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1837 and was
As it was believed that in a colony of free settlers there would be little crime, no provision was made for a gaol in Colonel Light's 1837 plan.
It was first described in 1837 as the successor to Babbage's Difference Engine, a design for a mechanical computer.
Alcott was rejected by most public opinion and, by the summer of 1837, he had only 11 students left and no assistant after Margaret Fuller moved to Providence, Rhode Island.
Despite the service he rendered to the Qajar government, Hasan Ali Shah was dismissed from the governorship of Kerman in 1837, less than two years after his arrival there, and was replaced by Firuz Mirza Nusrat al-Dawla, a younger brother of Muhammad Shah Qajar.
Andrew Jackson ( March 15, 1767 June 8, 1845 ) was the seventh President of the United States ( 1829 – 1837 ).
The dethroning of queen Isabel II meant a vacuum that was profited by the Bank of New York and some Cubans opposed to the projected extension of the 1837 Abolition Act to finance a Texas style " independence " revolution known as the Cuban 10 Years War ( 1868 – 78 ) lost by the Cubans.
When King Amadeus finally had the bill in his desk, which would extend the 1837 Abolition Act to the Antilles, he was put on notice of a coup financed by Cuban plantationers and industrialists if he signed.
In 1837, the property was accepted instead as the site of the University of Michigan, which moved from Detroit.
He then began to study law and was admitted to the bar in 1837, selling the Advocate the same year.
Though he initially stood for election, unsuccessfully, as a Radical, Disraeli was a Tory by the time he won a seat in the House of Commons in 1837 representing the constituency of Maidstone.
The second revision, published in 1837, was the first digital ( binary ) form of writing.
Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837, near a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed.
The City of Chicago was incorporated on Saturday, March 4, 1837.
When Chicago was incorporated in 1837, it chose the motto Urbs in Horto, a Latin phrase which translates into English as " City in a Garden ".
Darwin was young and generally in good health, though six months previously he had been ill for a month near Valparaiso, but in 1837, almost a year after he returned to England, he began to suffer intermittently from a strange group of symptoms, becoming incapacitated for much of the rest of his life.
Scott County was formed by an act of the Wisconsin Territorial legislature in 1837.
The second immediate reason was the presence in Kabul in 1837 of a Russian agent, Captain P. Vitkevich, who was ostensibly there, as was the British agent Alexander Burnes, for commercial discussions.
However, centuries of efforts failed to find a solution to this problem, until Pierre Wantzel published a proof in 1837 that such a construction was impossible.
The industry was also particularly hurt by the Panic of 1837.
Stephen Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837, in Caldwell, New Jersey to Richard Falley Cleveland and Ann Neal Cleveland.
Galvanic paint, a precursor to hot-dip galvanization, was patented by Stanislas Sorel, of Paris, France in December, 1837.

1837 and dropped
Norvell was an influential and active participant in the first constitutional convention in 1835 also in the convention at Detroit in 1837 that accepted the compromise offered by Congress in which Michigan could become a state if it dropped its claims over the Toledo Strip in exchange for the western portion of the upper peninsula.
His grandfather ( who had dropped the aristocratic " de Luna " upon taking refuge in Cuba ) had been jailed on March 18, 1837 for demanding emancipation of slaves, constitutional freedom for all, and allegedly trying to hang a priest who opposed him.
Entering Columbia College ( now Columbia University ) in 1837, Wolcott ( he dropped the name " Oliver " at an early date ) graduated in 1841.
In 1837 Williams was elected a justice of the peace in Kirtland, appointed an officer in the Kirtland Safety Society, dropped from the First Presidency, and moved to Far West, Caldwell, County, Missouri.

1837 and from
Although never president, Diego Portales dominated Chilean politics from the cabinet and behind the scenes from 1830 to 1837.
In 1877, German physiologist Wilhelm Kühne ( 1837 – 1900 ) first used the term enzyme, which comes from Greek ενζυμον, " in leaven ", to describe this process.
English gold coins intended for circulation from 1526 into the 1930s were typically a standard 22k alloy called crown gold, for hardness ( American gold coins for circulation after 1837 contained the slightly lower amount of 0. 900 fine gold, or 21. 6 kt ).
Melville attended the Albany Academy from October 1830 to October 1831, and again from October 1836 to March 1837, where he studied the classics.
In 1837 – 38, the Rozwi Empire along with other Shona states were conquered by the Ndebele, who arrived from south of the Limpopo and forced them to pay tribute and concentrate in northern Zimbabwe.
* John Brown ( Kentucky ) ( 1757 – 1837 ), U. S. representative ( VA, 1789 – 1792 ) and U. S. senator ( KY, 1793 – 1805 ); member of Continental Congress from Virginia
In 1837, having been one of the seven professors who signed a protest against the King of Hanover's abrogation of the constitution established some years before, he was dismissed from his professorship and banished from the kingdom of Hanover.
Furthermore the human experience of time itself was altered, with the development of electric telegraph from 1837, and the adoption of standard time by British railway companies from 1845, and in the rest of the world over the next fifty years.
Letter from Webster to daughter Eliza, 1837, warning of perils of the abolitionist movement
* 1837In Alton, Illinois, abolitionist printer Elijah P. Lovejoy is shot dead by a mob while attempting to protect his printing shop from being destroyed a third time.
Driver retired from the sea in 1837 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee.
Another subcategory is wellerisms, named after Sam Weller from Charles Dickens's The Pickwick Papers ( 1837 ).
The first such petition was presented in the House of Commons on 4 December 1837 ( from Montrose ).
Retrospectively, " networking " of " data " in the Russian language can be traced to the spread of mail and journalism in Russia, and information transfer by technical means came to Russia with the telegraph and radio ( besides, a 1837 sci-fi novel Year 4338, by the 19-century Russian philosopher Vladimir Odoevsky, contains predictions such as " friends ' houses are connected by means of magnetic telegraphs that allow people who live far from each other to talk to each other " and " household journals " " having replaced regular correspondence " with " information about the hosts ’ good or bad health, family news, various thoughts and comments, small inventions, as well as invitations ").
His father had to escape from Canada because he took part in the unsuccessful Mackenzie Rebellion of 1837.
In March 1837, ornithologist John Gould announced that Darwin's Rhea was a separate species from the previously described rhea ( though their territories overlapped ), that mockingbirds collected on the Galápagos Islands represented three separate species each unique to a particular island, and that several distinct birds from those islands were all classified as finches.
Louis-Philippe, who took the throne in the July Revolution of 1830, saved the castle from total ruin by transforming it into a National Museum dedicated to " all the glories of France " in 1837.

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