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1824 and toured
Lafayette County was formed on October 15, 1827 and named in honor of Marquis de Lafayette, a French military hero and American general who fought during the American Revolutionary War and who toured the US in 1824 / 25 upon the 50th anniversary of the founding of the nation.
The Town of LaFayette was formed in 1825 from parts of the Towns of Pompey and Onondaga after the Marquis de Lafayette famously toured the United States in 1824 / 1825
The town ’ s name was later ( prior to 1837 ) changed to Fayetteville after the Revolutionary War hero, Marquis de Lafayette who toured the US in 1824 / 25.

1824 and Belgium
The village has one of the oldest suspension bridges in Belgium, built in 1824.

1824 and Rhine
* Illustrations of the Rhine J. Dickinson 1824.
Among his chief works are The Entry of Charles X. into Paris, 6 June 1825 at Versailles ; Episode of the Prussian War, October 1807 at Douai Museum ; Marengo ( 1801 ); Lodi, Thabor, Aboukir ( 1804 ); The Pyramids ( 1806 ); Passage of the Rhine in 1795 ( 1824 ), and Moskawa (??
Prussia established the Rhine Province in 1824 by joining the provinces of Lower Rhine and Jülich-Cleves-Berg.
From 1824 to 1829 he was governor of the Confederate Fortress at Mainz ; from 1830 to 1831 he was governor-general of the Rhine Province and Westphalia.

1824 and Valley
Former U. S. Secretary of War and 1824 U. S. Presidential candidate William Harris Crawford, as well as famed American explorer Meriwether Lewis during his youth ; his family owned lands along the Broad River in The Broad River Valley located in Wilkes ( now Oglethorpe ) County which borders Elbert County.
In 1824 the Alhambra Valley was included in the Rancho El Pinole Mexican land grant to Ygnacio Martínez.
Montrose incorporated itself as a town and seat of Susquehanna County in 1824, but families began immigrating to the area in the mid Eighteenth Century, primarily from areas along the Connecticut River Valley ( western Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont ).
Originally called the Village of the Nunda Valley, the name was shortened to Nunda by Charles H Carroll in 1824.
In 1824, the town changed its name to " Newark ," at the suggestion of a settler from New Jersey, but then changed the name to Newark Valley in 1862, to avoid conflict with the name of a village in Wayne County.
In attempts to improve the gradient of the decent from the Blue Mountains plateau to the floor of the Hartley Valley, Lawson's Long Alley was opened in 1824.
The canal was first proposed in the New York Legislature in 1824 during the construction of the Erie Canal, prompted by lobbying from local leaders in the Chenango Valley.
It was first described in 1884 for an occurrence near Furnace Creek in Death Valley and was named after William Tell Coleman ( 1824 – 1893 ), owner of the mine Harmony Borax Works where it was first found.
Lafayette Houghton Bunnell ( 1824 – 1903 ) was an American physician, explorer, author, and an explorer of Yosemite Valley, born in Rochester, New York.
The Catskill Mountain House was a famous hotel near Palenville, New York in the Catskill Mountains overlooking the Hudson River Valley, built in 1824.

1824 and with
Several of Alexander's works were published in the Aldine edition of Aristotle, Venice, 1495 – 1498 ; his De Fato and De Anima were printed along with the works of Themistius at Venice ( 1534 ); the former work, which has been translated into Latin by Grotius and also by Schulthess, was edited by J. C. Orelli, Zürich, 1824 ; and his commentaries on the Metaphysica by H. Bonitz, Berlin, 1847.
Ann Arbor was founded in 1824, with one theory stating that it is named after the spouses of the city's founders and for the stands of trees in the area.
On 25 May 1824, the town plat was registered with Wayne County as " Annsarbour "; this represents the earliest known use of the town's name.
In that year he became Kappellmeister of the Imperial Chapel upon the death of Giuseppe Bonno ; as Kappellmeister he conducted the music and musical school connected with the chapel until shortly before his death, being official retired from the post in 1824.
Axur was widely produced throughout Europe and it even reached South America with the exiled royal house of Portugal in 1824.
The following year, Diabelli and Cappi parted ways, with Diabelli launching a new publishing house, Diabelli & Co, in 1824.
The Ninth Symphony was premiered on 7 May 1824 in the Kärntnertortheater in Vienna, along with the Consecration of the House Overture and the first three parts of the Missa Solemnis.
The capital was moved to San José in 1824, followed by a violent rivalry with Cartago.
In August 1824, Charlotte was sent with three of her sisters, Emily, Maria, and Elizabeth, to the Clergy Daughters ' School at Cowan Bridge in Lancashire.
Dickens's protégé, Wilkie Collins ( 1824 – 1889 )— sometimes referred to as the " grandfather of English detective fiction "— is credited with the first great mystery novel, The Woman in White.
* 1824 – United States presidential election, 1824: Since no candidate received a majority of the total electoral college votes in the election, the United States House of Representatives is given the task of deciding the winner in accordance with the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
After parting company with Jameson, Brewster started the Edinburgh Journal of Science in 1824, 16 volumes of which appeared under his editorship during the years 1824 – 1832, with very many articles from his own pen.
The National Revival of Bulgaria, influenced by the Enligthenment, resulted in Petar Beron's Primer with Various Instructions ( also known as the Fish Primer ) in 1824.
She stayed with him in his Quinta del Sordo villa until 1824 with her daughter Rosario.
There he enjoyed the society of such eminent men as Antoine-Léonard de Chézy ( his primary instructor ), Silvestre de Sacy, Louis Mathieu Langlès, and, above all, of Alexander Hamilton ( 1762 – 1824 ), cousin of the U. S. statesman, who had acquired, when in India, an acquaintance with Sanskrit, and had brought out, along with Langlès, a descriptive catalogue of the Sanskrit manuscripts of the Imperial library.
Other episodes of the Mahabharata – Indralokâgama, and three others ( Berlin, 1824 ); Diluvium, and three others ( Berlin, 1829 ); a new edition of Nala ( Berlin, 1832 ) – followed in due course, all of which, with A. W. Schlegel's edition of the Bhagavad Gita ( 1823 ), proved excellent aids in initiating the early student into the reading of Sanskrit texts.
The early colonial governors held an almost autocratic power due to the distance from and poor communications with Great Britain, until 1824 when the New South Wales Legislative Council, Australia's first legislative body, was appointed to advise the governor.
The big European powers saw the war of Greek independence, with its accounts of Turkish atrocities, in a romantic light ( see, for example, the 1824 painting Massacre of Chios by Eugène Delacroix ).

1824 and father
In 1824, the family moved to Haworth, where Emily's father was perpetual curate, and it was in these surroundings that their literary gifts flourished.
Henry Chadwick ( October 5, 1824 – April 20, 1908 ), often called the " father of baseball ," was a sportswriter, baseball statistician and historian.
The first Europeans to encounter the river were Hamilton Hume and William Hovell, who crossed the river where Albury now stands in 1824: Hume named it the Hume River after his father.
Drawing on all the previous work led Sadi Carnot, the " father of thermodynamics ", to publish Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire ( 1824 ), a discourse on heat, power, energy and engine efficiency.
The father was a linguist and theologian who served as professor of sacred literature at Yale Divinity School from 1824 until his death in 1861.
Marie Antoinette's situation became more precarious when, on 6 August 1775, her sister-in-law, the comtesse d ' Artois, gave birth to a son, the duc d ' Angoulême ( who later became the presumptive heir to the French throne when his father, the comte d ' Artois, became King Charles X of France in 1824 ).
In 1824, Dickens ' father was imprisoned in the Marshalsea and twelve-year-old Charles was forced to take lodgings nearby, pawn his collection of books, leave school, and accept employment in a blacking factory.
His son Joseph ( died 1804 ) married Rachel Mocatta, and his grandson Abraham Montefiore ( died 1824 ) married Henrietta whose father, the financier Nathan Meyer Rothschild, lived near the modern Colberg Place from 1818 to 1835.
* George Murray Smith ( 1824 – 1901 ), succeeded his father, founder of publishing firm of Smith, Elder & Co
Ainsworth's father died on 20 June 1824.
The family was stuck by tragedy in November, 1824, when the father died of unknown disease, the mother died four days later of tuberculosis, and the oldest daughter, Mary Anne, then age 14, died of unknown disease the same day, 25 November.
Henry married Lucy Flucker ( 1756 – 1824 ), the daughter of Boston Loyalists, on June 16, 1774, despite opposition from her father that was due to their differing political views.
A long trial now began, conducted with all the rigour and secrecy of the Austrian procedure, and Confalonieri, outwitted by the astute examining magistrate, A Salvotti ( d. 1866 ), contradicted himself, made fatal admissions, even compromised others, and together with several companions was condemned to death for high treason, but through the intercession of his wife and father, who went to Vienna to plead his cause in person, the emperor Francis commuted the penalty to perpetual imprisonment in the fortress of Spielberg ( January 1824 ).
Prince Miguel was always influenced by his mother ; and two months later, on April 30, 1824, as Commander-in-Chief of the Army he gathered his troops and ordered them to arrest ministers and other important people under pretext that a masonic conspiracy to assassinate the king existed, and placed his father in protective custody and incommunicado at Bemposta, where Miguel could " defend and secure his life ".
: Your letter of yesterday is received & I hasten to answer as fully as I can -- Joseph Smith Jr first come to my notice in the year 1824 in the summer of that year I contracted with his father to build a fence on my property in the corse of that work I approach Joseph & ask how it is in a half day you put up what requires your father & 2 brothers a full day working together he says I have not been with out assistance but can not say more only you better find out the next day I take the older Smith by the arm & he says Joseph can see any thing he wishes by looking at a stone Joseph often sees Spirits here with great kettles of coin money it was Spirits who brought up rock because Joseph made no attempt on their money I latter dream I converse with spirits which let me count their money when I awake I have in my hand a dollar coin which I take for a sign Joseph describes what I seen in every particular says he the spirits are grieved so I through back the dollar in the fall of the year 1827 I hear Joseph found a gold bible I take Joseph aside & he says it is true I found it 4 years ago with my stone but only just got it because of the enchantment the old spirit come to me 3 times in the same dream & says dig up the gold but when I take it up the next morning the spirit transfigured himself from a white salamander in the bottom of the hole & struck me 3 times & held the treasure & would not let me have it because I lay it down to cover over the hole when the spirit says do not lay it down Joseph says when can I have it the spirit says one year from to day if you obay me look to the stone after a few days he looks the spirit says bring your brother Alvin Joseph says he is dead shall I bring what remains but the spirit is gone Joseph goes to get the gold bible but the spirit says you did not bring your brother you can not have it look to the stone Joseph looks but can not see who to bring the spirit says I tricked you again look to the stone Joseph looks & sees his wife on the 22d day of Sept 1827 they get the gold bible -- I give Joseph $ 50 to move him down to Pa Joseph says when you visit me I will give you a sign he gives me some hiroglyphics I take then to Utica Albany & New York in the last place Dr Mitchel gives me an introduction to Professor Anthon says he they are short hand Egyption the same what was used in ancient times bring me the old book & I will translate says I it is made of precious gold & is sealed from view says he I can not read a sealed book -- Joseph found some giant silver specticles with the plates he puts them in an old hat & in the darkness reads the words & in this way it is all translated & written down -- about the middle of June 1829 Joseph takes me together with Oliver Cowdery & David Whitmer to have a view of the plates our names are appended to the book of Mormon which I had printed with my own money -- space and time both prevent me from writing more at present if there is any thing further you wish to inquire I shall attend to it
The young Gould started training as a gardener, being employed under his father at Windsor from 1818 to 1824, and he was subsequently a gardener at Ripley Castle in Yorkshire.
He succeeded his father on 18 June 1824.
In his earlier years he showed an aptitude for mathematics, but eventually he devoted himself to the study of natural history and of medicine, and in 1824 he was appointed assistant naturalist to his father.
His sureties for this bond were his father, Nicholas Porter Earp ; his paternal uncle, Jonathan Douglas Earp ( April 28, 1824 – October 20, 1900 ); and James Maupin.
His eldest son and heir apparent, William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, Marquess of Titchfield, represented King's Lynn in Parliament but died unmarried in 1824, fifteen years before his father.
** William Henry Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck, Marquess of Titchfield ( 1796 – 1824 ), eldest son of the 4th Duke, predeceased his father unmarried
His father, Frederick Maning, emigrated to Van Diemen's Land in 1824 with his wife and three sons to take up farming.
Interestingly, Mary Norvell, Lipscomb's daughter, married James Walker, the father of William Walker ( 1824 – 1860 ) a soldier of fortune or filibusterer in Nicaragua in 1857.

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