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1855 and critic
In 1855 the art critic John Ruskin began to subsidize her career.
Georgi's mother, Maria Feodorovna, was a distant relative of the famous literary critic Vissarion Belinsky and was married to Valentin in 1855, following the death of his first wife.
On her return from Cuba in 1855, when she played Lucrezia Borgia in the opera, the New York Times called her " one of the few worth welcoming back again "; but critic Richard Grant White wrote that her voice had deteriorated into " a bewildered shriek ".
He began as a drama critic on the Pays newspaper in 1851, and in 1855 he succeeded Théophile Gautier on the Presse.

1855 and described
He is best known as the author of the widely popular History of Napoleon Bonaparte ( 1855 ), in which the various elements and episodes in Napoleon's career are described.
This siege is described in the chapter Ninety-Six of the historic novel of Kenneth Roberts: Oliver Wiswell, 1940, as well as the 1855 novel The Forayers, by William Gilmore Simms.
The arms were originally proposed in 1855 and described as a pilot boat on the sea.
Sir John Bowring, an envoy from Great Britain, described a meeting with the deputy king ( ouparaja ) of Siam in 1855 in which his host performed on the Lao khene ; at a meeting two days later he entertained Bowring with Lao dancers and khene music.
Addison described this condition in his 1855 publication: On the Constitutional and Local Effects of Disease of the Suprarenal Capsules.
The outer stockade was described by Lapham in 1855 ( v. i. ) as being " long at the north end, long on the west side and on the south side ; making a total length of wall of.
In 1855, free love advocate Mary Gove Nichols ( 1810 – 1884 ) described marriage as the " annihilation of woman ," explaining that women were considered to be men's property in law and public sentiment, making it possible for tyrannical men to deprive their wives of all freedom.
This group of " micro-cormorants " assumed the genus name Microcarbo, initially described by French naturalist Charles Lucien Bonaparte in 1855.
Black Town described in 1855 asthe minor streets, occupied by the natives are numerous, irregular and of various dimensions.
In 1855, John Ramsbottom, later locomotive superintendent of the LNWR, described a new form of safety valve intended to improve reliability and especially to be tamper-resistant.
The Treaty of 1855 identified the 14 confederated tribes and bands of the Yakama including " Yakama, Palouse ", ( now written " Palus "), " Pisquouse, Wenatshapam, Klikatat, Klinquit, Kow-was-say-ee, Li-ay-was, Skin-pah, Wish-ham, Shyiks, Ochechotes, Kah-milt-pay, and Se-ap-cat, confederated tribes and bands of Indians, occupying lands hereinafter bounded and described and lying in Washington Territory, who for the purposes of this treaty are to be considered as one nation, under the name ' Yakama '…".
The building was demolished in 1855, having earlier ( 1796 ) been described in Daniel Lysons ' Environs of London:
The specimen somehow made its way to the French scientist Paul Gervais, who described it as a new species in 1855.
The brick Clarke-Palmore House in Henrico County, Virginia, has a lower level built in 1819 described as being American bond of three to five stretcher courses between each header course, and an upper level built in 1855 with American bond of 6 to 7 stretcher courses between each header course.
The Bellamy salute is the salute described by Francis Bellamy ( 1855 – 1931 ) to accompany the American Pledge of Allegiance, which he had authored.
Category: Plants described in 1855
While Gustave Courbet ( 1819 – 1877 ) could be described as an anti-Romantic painter, his major works like A Burial at Ornans ( 1849 – 50 ) and The Artist's Studio ( 1855 ) owe a debt to The Raft of the Medusa.
Houston Stewart Chamberlain ( September 9, 1855 – January 9, 1927 ) was a British-born German author of books on political philosophy, natural science and the German composer Richard Wagner ; he is described in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as a " racialist writer ".
In 1855, the Dutch ichthyologist Pieter Bleeker described this fish as Barbus tetrazona.
Category: Animals described in 1855
Charles Lucien Bonaparte | C L Bonaparte described the Trocaz Pigeon as Trocaza bouvryi in 1855
The area was first surveyed in 1855 and was described as, " the best soil on the island ... well watered, with a mild climate " by surveyor James Scott, for whom the town is named.
Category: Animals described in 1855
It was first described by Leopold Fitzinger in 1855.

1855 and handling
* 1855 Paiaka settlers move closer to the coast at " Foxton ", which becomes a port handling flax, timber and agricultural produce.
The most significant development — indeed transformation — of grand opera after the 1850s was its handling by Giuseppe Verdi, whose Les vêpres siciliennes ( 1855 ), proved to be more widely given in Italy and other Italian language opera houses than in France.

1855 and Less
*" Less is more ", a phrase from the 1855 poem " Andrea del Sarto, called ' The Faultless Painter '" by Robert Browning

1855 and finished
As a painter she became famous primarily for two chief works: Ploughing in the Nivernais ( in French: Le labourage nivernais, le sombrage ), which was first exhibited at the Salon of 1848, and is now in the Musée d ’ Orsay in Paris depicts a team of oxen ploughing a field while attended by peasants set against a vast pastoral landscape ; and, The Horse Fair ( in French: Le marché aux chevaux ) ( which was exhibited at the Salon of 1853 ( finished in 1855 ) and is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York City.
In January 1855, Joseph D. Warner, who was the first railroad station agent, finished his house on South Elida Street.
Writing in The Times in 1855, Henry Morley called Farren " one of the most finished actors by whom the stage has been adorned in the present century.
15 ( revised version-original finished 1855 )
Six supplementary volumes finally finished the work in 1855.
It was finished by François Rude ( Dijon, 1784-Paris, 1855 ).
His Piano Concerto, finished in 1855, intended for his piano pupil Hilda Aurora Thegerström, who continued her studies with Antoine François Marmontel and Franz Liszt, did not see the light of day until 1904, when Berwald's granddaughter Astrid performed it at a Stockholm student concert.
1855, he finished his highly scholarly, very well researched and illustrated edition of Abul Fazl ’ s Ai ’ n-e Akbari, itself an extraordinarily difficult book.
There were already seven warehouses on Portland Street when they commenced building the elaborate Watts Warehouse of 1855, but four more were opened before it was finished.
Engineer Charles Lalanne was put in charge of these works, that started in the summer of 1855 and were finished by the year's end.
In 1857, the finished painting La Prise de la tour de Malakoff 8 septembre 1855 was shown at the Paris Salon, and two years later came La Gorge de Malakoff, and La courtine de Malakoff.
The Birmingham Mint won its first contract to strike finished coins for Britain – 500 tons of copper, struck between August 1853 and August 1855, with another contract to follow in 1856.
He began law school at Yale Law School, but left before earning a law degree He finished his training by reading law at a law office, then practiced law in Dubuque, Iowa from 1855 to 1858, and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1858 to 1892.
Delaroche finished the work in 1841, but it was considerably damaged by a fire in 1855.
By the end of 1855, Cogswell was able to report that the catalog was finished, excepting only a small portion of history.
Another structure, begun in 1855, was finished after his death, and served as the cathedral of St. Paul until the present Cathedral was completed in 1915.
In 1855 Charles Bright finished a survey of the Irish coast and came to the conclusion that Valentia Island, on the south coast of Ireland, was best possible location and was also the closest point to America.
The line was finished in 1852, and as the Chicago & Mississippi Railroad extended to Bloomington in 1854 and Joliet in 1855.

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