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1860 and site
Daniel Barringer ( 1860 – 1929 ) was one of the first to identify an impact crater, Meteor Crater in Arizona ; to crater specialists the site is referred to as Barringer Crater in his honor.
The first chips fried in the UK were on the site of Oldham's Tommyfield Market in 1860.
A tree planted in 1860 to replace it died in 2004 and was in turn replaced ; the sapling that had been chosen to become the official Oak of Guernica is also sick so the tree will not be replaced until the earth around the site has been restored to health.
It was founded in 1860 by William K. Reed, Dr. Allen Blatchly, and Thomas McCarty, at the site of the second big discovery of copper ore in the region ( the first was nearby Telegraph City ).
In the 1860 Presidential election campaign, Plainville was the site of a political rally involving around 7, 000 people.
Records of the Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad show a station in the area in 1860 with no name, but freight and passengers from that site.
On November 22, 1860, a meeting was held at Abbeville, at a site since dubbed " Secession Hill ", to launch South Carolina's secession from the Union ; one month later, the state of South Carolina became the first state to secede.
Liberty expanded as a shipping point when the Texas and New Orleans Railroad reached it in 1858, and in 1860 a Market House was under construction at the site of the future Sam Houston Elementary School.
The town site was surveyed and by the end of 1860 a large log meeting house had been completed to house church, school, and social functions.
Prestwick Golf Club, site of the first Open Championship in 1860 Open Championship | 1860.
The present town hall was erected in 1860 on the site of the guildhall.
However, output declined with changing fashions in the 19th century, and the last Usk japanware was produced in 1860 on the site of what is now Bunning's builders merchants.
In 1860, the city was the site of the Battle of Guayaquil, the last of a series of military conflicts between the forces of the Provisional Government, led by Gabriel García Moreno and General Juan José Flores, and the forces of the Supreme Chief of Guayas, General Guillermo Franco, whose government was recognized as possessing sovereignty over the Ecuadorian territory by Peruvian president Ramón Castilla.
The current Municipal Palace is of Ionic architectural style and occupies part of the site of the old " Colegio Grande del Seminario de los Padres Paulinos " ( Grand Seminary College for Pauline Priests ) who had to abandon the city in 1860.
Nearby Jolon was established as a gold mining town on an old Salinan village site in 1860, astride El Camino Real, the old road connecting all the Spanish missions in California.
When the site was being extended in 1860, workmen removing a bank of earth on the south side of the original building accidentally broke up a Roman tessellated pavement, or mosaic floor.
In 1853, of farmland in the town of Ovid were purchased for the site of the Ovid Agricultural College, which opened in December 1860.
The first chips fried in Britain were at Oldham's Tommyfield Market in 1860, and on the site a blue plaque marks the origin of the fish and chip shop and fast food industries in Britain.
The site had been acquired from the Birmingham and Midland Institute ( BMI ) in 1860 after the construction of their own building in 1857 on the corner of Paradise Street and Ratcliff Place.
After the first vote failed, a second one passed in 1860 causing the BMI and the Corporation to cooperate on the joint site.
Rather than return him to the US, Salmon delivered Walker to the Honduran authorities in Trujillo, who executed him near the site of the present-day hospital by firing squad on September 12, 1860.
The site of this church has moved several times and it now stands in Thomas Street where it was rebuilt in 1860.
In 1860 renewed fears of a French invasion led the War Office to rebuild and fortify the site.
Though founded in Jarrow in 1860, the school moved to its present site in Tynemouth in 1865 originally providing a private education for local boys.

1860 and was
With almost no support in the South, Lincoln swept the North and was elected president in 1860.
From 1853 to 1860, another of Lincoln's largest clients was the Illinois Central Railroad.
On May 9 – 10, 1860, the Illinois Republican State Convention was held in Decatur.
On November 6, 1860, Lincoln was elected the 16th president of the United States, beating Democrat Stephen A. Douglas, John C. Breckinridge of the Southern Democrats, and John Bell of the new Constitutional Union Party.
Stanton was one of many conservative Democrats ( he supported Breckenridge in the 1860 election ) who became anti-slavery Republicans under Lincoln's leadership.
The Republican Party was determined to prevent any spread of slavery, and many Southern leaders had threatened secession if the Republican candidate, Lincoln, won the 1860 election.
Anti-slavery Northerners mobilized in 1860 behind moderate Abraham Lincoln because he was most likely to carry the doubtful western states.
Lincoln ’ s assessment of the political issue for the 1860 elections was that, " This question of Slavery was more important than any other ; indeed, so much more important has it become that no other national question can even get a hearing just at present.
In 1860 the Thorndon Park reservoir was opened, finally providing an alternative water source to the now turbid River Torrens.
In 1860, Alcott was named superintendent of Concord Schools.
In May 1860 a significantly amended version of the Act was passed in both houses but was vetoed by President Buchanan.
From 1850 onwards he became well known as a critic and essay-writer, and in 1860 he began working on his magnum opus, his History of Music, which was published at intervals from 1862 in five volumes, the last two ( 1878, 1882 ) being edited and completed by Otto Kade and Wilhelm Langhans.
After the acceptance of Avogadro's hypothesis in 1860 it was understood that elements could exist as polyatomic molecules, and the two allotropes of oxygen were recognized as O < sub > 2 </ sub > and O < sub > 3 </ sub >.
The first instrumental analysis was flame emissive spectrometry developed by Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff who discovered rubidium ( Rb ) and caesium ( Cs ) in 1860.
Aberfoyle Golf Club was built in 1860 and is located just south of town near the Rob Roy restaurant.
An equestrian statue was erected to his memory on the Heldenplatz in Vienna in 1860.
This contrasts with the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition in 1860 – 61 which was much better funded, but resulted in the deaths of three of the members of the transcontinental party.
Bromine was not produced in large quantities until 1860.
By 1860, Cuba was devoted to growing sugar, having to import all other necessary goods.
Lincoln was nominated in Chicago for the nation's presidency at the 1860 Republican National Convention and went on to defeat Douglas in the general election, setting the stage for the American Civil War.
Coloured Cheddar-style cheese has long been sold, but even as early as 1860, the real reason for this was unclear: Joseph Harding stated " to the cheese consumers of London who prefer an adulterated food to that which is pure I have to announce an improvement in the annatto with which they compel the cheesemakers to colour the cheese ".
The earliest hymn book published was the " Sacred Melodist " which was published by Benjamin Wilson in Geneva, Illinois in 1860.

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