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1869 and again
Later in 1869 / 70, the organizers again approached Verdi ( this time with the idea of writing an opera ), but he again turned them down.
The city was enlarged in 1869, and again in 1882 by adding Königsworther Platz and the Welfengarten.
Mallinger sang Elsa again for the work's premiere at the Berlin State Opera's on 6 April 1869.
William Hale Thompson ( May 14, 1869 – March 19, 1944 ) was Mayor of Chicago from 1915 to 1923 and again from 1927 to 1931.
In 1869 and again in 1880, a group of Brethren in the Miami Valley of Ohio submitted a petition to Annual Conference pleading for a halt to liberalization and a return to traditional Brethren values.
Bethalto was founded in 1834, incorporated April 19, 1869, under a special charter and again in 1873 under the State of Illinois ' general law.
Congress again raised the subject in 1846 and 1869, but Congressional records do not mention Columbus.
In 1869 a fifth teacher was added and the basement of the Universalist Church was again used-this time for the Intermediate Department.
The town remained unincorporated until 1869, when it was again incorporated.
According to an Easton paper of January 19, 1869, Mrs. Sophia Sandt rode from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and back again in her sleigh “ amidst the applause of the people .” The bridge, of the Burr Truss type, was 775 feet long, 18 feet wide, and cost about $ 40, 000 to construct.
* Anleitung zur lateinischen Paläographie ( Leipzig, 1869, and again 1886 )
He left for Kyōto again, and after coming back on 9 May 1869 it was renamed to.
Although Titokowaru had fought the entire war without direct assistance from the Māori King Movement, it is possible the Kingites had attempted to intervene in February 1869 with a raid on the Pukearuhe Redoubt in Taranaki's far north – in which a woman, three children, a missionary and three military settlers were killed – and again in March when a force of Kingite warriors massed at Mokau, reportedly preparing to invade Taranaki.
He was again elected to the Territorial council in 1869, and was elected as a Democrat to the United States House of Representatives from March 4, 1871 to March 3, 1875.
It then was published once more, under the title Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London, from 1861 to 1869 ; it was renamed and published, from 1869 to 1870, again as Journal of the Ethnological Society of London, and was edited by George Busk.
In 1869 he was elected an academician, and in 1873, on the retirement of Sir George Gilbert Scott, and then again in 1878 he was elected professorship of architecture in the Royal Academy.
These changes included the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland in 1869 which undermined the financial viability of the Church of Ireland Bishop of Meath's landed estate and led to the laying off of his mainly Protestant staff and the land reforms of the 1880s to the early 1900s, which saw the breakup of the large Protestant estates such as the Waller estate at Allenstown House, and their sale to their Catholic tenantry, again costing many local Protestants their jobs running the estates.
On a visit to the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1869, Beresford met Nancy Sumner again.
Alfred Howe Terry ( November 10, 1827 – December 16, 1890 ) was a Union general in the American Civil War and the military commander of the Dakota Territory from 1866 to 1869 and again from 1872 to 1886.
* General Junot, duc d ' Abrantès – 1808 ( extinct 1859 but extended in female line in 1869, again extinct 1985 )
Stockton Council made two attempts to take over the local board of South Stockton, first in 1869 and again in 1883, but without success.
He contested Grenoble unsuccessfully in 1863 against the imperial candidate, Casimir Royer ; and failed again for Aube in 1869.

1869 and became
As a consequence of its use for transporting strawberries to market, the since-closed Cheddar Valley line became known as The Strawberry Line after it opened in 1869.
The settlement there became the town of Palmerston in 1869, and was renamed Darwin in 1911.
The bay's regional importance became paramount when the First Transcontinental Railroad reached its western terminus in Alameda on September 6, 1869.
Other female students of this period includes Lydia Wahlström ( 1869 – 1954 ) who later became a noted educator, activist and writer on women's emancipation and suffrage.
It became the second institution in New Zealand providing tertiary-level education ( following the University of Otago, established in 1869 ), and the fourth in Australasia.
In 1869, Morris and Rossetti rented a country house, Kelmscott Manor at Kelmscott, Oxfordshire, as a summer retreat, but it soon became a retreat for Rossetti and Jane Morris to have a long-lasting and complicated liaison.
He continued his education at home where one of his tutors was the Reverend John Dann, who was the Downend parish church curate ; like Mr Barnard before him, Mr Dann became Grace's brother-in-law, marrying Blanche Grace in 1869.
Grace became a member of Marylebone Cricket Club ( MCC ) in 1869 after being proposed by the treasurer, Thomas Burgoyne, and seconded by the secretary, Robert Allan Fitzgerald.
The Métis became more fearful when the Canadian government appointed the notoriously anti-French William McDougall as the Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories on September 28, 1869, in anticipation of a formal transfer to take effect in December.
When Grant became president in 1869, Sherman was appointed Commanding General of the United States Army and promoted to General of the Army.
He became one of the Heralds overseas correspondents and, in 1869, was instructed by Bennett's son to find the Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone, who was known to be in Africa but had not been heard from for some time.
Pope Pius IX announced an ecumenical council, which became known as the First Vatican Council, to take place in the Vatican on 8 December 1869, Pecci was likely to be well informed, since his brother Giuseppe had been named by the Pope to be one of the persons to prepare this event.
From 1863 to 1869, Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson ( who became president on April 14, 1865 ) took a moderate position designed to bring the South back to normal as soon as possible, while the Radical Republicans ( as they called themselves ) used Congress to block the moderate approach, impose harsh terms, and upgrade the rights of the Freedmen ( former slaves ).
In 1869 he became an apprentice to a photographer named Maurice Guttenberg.
In 1869, Breckinridge became vice president of the Elizabethtown, Lexington, and Big Sandy Railroad Company.
Laramie County became a county in the Wyoming Territory when the territorial government was formed in 1869.
It became a county in Wyoming Territory when that territory's government was formally organized on May 19, 1869.
It became a county in Wyoming Territory when that territory's government was formally organized on May 19, 1869.
Nilsson became a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 1869.
Built in 1869 by the East London Railway Company, which reused the Thames Tunnel, originally intended for horse-drawn carriages, the line became part of the London Underground network in 1933.
He became the proprietor of the new town, and the Village of Heyworth was incorporated on March 31, 1869.
Alburtus T. Hoxie, son of L. S., became the first postmaster of Acme in 1869.
After the construction of the Suez Canal in 1869, which instantly became the main shipping-route to British India, successive British governments decided that Egypt was simply too strategic to be left to its own devices and imposed a military protectorate over the country.
Michigan became the 26th state in 1837, and the Village of Rochester was formed on April 12, 1869, within the boundaries of Avon Township.
Lutesville, which had been founded in 1869 and later became the main business and shipping center for the area, merged with Marble Hill and maintained the name of Marble Hill because it was the current county seat.

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