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1791 and popularity
Under the Constitution of 1791, the solution of a constitutional monarchy was adopted, and the king supported a war against Austria in order to increase his popularity, starting the long French Revolutionary Wars.
As a result he was summoned by the French parliament to give an account of his opinions, which served to increase his popularity and on 2 May 1789 he became one of 10 Paris deputies in the Assemblée Constituante, and was secretary to the assembly from June 1789 to October 1791.
Not coincidentally, the 18th-century operas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( 1756 – 1791 ), which require adroit bel canto skills if they are to be performed well, also experienced a post-war revival that shows no sign of abating, while the florid operas composed by Mozart's predecessor Handel have undergone a similar surge in popularity during recent decades.

1791 and was
`` If you can conveniently let me have twenty dollars '', he wrote one friend in 1791 when he was Secretary of the Treasury.
Its building was first proposed in 1791, when a group of citizens, mostly Newburyport men, petitioned the General Court for an act of incorporation.
But, her will was invalidated by Parlement in 1274 One specific bequest in Alphonse's will, giving his wife's lands in the Comtat Venaissin to the Holy See, was allowed, and it became a Papal territory, a status that it retained until 1791.
In his last surviving letter from 14 October 1791, Mozart tells his wife that he collected Salieri and Caterina Cavalieri in his carriage and drove them both to the opera ; about Salieri's attendance at his opera The Magic Flute, speaking enthusiastically: " He heard and saw with all his attention, and from the overture to the last choir there was not a piece that didn't elicit a ' Bravo!
In 1791 he was advised that the government would send out two convoys of convicts annually, plus adequate supplies.
After a brief return to his regiment Napoleon was promoted to First Lieutenant and came home again on leave in 1791.
The earliest known mention of baseball in the United States was a 1791 Pittsfield, Massachusetts, ordinance banning the playing of the game within of the town meeting house.
When Quebec was divided into the two provinces of Upper and Lower Canada by the Constitutional Act of 1791, the first Act passed by the Legislature of Upper Canada was to adopt the law of England for all purposes, replacing the civil law.
Another key event was the Haitian Revolution in nearby Saint-Domingue, from 1791 to 1804.
Charles Babbage, FRS ( 26 December 1791 – 18 October 1871 ) was an English mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer who originated the concept of a programmable computer.
However after the obituary appeared, a nephew wrote to say that Charles Babbage was born one year earlier, in 1791.
The parish register of St. Mary's Newington, London, shows that Babbage was baptised on 6 January 1792, supporting a birth year of 1791.
In 1791, the company's stock was bought by the Dutch government, and on 1 January 1792, all territories previously held by the Dutch West India Company reverted to the rule of the States-General of the Dutch Republic.
In 1791 David was appointed to head the organizing committee for the ceremony, a parade through the streets of Paris to the Panthéon.
In June 1791, the King made an ill-fated attempt to flee the country ( flight to Varennes ), but was apprehended short of his goal on the Austrian Belgian border and was forced to return under guard to Paris.
In 1791, Luigi Galvani published his discovery of bioelectricity, demonstrating that electricity was the medium by which nerve cells passed signals to the muscles.
Francis Hopkinson ( September 21, 1737 – May 9, 1791 ), an American author, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence as a delegate from New Jersey.
Mignet argued that the " constitution of 1791 ... was the work of the middle class, then the strongest ; for, as is well known, the predominant force ever takes possession of institutions ...
Olympe de Gouges was the author of the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen in 1791.
La Fontaine's model was subsequently emulated by England's John Gay ( 1685 – 1732 ); Poland's Ignacy Krasicki ( 1735 – 1801 ); Italy's Lorenzo Pignotti ( 1739 – 1812 ) and Giovanni Gherardo de Rossi ( 1754 – 1827 ); Serbia's Dositej Obradović ( 1742 – 1811 ); Spain's Félix María de Samaniego ( 1745 – 1801 ) and Tomás de Iriarte y Oropesa ( 1750 – 1791 ); France's Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian ( 1755 – 94 ); and Russia's Ivan Krylov ( 1769 – 1844 ).
Franz Bopp ( September 14, 1791, Mainz – October 23, 1867, Berlin ) was a German linguist known for extensive comparative work on Indo-European languages.
Giovanni Aldini ( April 10, 1762 – January 17, 1834 ), Italian physicist born at Bologna, was a brother of the statesman Count Antonio Aldini ( 1756 – 1826 ) and nephew of Luigi Galvani, whose treaties on muscular electricity he edited with notes in 1791.

1791 and known
Cowper is best known, not just for his contribution to the Olney Hymns, but as a poet, letter-writer, and translator: his works include The Diverting History of John Gilpin ( 1782 ), The Task ( 1785 ) and his translation of Homer, published in 1791.
The first ten constitutional amendments ratified by three-fourths of the states in 1791 are known as the Bill of Rights.
Prior to 1791 Vermont was an independent state, known as the Vermont Republic, governed under the Constitution of the Vermont Republic.
Louis XVII ( Versailles 27 March 1785 – Paris 8 June 1795 ), from birth to 1789 known as Louis-Charles, Duke of Normandy ; then from 1789 to 1791 as Louis-Charles, Dauphin of France ; and from 1791 to 1792 as Louis-Charles, Prince Royal of France, was the second son of King Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Antoinette.
From birth to 1789, as a second son, he was known officially as Louis-Charles, Duke of Normandy and colloquially as the prince du sang ( prince of the blood ); then on becoming heir-apparent as a four year old after the death of his 7 year old older brother the Dauphin Louis Joseph from a quick acting illness on June 4, 1789 to October 1791 he became styled for the period officially as Louis-Charles, Dauphin of France ( the seventeenth Dauphin of France ; the hereditary title under the Capet Monarchy of a French crown prince ).
It was named for Light Horse Harry Lee, the Governor of Virginia from 1791 to 1794, who was known as " Light Horse Harry " for his exploits as a leader of light troops in the American Revolutionary War.
The first church, built in 1791, was dedicated to San Carlos Borromeo, and the town became known as San Carlos del Misuri: " St. Charles of the Missouri ".
A 1791 illustration of a woman playing with an early version of the yo-yo, then known as a " bandalore "
Goose River Village ( as it was known until 1852 ), was originally part of the Megunticook Plantation, incorporated in 1791 as Camden.
In its earliest days ( and as late as 1791 ), Fair Lawn was known as Slooterdam: a Dutch word denoting a native-American weir used to trap fish on the Passaic River.
The town was first settled by outsiders around 1791 and was previously known as West Cicero, NY.
President George Washington is known to have slept in Tarboro during a visit on his 1791 Southern tour, and is noted to have said of the town that it was " as good a salute as could be given with one piece of artillery .”
Butler was named for Maj. Gen. Richard Butler, who fell at the Battle of the Wabash, also known as St. Clair's Defeat, in western Ohio in 1791.
The whiskey excise act, sometimes known as the " Whiskey Act ", became law in March 1791.
William Williams Pantycelyn ( 1717 – 11 January 1791 ), also known as Williams Pantycelyn and Pantycelyn, is generally acknowledged as Wales ' most famous hymn writer.
Until 1791, he was one of the main members of the club known later as the Jacobins, of which he drew up the manifesto and first rulebook.
A quarrel between the moderate and the more advanced sections of the Catholic Committee led, in December 1791, to the secession of sixty-eight of the former, led by Lord Kenmare ; and the direction of the committee then passed to more violent leaders, of whom the most prominent was John Keogh, a Dublin tradesman, known as ' Gog '.
" He was buried wrapped in a military cloak in the ramparts of the town ; the funeral is celebrated in a well known poem by Charles Wolfe ( 1791 – 1823 ), " The Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna ", which begins:
Susanna Rowson is best known for her novel, Charlotte: A Tale of Truth, published in London in 1791.
The term cottage pie is known to have been in use in 1791, when the potato was being introduced as an edible crop affordable for the poor ( cf.
He also appears in James Barry's The Thames ( also known as Triumph of Navigation ) that was painted in 1791 for the Society of the Arts and Manufactures.

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