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1842 and was
He graduated in 1842, 24th in a class of 56 cadets, and was commissioned a brevet second lieutenant in the 3rd U. S. Artillery.
Alexandria was named after its founder, Alexandru II Ghica, prince of Romania from 1834 to 1842.
The Malay was lost 27 July 1842 on the Europa Rocks.
Although a Conservative, Disraeli was sympathetic to some of the demands of the Chartists and argued for an alliance between the landed aristocracy and the working class against the increasing power of the merchants and new industrialists in the middle class, helping to found the Young England group in 1842 to promote the view that the landed interests should use their power to protect the poor from exploitation by middle-class businessmen.
He is also associated with the first recorded instance of a cycling traffic offence, when a Glasgow newspaper in 1842 reported an accident in which an anonymous " gentleman from Dumfries-shire ... bestride a velocipede ... of ingenious design " knocked over a little girl in Glasgow and was fined five shillings.
Work was also progressing on the northern half of the West Wing ( The Egyptian Sculpture Gallery ) 1826 – 1831, with Montagu House demolished in 1842 to make room for the final part of the West Wing, completed in 1846, and the South Wing with its great colonnade, initiated in 1843 and completed in 1847, when the Front Hall and Great Staircase were opened to the public.
However, the possibility of actually constructing a conscious machine was probably first discussed by Ada Lovelace, in a set of notes written in 1842 about the Analytical Engine invented by Charles Babbage, a precursor ( never built ) to modern electronic computers.
The defeat by the British Empire in the First Opium War ( 1840 ) led to the Treaty of Nanjing ( 1842 ), under which Hong Kong was ceded and opium import was legitimized.
Their time at the school was cut short when Elizabeth Branwell, their aunt who joined the family to look after the children after the death of their mother, died of internal obstruction in October 1842.
Although nominally a Conservative, Disraeli was sympathetic to some of the demands of the Chartists and argued for an alliance between the landed aristocracy and the working class against the increasing power of the middle class, helping to found the Young England group in 1842 to promote the view that the rich should use their power to protect the poor from exploitation by the middle class.
In 1842, the city charter was amended for the first time.
" " Ludwig " was soon identified as Rufus Wilmot Griswold, an editor, critic and anthologist who had borne a grudge against Poe since 1842.
Meanwhile, Newson ’ s malting business expanded and five more children were born, Alice ( 1842 ), Millicent ( 1847 ), who was to become a leader in the constitutional campaign for women's suffrage, Sam ( 1850 ), Josephine ( 1853 ) and George ( 1854 ).
Samuel Lee, the editor ( 1842 ) and translator ( 1843 ) of the Syriac Theophania thought that the work must have been written " after the general peace restored to the Church by Constantine, and before either the ' Praeparatio ,' or the ' Demonstratio Evengelica ,' was written.
It was given explicit statement by Robert Leslie Ellis in " On the Foundations of the Theory of Probabilities " read on 14 February 1842, ( and much later again in " Remarks on the Fundamental Principles of the Theory of Probabilities ").
Based on this work, the first fuel cell was demonstrated by Welsh scientist and barrister Sir William Robert Grove in the February 1839 edition of the Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science and later sketched, in 1842, in the same journal.
* 1842 21 August – The Church of England Diocese of Gibraltar was founded by Letters Patent and took over the pastoral care of the chaplaincies and congregations from Portugal to the Caspian Sea.
He was Secretary of State for War and the Colonies between 1834 and 1835 and again Foreign Secretary between 1841 and 1846 under Sir Robert Peel. It was during his second stint as Foreign Secretary that he settled two disagreements with the US – the Northeast Boundary dispute by the Webster-Ashburton Treaty ( 1842 ), and the Oregon dispute by the Oregon Treaty of 1846.
Sullivan was born in London on 13 May 1842.
Punch was an unexpected success, yet, a year later, Mayhew resigned as joint editor in 1842.
Howland Island was at last named after a lookout who sighted it from the whaleship Isabella of New Bedford on September 9, 1842.
In 1842, about a quarter of the inner city was destroyed in the " Great Fire ".
This conflagration started on the night of the 4 May 1842 and was extinguished on 8 May.

1842 and chosen
A permanent county seat was chosen in March 1842 and designated by the name of Carthage.
Grattan was unanimously chosen by both parties to assist at the negotiations at Washington, and contributed to the conclusion of the treaty of 9 April 1842.
In 1836, Jervis was chosen as the chief engineer on the 41-mile long Croton Aqueduct, which operated from 1842 to 1965, bringing fresh water to New York City.
This plus his readiness to be involved in public affairs made it easy for him to be chosen as a member of the Territorial House of Representatives from Jackson County in 1842.
Henry Sherwood QC ( 1807 – July 7, 1855 ) was a lawyer and Tory provincial politician, moved to municipal politics and was alderman of St. David's Ward when chosen as Toronto's 7th mayor from 1842 to 1844.
Laboulaye was received at the bar in 1842, and was chosen professor of comparative law at the Collège de France in 1849.

1842 and by
* For Ibn Sina's life, see Ibn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary, translated by de Slane ( 1842 ); F. Wüstenfeld's Geschichte der arabischen Aerzte und Naturforscher ( Göttingen, 1840 ).
The city exported meat, wool, wine, fruit and wheat by the time Grey left in 1845, contrasting with a low point in 1842 when one-third of Adelaide houses were abandoned.
Within the sects of the Latter Day Saint movement, the Articles of Faith are a list composed by Joseph Smith, Jr. as part of an 1842 letter sent to " Long " John Wentworth, editor of the Chicago Democrat.
Although the proposal seemed to have been approved, the plans of the British were thwarted by the uprising of Dost Muhammad's son Muhammad Akbar Khan, who defeated and annihilated the British-Indian garrison at Gandamak on its retreat from Kabul in January 1842.
* The Articles of Faith: concise listing of thirteen fundamental doctrines of Mormonism composed by Joseph Smith in 1842.
In 1842 Charlotte and Emily travelled to Brussels to enrol in a boarding school run by Constantin Heger ( 1809 – 96 ) and his wife Claire Zoé Parent Heger ( 1804 – 87 ).
From 1842, the boundaries of the city were comprehended by the baronies of Dublin City and the Barony of Dublin.
The most prominent reference to the term evangelist in the denomination's literature is found in its Articles of Faith, derived from the Wentworth letter, a statement by Joseph Smith in 1842 to a Chicago newspaper editor that the church believes in " the same organization that existed in the primitive church ", including " evangelists ".
In 1842, Emily accompanied Charlotte to Brussels, Belgium, where they attended a girls ' academy run by Constantin Heger.
Several of Bulwer-Lytton's novels were made into operas, one of which, Rienzi, der Letzte der Tribunen ( 1842 ) by Richard Wagner, eventually became more famous than the novel.
1842 Half Quart coin issue by the Royal Mint
The legendary villainy of the Spanish Inquisition, previously explored by Gothicists Radcliffe, Lewis, and Maturin, is revisited in " The Pit and the Pendulum " ( 1842 ).
Akbar Khan took to the throne from 1842 to 1845 who was followed by Dost Mohammad Khan.
By 1842, four of the other American colonies were incorporated into Liberia, and one was destroyed by indigenous people.

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