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1873 and house
Image: Claude Monet-The Artist's House at Argenteuil. jpg | The Artist's house at Argenteuil, 1873, The Art Institute of Chicago
At some point in the next two years they moved back to England, by 1873 settling into The Glen, a large Victorian house in Blundellsands, a seaport in Lancashire, north-west England, which was developing into a wealthy suburb of Liverpool.
The series was originally published between 1867 and 1873 by the Presbyterian publishing house T. & T. Clark in Edinburgh under the title Ante-Nicene Christian Library, as a response to the Oxford movement's Library of the Fathers which was perceived as too Roman Catholic.
An 1873 Victorian era | Victorian illustration of a " Ju-ju house " on the Gold Coast ( region ) | Gold Coast showing fetishised skulls and bones.
The war largely impoverished the Gilliam family and the house would be sold in 1873 to a cousin, Mrs. Evelyn Gasquet Marshall of New York.
A later occupant of the house, from 1871 until his death there in 1873, was the exiled French Emperor, Napoleon III.
In response, the railway officials sent a force of men without notice to move the station house from Weaver City half a mile east across the state border, which they did on the Sunday morning of March 10, 1873.
Mr. Biglari noted in the October 25, 1873 newspaper, " Nine months ago the first house was erected.
Beach Haven, known on LBI as the " Queen City ," is a late 19th century beach-front resort originally established in 1873 to house wealthy summer residents from Philadelphia.
On the island farthest from land, the lighthouse of Dämman was built in 1873 ; an automatic lighthouse has replaced its function, but the house itself is visited by tourists and conferences.
He died at his house on June 28, 1873.
The present house was completed in 1873 by his nephew, Charles Combe, to a design by Edward Middleton Barry: it has now been divided into apartments.
Built in 1873 as an opera house, the theater was rebuilt to Spanish Colonial Revival style designs by architects George Washington Smith and Lutah Maria Riggs for the Community Arts Music Association in the early 1920s, and opened in August 1924, during a period in which civic groups in Santa Barbara were beginning to unify the town's architectural look around a Spanish Colonial style.
To characterize Bismarck's politics toward the Catholic Church, the pathologist and member of the parliament of the German Progress Party ( Progressive Liberals ) Rudolf Virchow used the term Kulturkampf for the first time on January 17, 1873 in the Prussian house of representatives.
* Lindenshade ( Horace Howard Furness house ), Wallingford, Pennsylvania, 1873 ( demolished 1940 ).
File: Lindenshade. jpg | Lindenshade ( Horace Howard Furness house ), Wallingford, Pennsylvania ( c. 1873, demolished 1940 ).
Treberfydd ( 1850 ), Quar Wood ( 1858 ), Lechlade Manor, an Elizabethan house ( 1873 ), Westwood House, Sydenham, in the French Renaissance style ( 1880 ), the Astor estate offices ( 1892 ) upon the Victoria Embankment, London, the remodelling of the interiors of Cliveden House ( 1893 ) and No. 18 Carlton House Terrace ( 1894 ), with many parsonages, show his aptitude for domestic architecture.
In 1871 the Orléans princes renewed their professions of allegiance to the senior branch of their house, but they were not consulted when the count of Chambord came to Paris in 1873, and their political differences remained until his death in 1883.
In 1873 a farm house in the parish known as Ascott Hall was bought by Baron Mayer de Rothschild he gave it to his nephew Leopold de Rothschild who employed the architect George Devey to enlarge the property into a substantial country house.
Saitō and Yaso moved out of the Kurasawa house on February 10, 1873 and started living in the Ueda household.
Feodor Chaliapin was born into a peasant family on February 1 ( OS ), 1873 in Kazan, in the wing of merchant Lisitzin's house on Rybnoryadskaya Street ( now Pushkin Street ) 10.
Financial panic arrived in America only months later on Black Thursday, September 18, 1873 after the failure of the banking house of Jay Cooke and Company over the Northern Pacific Railway.
His third wife, Isabella Hodgkiss Freeman ( 1804 – 1873 ) was the adopted daughter of Tristram B. Freeman, a noted Philadelphia printer and founder of the Freeman auction house.

1873 and &
This hypothesis of the contents of the Mouseion, originally suggested by Nietzsche ( Rheinisches Museum 25 ( 1870 ) & 28 ( 1873 )), appears to have been confirmed by three papyrus finds – one 3rd century BC ( Flinders Petrie Papyri, ed.
* Henry Austin Bruce-1st Baron Aberdare & Home Secretary ( 1868 – 1873 )
The Winnington site, built in 1873 by the entrepreneurs John Tomlinson Brunner and Ludwig Mond, was also the base for the former the company Brunner, Mond & Co. Ltd. and, after the merger which created ICI, the powerful and influential Alkali Division.
In 1873 Sholes's backer, James Densmore, succeeded in selling manufacturing rights for the Sholes & Glidden Type-Writer to E. Remington and Sons, and within a few months the keyboard layout was finalized by Remington's mechanics.
* 1873 – Panic of 1873: The U. S. bank Jay Cooke & Company declares bankruptcy, triggering a series of bank failures.
* The 2011 western movie Cowboys & Aliens is set in 1873.
Its output had increased to include school books and modern scholarly texts such as James Clerk Maxwell's A Treatise on Electricity & Magnetism ( 1873 ), which proved fundamental to Einstein's thought.
During the Panic of 1873, a number of railroads, including the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad ( StP & P ), had gone bankrupt.
( A physical connection between Omaha, Nebraska and the statutory Eastern terminus of the Pacific road at Council Bluffs, Iowa located immediately across the Missouri River was also not finally established until the opening of UPRR railroad bridge across the river on March 25, 1873, prior to which transfers were made by ferry operated by the Council Bluffs & Nebraska Ferry Company.
The area around the Rock Creek basin where Kensington is located was primarily agricultural until 1873, when the B & O Railroad completed the Metropolitan Branch which traversed Montgomery County.
In 1873 the B & O Railroad constructed a station at Gaithersburg, designed by Ephraim Francis Baldwin as part of his well-known series of Victorian stations in Maryland.
Following the arrival of the Burlington & Southwestern Railway in 1873, coal mining became a major industry, especially in the east of the county.
However, the Financial Panic of 1873 wrecked the AM & O's finances.
* St. Michael and All Angels ' parish church & school, Poulton, Gloucestershire, 1873
After the Financial Panic of 1873, the AM & O fell into default on its debt, and was purchased in the early 1880s by new owners who renamed it the Norfolk and Western ( N & W ).
Construction of the GR & I continued for several years until the line reached Petoskey in December 1873.
The Elizabethtown, Lexington & Big Sandy Railroad reached Clark County in 1873, followed by the Kentucky Central in 1881, and the Kentucky Union ( later abandoned ) in 1883.
* Lynn Doyle, the pseudonym of the humorist & playwright Leslie Alexander Montgomery, was born in Downpatrick on 5 October 1873 ( died 18 August 1961 ).
The city of Prescott was platted in 1873, during construction of the Cairo & Fulton Railroad.
The company, Crane & Co., still is the largest employer in town, making paper products, stationery, and, since 1873, has been the only supplier of paper for the Federal Reserve Note, the United States ' paper money.
In 1873, G. W. Reese brought the Detroit & Bay City Railroad through the town.

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