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1814 and Matthew
* 1774 – Captain Matthew Flinders, English explorer ( d. 1814 )
* March 16 – Captain Matthew Flinders, English explorer ( d. 1814 )
His grandfather Matthew Church, a merchant of Cork, and his wife, were Quakers, and John had not been baptized into the Church of England until the time of his marriage in 1814.
Fox made one of the first planing machines, reportedly in 1814 but the priority between Fox, Matthew Murray of Leeds and Richard Roberts of Manchester has not yet been established due to the secrecy of the makers.

1814 and published
The Serbian grammar by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić arrived in 1814, while the Deutsche Grammatik of the Brothers Grimm was first published in 1818.
Paul Allen edited a two-volume history of the Lewis and Clark expedition that was published in 1814, in Philadelphia, but without mention of the actual author, banker Nicholas Biddle.
A French translation of the second volume by P. T. d ' Antelmy, with additions by Charles Bossut ( 1730 – 1814 ), was published in Paris in 1775 ; and an English translation of the whole work by John Colson ( 1680 – 1760 ), the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, " inspected " by John Hellins, was published in 1801 at the expense of Baron Maseres.
During the war of liberation ( 1813 – 1814 ), Feuerbach showed himself an ardent patriot, and published several political brochures.
In 1814 he published his own work on elasticity, and did not acknowledge Germain's help ( although he had worked with her on the subject and, as a judge on the Academy commission, had had access to her work ).
In 1814 he published The Excursion as the second part of the three-part The Recluse.
* Translation of the Historia Nova ( published in 1814 ), book 1, book 2, book 3, book 4, book 5, book 6
Nikolaus Simrock published this text in the first full-score edition ( Bonn, 1814 ), claiming that it was " in accordance with Mozart's own wishes " ( Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung, 13 September 1815 ).
His talent may be said to have culminated in the glorious cycle of verse-romances called Helge, published in 1814.
* 1814 – Calcutta I, the earliest existing Arabic printed version, is published by the British East India Company.
The first book of Hokusai's manga, sketches or caricatures that influenced the modern form of comics known by the same name, was published in 1814.
The largest of Hokusai's works is the 15-volume collection, a book crammed with nearly 4, 000 sketches that was published in 1814.
* William Wordsworth, in the " Prospectus " ( written between 1798 and 1800 ) to The Excursion ( published 1814 ), composed the following lines:
* In 1814, Congreve published: The details of the rocket system.
After serving as a volunteer in the campaign of 1814 he went to Copenhagen to edit the posthumous papers of the Danish archaeologist Georg Zoega ( 1755 – 1809 ), and published his biography, Zoegas Leben ( Stutt.
Some of the fruits of his researches were published in the Anecdota Graeca ( 3 vols, 1814 – 1821 ), but the major results are to be found in the enormous array of classical authors edited by him.
On 30 March 1814, he wrote a pamphlet against Napoleon, titled De Buonaparte et des Bourbons, of which thousands of copies were published.
In 1792 he published the first volume of the Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind ; the second volume appeared in 1814, the third not till 1827.
On special occasions, Percier was called upon to design for the Sèvres porcelain manufactory: in 1814 Percier's published designs were adapted by Alexandre Brogniart, director of Sèvres, a grand classicising vase 137 cm tall, that came to be known as the " Londonderry Vase " when Louis XVIII gave it to the Marquess of Londonderry just before the Congress of Vienna.
The fourth and fifth volumes of the Kirchengeschichte, embracing the period subsequent to 1814, were published posthumously in 1855 by ER Redepenning ( 1810 – 1883 ); and they were followed in 1856 by a Dogmengeschichte, sometimes regarded as the sixth volume of the Church History.
A supplementary volume appeared in 1814 ; the whole correspondence was collected and published by Jules Taschereau, with the assistance of A. Chaudé, in a Nouvelle Édition, revue et mise dans un meilleur ordre, avec des notes et des éclaircissements, et oil se trouvent rétablies pour la première fois les phrases supprimées par la censure impériale ( Paris, 1829, 15 vols.
He had already published ( 1814 ) an edition, with critical notes and commentary, of the Antidosis of Isocrates, the complete text of which, based upon the manuscripts in the Ambrosian and Laurentian libraries, had been made known by Andreas Mustoxydis of Corfu.
A number of essays in The Examiner that were written by Hunt and William Hazlitt between 1814 and 1817 under the series title " The Round Table " were collected in book form in The Round Table, published in two volumes in 1817.

1814 and book
After the British burned the Library of Congress in 1814 Jefferson offered to sell his collection of more than six thousand books to Congress for about four dollars a book.
The term existed also in German, perhaps Wulland in Hans Heyst's book ( 1571 ) where Wulland is translated by Wallonia in English ( 1814 ).
Young Percy Bysshe Shelley read Barruel's book with excitement between 1811 and 1814.
Swiss traveler Johann Ludwig Burckhardt visited Mecca in 1814, and provided a detailed description in his 1829 book Travels in Arabia:
Cover of Lawrence's anti-mission book The American Telescope, by a Clodhopper, of North Carolina published in 1825. In 1814, the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions was formed, which set about a controversy that would divide the Baptists in the United States.
Some of the rare and important works in this collection are: A Grammar of the Bengal Language ( 1778 ) by Nathaniel Brassey Halhed, which is the earliest printed book in Bengali, Henry Forster ’ s A Vocabulary in Two parts, English and Bangalee ( 1799 ), William Carrey ’ s Dialogues, Intended to Facilitate the Acquiring of the Bengali Language ( 1801 ), Ram Ram Basu ’ s Raja Pratapaditya Charitra ( 1801 ), Mrityunjay Vidyalankar ’ s Batris Simhansan ( 1802 ), Ramayana translated by Krittibas and published in five volumes, Mahabharat translated by Kashi Ram Das ( 1802 ), Chandicharan Munshi ’ s Tota Itihas ( 1805 ), Jayanarayan Ghosal ’ s Sri Karunanidhanavilasa ( 1814 ), William Carey ’ s Dictionary of the Bengali Language, 2 volumes ( 1815-1825 ).
Around 1814, Francis Cohen began contributing to the Edinburgh Review ; he made the acquaintance of the banker Dawson Turner and his daughter Elizabeth in 1819, offering to correct the proofs of Mr Turner's book on Normandy.
Greenway first met Macquarie in July 1814 and it was during this meeting that Macquarie suggested he construct a town hall and courthouse, giving Greenway an instruction book to follow.
For his grandfather, the American book publisher who lived from 1814 to 1872, see George Palmer Putnam.
: This article is about the American book publisher who lived from 1814 to 1872.
George Palmer Putnam ( February 7, 1814 – December 20, 1872 ) was an important American book publisher.
The type species is Hamites attenuatus from the early Albian, named by James Sowerby in his Mineral Conchology of Great Britain of 1814, although the genus itself was created by James Parkinson in his 1811 book Organic Remains of the Former World.
It is from the book Kinoe no Komatsu (), a three-volume collection of shunga erotic prints first published in 1814, and is the most famous shunga Hokusai ever produced.
Arthur Schopenhauer, one of many interested readers of this special version of fifty Upanishads, encountered this book in the spring of 1814 and repeatedly called it not only his favorite book but the work of the entire world literature that is most worthy of being read.

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