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1831 and Alexis
Alexis de Tocqueville, the French philosopher, witnessed the Choctaw removals while in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1831,
Alexis de Tocqueville, the French philosopher, witnessed the Choctaw removals while in Memphis, Tennessee in 1831,
* 1831 Notes of Alexis de Tocqueville in Lower Canada
This observation can be traced to Alexis de Tocqueville, the first writer to describe the United States as " exceptional " in 1831 and 1840.
The French writer Alexis de Tocqueville first wrote about it in his 1831 work, Democracy in America:
Sparks was one of the American intellectuals who received Alexis de Tocqueville during his 1831 – 32 visit to the United States.
* de Tocqueville, Alexis Journey to America ( 1831 – 1832 )

1831 and de
His illustrated stories such as Histoire de M. Vieux Bois ( 1827 ), first published in the USA in 1842 as The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck or Histoire de Monsieur Jabot ( 1831 ), inspired subsequent generations of German and American comic artists.
In the early 20th century, the first monster appeared in a horror film: Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre-Dame, who had appeared in Victor Hugo's novel, Notre-Dame de Paris ( 1831 ).
* 1763 – Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langeron, Russian general ( d. 1831 )
" On June 27 of 1831, she died in the house at 13 rue de Savoie.
* January 19 – Anton de Bary, German biologist ( b. 1831 )
de: 1831
* January 24 – Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langeron, Russian general ( d. 1831 )
1831 saw the success of La Peau de Chagrin ( The Wild Ass's Skin or The Magic Skin ), a fable-like tale about a despondent young man named Raphaël de Valentin who finds an animal skin which promises great power and wealth.
* La Peau de chagrin ( 1831 )
Louis Jean Pierre Vieillot ( 1748 – 1831 ) spent ten years studying North American birds and wrote the Histoire naturelle des oiseaux de l ' Amerique septentrionale ( 1807-1808 ?).
* The first head of state of Belgium after it seceded from the Dutch monarchy in 1831 was a regent ( but not a prince in his own right ), baron Erasme Louis Surlet de Chokier, before the new nation, which had chosen to become a parliamentary monarchy, had its first king sworn in to the constitution.
page 52 ISBN 0-8061-2421-0 </ ref > In the 19th century, as Mexican cuisine was being memorialized, enchiladas were mentioned in the first Mexican cookbook, El cocinero mexicano (" The Mexican Chef "), published in 1831, and in Mariano Galvan Rivera's Diccionario de Cocina, published in 1845.
( Mexico City: Imprenta de Galvan a cargo de Mariano Arevalo, 1831 ), 1: 78-88.
Heinrich Anton de Bary ( 26 January 1831 – 19 January 1888 ) was a German surgeon, botanist, microbiologist, and mycologist ( fungal systematics and physiology ).
Sand conducted affairs of varying duration with Jules Sandeau ( 1831 ), Prosper Mérimée, Alfred de Musset ( summer 1833 – March 1835 ), Louis-Chrystosome Michel, Pierre-François Bocage, Félicien Mallefille, Louis Blanc, and Frédéric Chopin ( 1837 – 47 ).
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame ( French: Notre-Dame de Paris, " Our Lady of Paris ") is a novel by Victor Hugo published in 1831.
On 30 December 1831, Berlioz left France for Rome, prompted by a clause in the Prix de Rome which required winners to spend two years studying there.
* 1831: First article in Le Mercure de France au XIXe siècle
* François de Robiano ( 1830 – 1831 )
Father José Maria Zalvidea left San Juan Capistrano on or about November 25, 1842, when Mission San Luis Rey de Francia's Father Ibarra died, leaving the Mission without a resident priest for the first time ( Zalvidea had been the Mission's sole priest ever since the death of Father Josef Barona in 1831.
Following this refusal, the National Congress appointed Erasme-Louis, Baron Surlet de Chokier to be the Regent of Belgium on 25 February 1831, thus becoming the first head of state of independent Belgium.

1831 and Tocqueville
* 1831-Alexis de Tocqueville, French aristocrat conservative political thinker and author of Democracy in America, spends a few days in the summer of 1831 in Lower Canada.

1831 and Gustave
In his turn he was violently attacked by Gustave Planche in the Revue des deux mondes for November 1831.
Later candidates to the title " modern novel " include Pamela ( 1740 ) by Richardson, Jacques the Fatalist ( 1796 ) by Denis Diderot, Pride and Prejudice ( 1813 ) by Jane Austen, The Red and the Black ( 1831 ) by Stendhal, and Madame Bovary ( 1857 ) by Gustave Flaubert.

1831 and Beaumont
Richard Hugh Cholmondeley ( 1827 – 1910 ) and his wife Emily Beaumont ( 1831 – 1893 ).
* Lady Margaret Anne de Burgh ( c. 1831 – 31 March 1888 ); married Wentworth Beaumont, 1st Baron Allendale

1831 and were
In the late eighteenth and during the nineteenth century, Lithuanian participants in the 1794, 1830 – 1831, and 1863 rebellions against the Russian czarist rule were exiled to Abakan.
In 1831, the Navy Board was abolished as a separate entity and its duties and responsibilities were given over to the Admiralty.
Work was also progressing on the northern half of the West Wing ( The Egyptian Sculpture Gallery ) 1826 – 1831, with Montagu House demolished in 1842 to make room for the final part of the West Wing, completed in 1846, and the South Wing with its great colonnade, initiated in 1843 and completed in 1847, when the Front Hall and Great Staircase were opened to the public.
Elections were held on December 10 and the fledgling legislature passed its first local legislation on December 31, 1831.
The first four censuses ( 1801 – 1831 ) were mainly headcounts and contained little personal information.
In April, the officers were acquitted of all charges, and on 9 May 1831, a banquet was held in their honor, with many illustrious people present, such as Alexandre Dumas.
The granite quarries around Haytor were the source of the stone used in several famous structures, including the New London Bridge, completed in 1831.
The Marshall court ruled that while Native American tribes were sovereign nations ( Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, 1831 ), state laws had no force on tribal lands ( Worcester v. Georgia, 1832 ).
Marx became interested in, but critical of, the work of the German philosopher G. W. F Hegel ( 1770 – 1831 ), whose ideas were widely debated amongst European philosophical circles at the time.
27 epidemics were recorded during pilgrimages from the 1831 to 1930.
By July 1831, as the new countries of Venezuela and Ecuador were being established, the isthmus would again reiterate its independence, now under the same General Alzuru as supreme military commander.
Those afflicted with leprosy were historically isolated from society, the attempts to check the invasion of syphilis in northern Europe about 1490, the advent of yellow fever in Spain at the beginning of the nineteenth century and the arrival of Asiatic cholera in 1831.
On the approach of cholera in 1831 some new lazarets were set up at western ports, notably a very extensive establishment near Bordeaux, afterwards turned to another use.
Examples were Charles Condert dress in the USA ( as of 1831 ), " Ohgushi's Peerless Respirator " in Japan ( a hand-controlled regulator, as of 1918 ), and Commandant le Prieur's hand-controlled regulator in France ( as of 1926 ); see Timeline of diving technology.
The earliest recorded usages were Dao ( 1736 ), Tau ( 1747 ), Taou ( 1831 ), and Dao ( 1971 ).
These acts were largely ineffective and after radical agitation, by for example the " Short Time Committees " in 1831, a Royal Commission recommended in 1833 that children aged 11 – 18 should work a maximum of 12 hours per day, children aged 9 – 11 a maximum of eight hours, and children under the age of nine should no longer be permitted to work.
His parents were Henry Mills Grace and Martha ( née Pocock ), who were married in Bristol on Thursday, 3 November 1831 and lived out their lives at Downend, where Henry Grace was the local GP.
There were at least a dozen reported small eruptions of ash from 1831 to 1857, including a fairly large one in 1842.
Boehm's work was inspired by an 1831 concert in London given by soloist Charles Nicholson who, with his father in the 1820s, had introduced a flute constructed with larger tone holes than were used in previous designs.
His were published starting around 1831.
The disturbances over reform in 1831 – 32 were countered with the enforcement of the usual laws and again Melbourne refused to pass emergency legislation against sedition.
Nevertheless, the vast majority of individuals were unable to vote ; the size of the English county electorate in 1831 has been estimated at only 200, 000.
Even though the first US copyright laws did not include musical compositions, they were added as part of the Copyright Act of 1831.
Over the following years ( 1831 – 1842 ) all the guilds were dissolved.

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