war officer and Democratic-Republican United States Congressman from 1795 to 1803.
* Samuel Jordan Cabell ( 1756 – 1818 ), American military officer
James J. Coffin from the British whaling ship ' Transit ' and named after Samuel Enderby ( 1756 – 1829 ), owner of a London whaling company.
One of these specific applications, the carving of wooden figureheads for ships, started in the Americas as early as 1750 and a century later helped launch the careers of Samuel McIntyre and the country's first famous sculptor, William Rush ( 1756 – 1833 ) of Philadelphia ,.
* Colonel Samuel Ward, Jr. ( 1756 – 1832 ), Revolutionary soldier, politician
Samuel Oldknow ( 1756 – 1828 ) was an English cotton manufacturer.

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