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1831 and Muhammad
From 1831 to 1841, Palestine was under the rule of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty of Egypt.
Having consolidated his conquests in Syria ( 1831 – 38 ), Ibrahim Pasha, son of the viceroy of Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, made the fatal mistake of trying to disarm the Christians and Druzes of the Lebanon and to draft the latter into his army.
* May 17 – Muhammad Al-Sabah, emir of Kuwait ( b. 1831 )
Reshaping Palestine: From Muhammad Ali to the British Mandate, 1831 – 1922.
When the Sultan refused, Muhammad Ali sent an army under Ibrahim into Syria in 1831.
Despite his popular reputation he was hesitant in 1831 about aiding the Sultan of Turkey, who was under threat from Muhammad Ali, the pasha of Egypt.
Reshaping Palestine: From Muhammad Ali to the British Mandate, 1831 – 1922.
After Egypt declared independence from Ottoman rule under the leadership of Muhammad Ali, they went on to conquer Palestine in 1831 – 32.
With the annexation of Jerusalem by Muhammad Ali of Egypt in 1831, a new opportunity arose for the Perushim.
In 1831, the Muhammad Ali declared war, and managed to take control of Syria, and Arabia by the war's end in 1833.
* Sicker, Martin ( 1999 ) Reshaping Palestine: from Muhammad Ali to the British Mandate, 1831 – 1922.

1831 and Ali
* Daud Pasha ( 1817 – 1831 ) Son of Ali, Son-in-law of Büyük Süleyman and nephew
In 1831 his portrait and that of some Qajar princes were engraved on a rock at Cheshmeh Ali hill and its surrounding was decorated with tablets covered by poetry.
Mahmud was also responsible for the subjugation of the Iraqi Mamluks by Ali Ridha Pasha in 1831.
Mirza Yahya was born in 1831 to Kuchak Khanum-i-Karmanshahi ( Ruhi, A Brief Biography ) and Mírzá Buzurg-i-Núrí, in the province of Mazandaran, and a younger-half-brother of Mírzá Husayn ` Ali, better known as Bahá ' u ' lláh.
Fat ' h Ali Shah Qajar Firman ( decree ) | firman in Shikasta Nastaʿlīq script, January 1831.
File: Saith Satoor and Ali Hassan Bey 1831 V & A by GH. jpg | Saith Satoor and Ali Hassan Bey, 1831.
A Fat ' h Ali Shah Qajar firman in Shikasta Nastaʿlīq script, January 1831.
* 1831 ` Ali IV bin al-Kabir
In the beginning of 1831 Jerusalem ’ s 9, 000 residents celebrated the coming of Mohammad Ali and his Egyptian army.
After the death of his granduncle, Marye of Yejju, Ali was appointed Ruler of Begemder and Imperial Regent at the age of 12 in a meeting of the chief nobles of the Yejju Oromo at the dynastic capital of Debre Tabor in July 1831 ,-and for himself, a minor, a council of regents was appointed from these nobles.

1831 and Egypt
Louis Maurice Adolphe Linant de Bellefonds better known as Linant Pasha ( Lorient, France, November 23, 1799 — Cairo, July 9, 1883 ) was an explorer of Egypt and, as the chief engineer of Egypt's public works, 1831 – 1869, the chief engineer of the Suez Canal.
At his return to Cairo in 1831 Linant was named chief engineer of the public works of Upper Egypt, a position that associated him in a long and fruitful carteer with most of the great works of modernizing Egypt's network of irrigation canals, the grand levées along the Nile.

1831 and conquered
The Duke of Modena abandoned his Carbonari supporters, arrested Menotti and other conspirators in 1831, and once again conquered his duchy with help from the Austrian troops.
Other Māori accounts tell of at least one swimmer who conquered the strait in 1831.
The Ottoman Empire conquered it in 1457 and was called ; an insurrection against them by the local population during the Greek War of Independence ( 1821 – 1831 ) led to the massacre of 1, 000 inhabitants.

1831 and Ottoman
Ottoman rule lasted until 1831, when it fell to the French.
" Vizier " was also the title of some Ottoman provincial governors, use of the title often indicating a greater degree of autonomy for the province involved and the greater prestige of the title holder ( this was, for example, a major issue in the Bosnian uprising of 1831 ).
Category: Egyptian people of the Egyptian – Ottoman War ( 1831 – 1833 )
The Bushati dynasty rule ended when an Ottoman army under Mehmed Reshid Pasha besieged the Rozafa Castle and forced Mustafa Reshiti to surrender ( 1831 ).
In late 1831, he took his newly-reformed army into Syria, resulting in the Egyptian – Ottoman War ( 1831 – 1833 ) against the Ottoman Sultan, Mahmud II.
* Antoine Ignace Melling ( 1763 – 1831 ) was Court Architect and Engraver to Ottoman Sultan Selim III, and Landscape Painter to the Empress Josephine of France.
Bosnia and Herzegovina remained a province in the Ottoman Empire and gained autonomy after the Bosnian uprising in 1831.
* Egyptian – Ottoman War ( 1831 – 1833 )
While the Ottoman Empire had population records prior to the 1830s, it was only in 1831 that the Office of Population Registers fund ( Ceride-i Nüfus Nezareti ) was founded.
During the uprising Husein Gradaščević was chosen as the leader and Vizier of Bosnia Eyalet in the year 1831 during the summer of that year he led nearly 25, 000 men and marched towards Kosovo where his forces battled against Ottoman regulars under the command of Grand Vizier Reşid Mehmed Pasha had set up encampments near Štimlje in their efforts to subdue the Muslim uprisings in both Kosovo and Bosnia.

1831 and Syria
In 1831, his father's quarrel with the Porte having become flagrant, Ibrahim was sent to conquer Syria.
First raised in 1831, the Spahis saw extensive service in the conquest of Algeria, in the Franco-Prussian War, in Tonkin towards the end of the Sino-French War ( 1885 ), in the occupation of Morocco and Syria, and in both World Wars.

1831 and decided
In 1831, a church committee decided to locate the academy on four acres ( 1. 6 hectares ) of land in Cobourg, Ontario, east of Toronto, because of its central location in a large town and access by land and water.
Gaines decided to remove Choctaws in three phases starting in 1831 and ending in 1833.
In 1831 an act was passed that called for the relocation of the county seat, but after further discussion it was decided that it should remain where it was.
Monmouth, Illinois, was originally to be called Kosciuszko after that name was drawn from a hat around 1831, until it was decided that Kosciuszko would be too hard to pronounce, so Monmouth was selected as an alternative.
The conditions for the medal have been changed several times ; in 1736, it was suggested that " a medal or other honorary prize should be bestowed on the person whose experiment should be best approved ", and this remained the rule until 1831, when the conditions were changed so that the medal would be awarded to the researcher that the Royal Society Council decided most deserved it.
Passing through Kirtland, Ohio, the missionaries converted a congregation of Disciples of Christ led by Sidney Rigdon, and in 1831, Smith decided to temporarily move his followers to Kirtland until the Missouri area could be colonized.
The Bey of Tunis Al-Husayn II ibn Mahmud decided to create the flag after the Battle of Navarino on 20 October 1827, which was adopted in 1831 or 1835.
The western portion was carried away by an ice freshet on February 23, 1831, and Congress decided to purchase the franchise of the Washington Bridge Company on July 14, 1832.
By 1831, Kaʻahumanu had decided to force the Catholic priests to leave Hawaii.
After spending several months during 1831 in France and England, Zavala decided to live in New York City until his return to Mexico in 1832.
In 1831 he decided to settle in Tasmania, and bringing with him his wife and daughter, obtained a grant of 4000 acres ( 16 km² ) of land.
On 27 September ( Julian calendar )/ October 9 ( Gregorian calendar ) 1831, the duo decided to assassinate the Governor as he entered St Spyridon church in Nauplio.
In a letter written to Madame Hanska in 1834, Balzac decided to reorganize his works into three larger groups, allowing him ( 1 ) to integrate his " La physiologie du mariage " into the ensemble and ( 2 ) to separate his most fantastic or metaphysical stories — like La Peau de chagrin ( 1831 ) and Louis Lambert ( 1832 ) — into their own " philosophical " section.

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