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1869 and Benjamin
Benjamin A. Putnam died in the county seat of Palatka in 1869.
Benjamin L. Bates was elected as the first Village President when The Village of New Haven was incorporated on May 3, 1869.
Between 1869 and 1889, he was the master of eight vessels, the first four of which ( the Washington, the Constitution, the Benjamin Aymar and the Amethyst ) he commanded in the employ of others.
In 1869 Froude was elected Lord Rector of St. Andrews, defeating Benjamin Disraeli by a majority of fourteen.
In 1869, Governor Benjamin Pine was assigned the task of organizing a federation of Antigua-Barbuda, Dominica, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Kitts, Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands.
* Constable Benjamin Biddle, 1st Division, Armed Constabulary, Ngatapa, 1869.
When Benjamin Wilson retired in 1869 he left his The Gospel Banner to be merged with his nephew Thomas Wilson's Herald of the Coming Kingdom and Bible Instructor, which was renamed in The Restitution in 1871 and published by Thomas Wilson and W. D.
Under the encouragement of Abraham Unger, Oncken visited the Mennonite Brethren Church in the Chortitza colony in 1869, assisting in the ordinations of Abraham Unger as elder, Aaron Lepp as minister, and Benjamin Nickel and Cornelius Unger as deacons.
He sat in the House of Lords as an Irish Representative Peer from 1840 to 1869 and served as a Lord-in-Waiting ( government whip in the House of Lords ) in the three Conservative administrations of the Earl of Derby and in Benjamin Disraeli's first government.
In 1869 Benjamin Franklin Goodrich purchased the Hudson River Rubber Company, a small business in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.
Benjamin Baker Moeur ( December 22, 1869 – March 16, 1937 ) was the fourth Governor of Arizona, one of the United States of America.
Benjamin Fitzpatrick ( June 30, 1802November 21, 1869 ) was an American politician, who served as the 11th Governor of the U. S. state of Alabama and as United States Senator from Alabama as a Democrat.
Dr. Benjamin Rush Engraving by James Barton Longacre ( 1794 – 1869 ), from painting by Thomas Sully ( 1783 – 1872 ).
In 1869, Benjamin went to work in his father's sawmill, readying hardwoods for shipping to his brothers in San Francisco.
Benjamin Dann Walsh ( September 21, 1808 – November 18, 1869 ) was an American entomologist, serving as the first official state entomologist in Illinois from 1867 to 1869.
In 1869, Benjamin Hardcastle Johnston established a post office here and called it Port Carling.
* Greenwood Cemetery, established 1869, was not the site of a late-18th century summer home of Dr. Benjamin Rush
Alfred Benjamin Meacham ( 1826 – 1882 ) was an American Methodist minister, reformer, author and historian, who served as the U. S. Superintendent of Indian Affairs for Oregon ( 1869 – 1872 ).
His 1869 caricature of Benjamin Disraeli was the first colour lithograph to appear in the magazine, and proved immensely popular.
He was a reporter for The New York Times from 1869 to 1872, and he also served as private secretary to the Secretary of the Navy Benjamin F. Tracy, from 1889 – 93.

1869 and appointed
The Métis became more fearful when the Canadian government appointed the notoriously anti-French William McDougall as the Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories on September 28, 1869, in anticipation of a formal transfer to take effect in December.
When Grant became president in 1869, Sherman was appointed Commanding General of the United States Army and promoted to General of the Army.
In 1870, Henry D. Washburn, having been appointed Surveyor General of Montana in 1869, organized the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition in Helena to explore the regions that would become Yellowstone National Park.
" Montgomery County was surveyed and organized in 1869 ; the governor appointed commissioners June 3.
He allowed free debates in Parliament to be held and published, relaxed press censorship, and appointed the Liberal Émile Ollivier as Prime Minister in 1869.
After his death in Spain in 1869, de Celis's widow and children returned to California, and his eldest son, Eulogio, was appointed administrator of his estate.
But in 1869, George Careless was appointed as the Choir's conductor and the Tabernacle Choir began to musically improve.
He was appointed secretary of the NP board in March 1869.
He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1869, and on the resignation of Sir Thomas Maclear in 1870 he was appointed Her Majesty's astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope.
McDougall was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory in 1869.
Elected republican deputy for Paris in 1869, he protested against the declaration of war with Germany, and on 6 September 1870 was appointed prefect of the Seine by the Government of National Defense.
Returning in 1869, he was appointed assistant astronomer at Altona in 1873, and afterwards at Kiel.
He was appointed master of the Temple in 1869, and dean of Llandaff in 1879, apost he held until his death.
In 1844 Sir Robert Peel appointed him as a Canon of Westminster ( 1844 – 1869 ).
In 1869 President Grant appointed Akerman as U. S. Attorney in Georgia.
McLelan followed Howe to the Confederation side, and was appointed to the Senate in August 1869.
The Canadian government had bought Rupert's Land from the Hudson's Bay Company in 1869 and appointed an English-speaking governor, William McDougall.
The Canadian government appointed the notoriously anti-French McDougall as the Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories-designate on September 28, 1869, in anticipation of a formal transfer to take effect on December 1.
In 1869 he became a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, and in 1874 he was appointed by Mgr Capel as Professor of Biology at the short-lived ( Catholic ) University College, Kensington a post he held until 1877.
In 1869 he was appointed professor of modern history at the University of Cambridge.
Eventually Kepa turned up and the day of the attack was appointed, 4 October 1869.
In 1869 von der Tann-Rathsamhausen, as he was now called, was appointed commander of the I. Bavarian Corps.
He was appointed U. S. Pension Agent in 1869 for four years and served three terms as mayor of Springfield beginning in 1876.
Itagaki was appointed a Councilor of State in 1869, and was involved in several key reforms, such as the abolition of the han system in 1871.

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